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The Outsiders.

By: Jxck

Page 1, My first ever story The Outsiders (incomplete) is about immortal beings,dragons and magic.

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The outsiders.





Years before the biblical times, dragons flew amongst earth. They were the kings of the skies and nothing could match both their impeccable strength and overwhelming size, their ability to fly gave them the upper hand against foes who were larger than them and their fiery breathe was the ultimate weapon. However dragons were not just a regular creature, they were animals who were able to connect to the spirits of the nature, granting them the ability to use the greatest force ever to be unleashed upon earth, MAGIC.


Magic was the mighty dragons most powerful weapon when it came to battle, it allowed them to breathe fire and cast spells of unimaginable power. With this gift dragons became unstoppable, nothing could stand in their way but death, death was the only thing that would inevitably stop a dragon. With this in mind the dragons searched for a way to cheat death or even stop it from occurring at all, they could find no solution to the problem, disappointed by this fact but knowing there was nothing that could be done the dragons put an end to the search for a never ending life and decided that death was the one thing they could not defeat.


Until many years later, when a mysterious creature lurched out from the shadows and called upon the dragons, the creature told the dragons that he could give them the one thing they desire. Immortality. However he wanted something in return, you see the magic required to cast such a spell was not one of the natural kind, it was a very evil and dark form of magic, magic that would find its why into corrupting the very inner of your soul and that’s exactly what the source of power for this type of magic was, the soul. Even though dragons knew the price for their desire, they still chose to accept immortality in a trade for their souls.


Years passed, thousands actually, animals that roamed earth thousands of years ago went extinct, new plants evolved and bloomed, landscapes changed and a new creature walked the earth, humans.

Humans were an evolved race, they were weak and broke easily. However humans over the years became a more and more intelligent race, they began to build shelter for protection from the weather, clothes for warmth and even found their own way to touch some of the earth's magic, they found fire. Now fire was the closest a human could get to magic, although they didn't know of magic because like the creatures before them magic was a turned into a myth, a story. The dragons? They no longer roamed the skies, instead they hid in caves out of reach from humans, so they too became a myth.


So the humans carried on evolving and there became more and more of them as years passed, they started to build their own tools, their own weapons, they started hunting and eating other creatures and they even built villages. But all the years the dragons spent in the caves just drove them insane, they were no longer what they once were, their bodies remained the same no matter how many years had passed but their souls were corrupted by the dark magic that kept them alive. This lead dragons to come out of hiding and when they did believe me, they showed no mercy, they killed humans by the hundreds, they burned villages to the ground and used magic to make them even more successful in their killing spree. The gift they had been given, the gift of magic was no longer a means of protection for the dragons, it was a weapon on which they preyed amongst the weak.









Chapter 1 – The making of immortals.


However, not all dragons were corrupted in this way, there was one who had managed to fight off the corruption, his name was 'Adalind'. He had seen what the other dragons had become and it made him sick to the very pit of his stomach, he knew that they needed to die and he knew just how to do it. Adalind found a small village of 15 humans, humans that had witnessed the death of their own, humans that craved revenge on the dragons that killed their families and friends. At first the humans would not listen to what Adalind was telling them until he told them how he could help them claim their revenge against the dragons.


Adalind told them the price that they would have to pay in order to get their revenge and the humans remained sure that this is what they wanted. Knowing this Adalind told them them that when this spell had been cast upon them, they would need to kill him, it was not an easy task but it was a possible one for 15 immortals and once that he was dead they were to each take a bone from his body and that it would needed to be crafted into a weapon of their choice. This was because the only thing that can kill an immortal is the bone from another immortal. After the humans agreed to this Adalind starred into the eyes of the humans one by one, transmitting the magic which made the dragons so powerful, he gave everyone one of them enhanced strength, agility, he even gave them the power which enabled them to see everything in a slower pace which would give them the upper hand in a fight against a quick moving, corrupted dragon and of course the thing that he gave them that was of most importance was immunity to fire.


Immortals also had the ability to turn other humans into immortals, however this came at a price, a price which also effected Adalind the dragon. When Adalind turned the humans into immortals it burnt away at his soul every time he changed one, which was also another reason he asked them to kill him after he had changed them. When Adalind turned so many people so quickly it burned away at his soul massively and would have made him into a dragon just like the others and after seeing what they had become, he chose death over a corrupted soul. The same effect would apply to humans when turning another into an immortal, it would burn away at their soul, rip away at their humanity until they became a living corpse with no other intent than to kill.


After Adalind had changed them into an immortal being they did what he asked and killed him, they took the bones and crafted them into weapons. Some crafted swords out of the bones, some daggers and others even use the bones to create deadly arrowheads which would be used to create arrows that would pierce a dragons scales. One by one they hunted down the dragons, ripping them apart with weapons crafted from Adalind's bones and releasing their dark soul from their bodies. They hunted the dragons for many years for time was no longer an issue as they were granted the power of living forever, they continued until the dragons were extinct. However some say that dragons still remain on the earth to this day but they hide in the deepest shadows of the earth because they fear those who came about to be known as the dragon slayers.


As time passed those known as dragon slayers no longer served a purpose, the dragons were gone and this left them with nothing to do. So they decided that seeing as they cannot be killed, that they would take over all of the local villages. This lead them to become hated by the locals, the very thing that they were fighting for became the thing they were destroying. However, there was only 14 dragon slayers, the 15th human was turned into something of another kind, Adalind predicted that something like this may happen, so in order to keep balance amongst the supernatural he created a warlock, a powerful being who could kill immortals if needed be. However because the warlock had to remain pure and uncorrupted he was not granted the power of immortality, but the warlock was a power that ran in the blood, so as long as the warlock's bloodline continued, so did he. The warlock was a peaceful man who would only use his magic to harm someone if it was absolutely necessary, over the years he had lived a normal life while the dragon slayers went and fulfilled their purpose in slaying dragons. But when the news of the immortals becoming evil and using their gift for purposes that would cause harm to innocent beings came to his attention, he had to choice but to take action.



Chapter 2 – the warlock


The immortals had taken over the villages and made the humans their own personal slaves, the villagers were all drained from attending the immortals every need, dead bodies lie on the ground, they were killed for refusing to be the slaves of the immortals just because they were stronger. The warlock walks into the town, he wields nothing but an enchanted staff, he wears nothing but thin cloth robes and a large triangular shaped hat that covers his face and protects his identity. The whole town stops, the only sound that could be heard over the silence was the howling of the wind and then the warlock shouts “Get inside, NOW!”.

The humans scattered into their homes like ants and there was not a soul in sight, the warlock takes a few more cautious steps into the village before yelling “Immortal beings show yourselves!”

At this point Raphael, a tall man who had jet black hair that was groomed into a long greasy ponytail, very pointy facial features, was as skinny as a twig and he was the leader of the immortals. He walks out from behind a shelter taking slow steps, clapping a laughing before he says in a sarcastic tone “And who are you too call upon me, mortal”

The warlock pulls a smirk and simply laughs at Raphael before forcing him to his knees with, Raphael tries to resist but he is simply not strong enough. “Now immortals, if you want Raphael to live, you're going to have to stop me from killing him”

No one showed themselves, so the warlock effortlessly pulled Raphael's soul from his body and stored the soul in a lantern that hung on a chain around his neck. After this Raphael's body just crumbled into a weird form of dust and just slowly faded into nothing. In a very calm and deep voice the warlock said “You see immortals, you can be killed, quite easily actually. Now, I'm a very patient man and I do not mind waiting for you to come out, you may be immortal but you still need to eat and drink or else you become weak and vulnerable. Which, just makes my job easier so that also, is fine by me.”



Hours passed and the warlock remained sitting in the same spot before there was movement. It was an immortal but no just one of them, there was 4. They stood in front of him in a powerful pose, a pose that meant they were ready to fight. Yet again the warlock smirked beforewielding his staff and taunting the immortals to fight him. The warlock slammed his staff on the ground, creating a force that immediately eliminated one of the immortals and sent him flying into the air. The immortals had the power to slow the pace of what they see, but this did not work with the warlock and every means of attack the warlock used on the immortals was a critical strike but the warlock could block every move used in an attempt to hurt him. For the first time ever the immortals were exhausted and no longer had the energy to put up a fight against the warlock, no longer able to defend themselves the warlock simply stood in front of them and said “You decided your fate”

before clenching his hand and pulling their souls from their bodies.



The warlock could sense the fear of the remaining 9 immortals, so he struck a deal with them. He would spare their lives on one condition, that they never use their powers for evil again and that they leave the lands which they are known as immortals, the 9 immortals agreed and the warlock banished them from these lands forever casting a smell which meant they could never return, making them, the outsiders. The warlock was then considered a hero in those lands, some say a warlock of his bloodline still visits those lands today just to make sure that his ancestor's deal has been kept to.



But never the less the warlock had not seen the last of the outsiders, for they were to return with a force that even he may not be able to stop, alone anyway.

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