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Live Against Fate, Dear.

Book By: julee

A life ruled by a song.
No say in time, just experiences causing steps towards an inescapable death.
However, as young 19 year-old Skye Mullier learns of the band of rebels against fate, the Odite Fatum, she sees a way to deceive destiny.

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Dearest Readers,

Just for a heads up, this chapter is more of background information or a flashback. Hopefully, you will enjoy the story as much as I loved writing it. If you would like, please give me honest feedback. Thank you.

- Juliette

Chapter 1 - 6 Years Has Past, Love


I stared, bewildered at his command.

"Do you know how dangerous that is? You know what may happen," I replied, with my breath uneven and hands sweaty. I wanted to sing, but the dangers that come along made my voice a bird stuck in a cage.

"So what? Why not risk it all… Since we both know nothing lasts forever. Just like songs," said Greyson, with a cool voice yet shaking hand.

The sun was setting, just as our friendship was. The sleeping sun would leave and a rising moon would shine a night that didn't know what was expected of its dying light. This world was on the verge of disappearing if such a system was incorporated. Let me a see a light of hope or beacon of happiness. Maybe if the songs we adore weren't the limits of our life.

"Grey, let's be honest here. You're just as scared as I am. We're nearing our age of timeliness. Stop treating this as a joke," I said to my friend of a lifetime.

I saw the famous smirk of Grey, the one many people adored and saw as "cute". If they actually knew Grey, they'd know that nothing about Greyson is cute.

"You think I'm scared? Since when am I scared… Even my une chanson is about courage, dummy." He bonked me on my head and I glared at his abnormally large hands.

"You shouldn't talk about your une chanson so lightly. Cherish it."

"Cherish my death? Sure. You're funny."

Chills crawled up my small spine and my hand ran over the railing of my porch as I looked up at the now blinding pink sky. An Une Chanson can be seen as a song, whether modern or timeless. As many humans know, when a song ends, it ends. The song does not replay unless a setting is altered on the playing course of the song. The people of Alreia would of course call a song actually the title of "song", but an Une Chanson is completely different. The Alreian citizens are born with an Une Chanson, a song chosen from any world, language, and era. As the people of Alreia go on with their daily lives, they experience joy, grief, and miracles and some experiences will activate a lyric of the person's Une Chanson. Once the person's life is filled with the necessary life experiences and all the lyrics are sung, that person's life will end. Of course the people of Alreia see this as unfair, but no one in Alreian history has gone against the system. A song controlling a person's life? Seems ludicrous… Except in Alreia.

"Greyson, you're not even close to your death. You haven't even gone to your first chorus…" I said, almost due to envy.

"Why do you think I'm so like… me. Gray."

I snickered at his joke.

"Don't laugh. I'm being awfully serious. I don't go to towards the journey of life because it will all end once I close my eyes and sing that last word," Greyson complained, looking into my eyes directly.

His gray, not silver, eyes were almost dead, just like his life and personality. His brushed back dark brown locks fell into his dusk eyes and his pink lips were agape from his tantrum. However, despite his attractive features, his personality cannot match his lively looks.

I couldn't help but lean a little closer, staring at his lips. My heart thumped just as it always does whenever I see this cynical butt of a person. Somehow, I was always drawn towards him, and I partly blame my Une Chanson. Before I could move any closer, Greyson pulled away from me.

"Skye, please. You know I can't…"

I sighed deeply. Even though we've had this talk multiple times, I could never learn the fact that I cannot be with Greyson. Greyson lived with his motto of not living towards his fate, which meant leaving happiness out.

I frowned at his reply and he faced towards me again. His eyes instantly turned soft as he saw my smashed feelings.

"I'm sorry. You know I want to… So stop that pouting," Greyson said before I could open my mouth.

"Fine. Aside from that… How do you do it?"

"Do what?"

"Be so brave."

His mischievous smile was born.

"Let me show you."


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