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Too Slow

Book By: KiaKuran

This book is about a girl named Kia Kuran, at the start of the book she's 12 years old, lives with her brother Kiba, sister Marlo, mother Adelaide, and father Daniel. The Kuran Family have been nobles for centuries, Kia hates having maids and other servants running around after her, but she and her Kiba manage to sneak out everyday to play with their friends. I'm not going to tell you any more so you'll have to read it. hope you enjoy

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Kia: Chapter One.

Yesterday I went around Toboe and Higa's house with my brother, Kiba and some if my other friends and we'd played tag, manhunt and hide-and-seek. We were all going to stay at the Soma's house the next day and we were all very excited. That brings us to where I am now. It's 4:00 am, me and Kiba are already raring to go, Shikamaru stayed over our place last night, so he's ready to go and is now helping us get ready. 'Kia, I really don't think you're going to need that.' Kiba says, taking my teddy bear out of my bag. 'Hey, give him back Kiba.' I say, grabbing for my teddy. 'I don't see why you still insist on keeping him, I mean your twelve years old, you don't need it, unless you're a baby.' He says, sighing at me. 'I know it's just... Oh I don't know.' I say, shrugging helplessly at Shikamaru. Just then the door burst open and in came mine and Kiba's twin sister. (We're triplets.) 'You all look so sweet, my little brother and sister's first time staying at someone else's house.' She says nastily. 'Go away Marlo.' I say without looking up. Marlo was undoubtedly the worst sister in the world, she's always getting us into trouble,because in our parents eyes she can do know wrong, it's always Marlo this and Marlo that or Kia why can't you be more like your sister. But know matter what they say I will never be like her, not ever, she hates me and Kiba with a passion, that I can handle, but I can't the fact that she also hates whoever we talk to, that really annoys me and I think that's why she does it. Now she is looking at me with the same look in her eyes that she always has just before she gets us into trouble, the look says "I'm gonna get you in trouble and there's nothing you can do about it." She walked over to Kiba and slapped him hard, he grunted, tumbled backwards and landed in a heap on the floor but when he got up there was know mark on his face where she'd just hit him, I knew there wouldn't be before I saw his face, Marlo had perfected the art of hitting people as hard as you can without leaving a mark. Then she started to scream and cry. 'Mother!!! Father!!! Kiba just smacked me really hard.' She wails, pressing her hand onto her face hard enough to leave a red mark. 'Oh my poor darling.' Mother says, running into our room. 'Apologise now Kiba or you wont go around the Soma's.' She says,glaring at him. 'Sorry.' He mumbles, as he gets up, grabs his bag and motions for me and Shikamaru to follow. We finally managed to get to the place where we were supposed to meet Hige and Toboe, they weren't here yet. 'It's a good job that Toboe and Hige are never on time.' Shikamaru says, sitting down on the side of the fountain to wait, me and Kiba sat down either sides of him and waited to. Thankfully we didn't have to wait that long until we saw Hige's pale face and Toboe's paler one running towards us. 'S-sorry we're late.' Says Hige panting. 'Well it's not like we've been waiting or anything.' Kiba says, punching him on the arm playfully. 'Lets get going then, we can't stand here all night.' I say as I start walking in the direction of the Soma's house. But when we arrived at the Soma's we were surprised to find that their lights were out. 'You don't think they forgot we were coming and went to bed already do you?' Says Toboe, a strange tone in his voice. 'They won't of gone to bed already it's only 6:30, and in any case who leaves their door hanging open like that?' Says Shikamaru, pointing at their door or what was left of it. 'That's not good.' I say, running into the kitchen. 'Well nothing looks to bad at the moment.' Says Hige nervously. We walked past the living room, up the stairs and into Gaara's room not knowing what to expect, but no amount of preparing could of prepared us for what we found, there was blood everywhere, on the walls, on the floor and even some on the ceiling. 'I think I'm gonna be sick.' Says Toboe looking slightly green. 'Maybe this isn't any of the Soma's blood, maybe they went out and this is someone else's.' Says Hige, sounding as if he was trying to convince himself as much as anyone else. 'Even if that did happen they would've been back by now because we're supposed to be here, so I don't think this could be anyone else's.' Says Shikamaru in a strangled voice. 'You're probably right Shikamaru, I was just trying to think of other possibilities, I really don't want it to be their's.' Says Hige now sounding very defeated. 'Look,' I say. 'It looks like it goes into Mrs Soma's room.' I point at a trail of blood leading to Mrs Soma's bedroom. We follow the blood trail until we get to the bedroom door and then we freeze. Gaara was lying in the middle of the floor with a scary amount of blood around the upper part of his body, Kiba as the first to move, he walked over to Gaara and knelt down beside him. 'He's not...' I couldn't finish my sentence, Kiba put his hand on the side of his neck and shook his head. 'There's no pulse.' He says flatly. Toboe starts crying while the rest of us shed silent tears. 'I can't believe he's gone, he was like a brother to me.' Says Kiba getting up and walking to the bed where we now realise Mrs Soma was laying, she was in a worse condition than Gaara. 'She looks like the life has been sucked out of her.' Says Hige who only just managed to keep his voice steady, I noticed all of a sudden that he had his arms around me and I had mine around Toboe who was sobbing into my shoulder. 'He can't be dead, he just can't.' Says Toboe trying to calm himself down. 'I don't believe you Kiba, I mean you could of just made a mistake.' I say stubbornly, sitting Toboe down by Hige's feet, I walked over to Gaara. I put one of my hands on the side of his face and the other on his neck, willing myself to feel a pulse there. But of course there was none. I take my hand off of his neck and place it onto the other side of his face. 'You can't die Gaara,' I say, tears rolling down my face and then falling onto his. 'You just can't.' Suddenly he moved, he tilted his head to reveal two small puncture wounds which seemed to be where all the blood was coming out. He groaned, opened his eyes and looked at me, he looked scared, confused and most of all hungry, then a look of understanding came into his face and before any of us could stop him, he'd got up, run to the window and jumped out of it. We could faintly hear sirens going off outside, but we were all to shocked to truly acknowledge them. 'Wha?...' Was all that came out when I tried to speak. We were all still staring at the window that Gaara had just leapt out of. 'Hey, you kids alright?' Says a kind looking policeman who had just come into the room. Everyone nodded, all except me. I just stared at him and then everything went black.

Gaara: Chapter Two.

It's 4:30 and there's still a few hours before Kia and the others get here, but time seems to be going extra slow today, so I wouldn't be surprised if I'm all old and wrinkly by the time they get here. 'Gaara, supper's ready dear.' Calls Mother. 'I'll be right there.' I call back to her, ever since Fa disappeared three years ago Mother has been trying to keep me happy and with the help from Kia and my other friends she's succeeding, everything is almost the same as when Fa was here, all except Adam. Me and Adam didn't really get off on the right foot, we got off on the left as Hige would say. Because one day when I had come down stair to go around Shikamaru's place, I went past the living room and stuck my head in to say goodbye to Mother, but instead of just finding her when I looked in I found Adam as well and they were kissing, I froze and thought to myself "This is when I need Hige or Toboe, 'cause they would either make a joke out of the whole thing or they'd both go green and run out of the house dragging me behind them." But I didn't have them, I didn't even have Shikamaru or Kiba with me and they would probably of just walked away and go around a friends for the rest of the day. When I finally managed to move my legs and had walked out the front door, my mind was set to going to one place and one place only. Kia's house. Some people have a diary or a journal that they confine all of their secrets in, but I have Kia, she's always there for me when I need her, I don't think there's anything I haven't told her, she laughs when it's supposed to be funny, and she comforts me and try's to cheer me up when it's something that's troubling me. So when I got to her house I told her everything. All of this went through my head as I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, I walked over to my Mother and kissed her on the cheek, being only twelve I'm almost as tall as she is. 'Could you help Adam get the table ready please sweetheart.' Says Mother, completely oblivious to my dislike for Adam. 'You gonna help me then sport.' Says Adam, smiling at me as if helping him would make his day, but that's what Adam's like, he try's to be friendly and then just as I start to like him I find him kissing Mother some where in the house. 'Only if you don't call me sport.' I say, trying to sound bored and uninterested but not quite able to keep all of the sarcasm out of my voice. We all sit down and have supper, which always seems to be the most awkward meal of the day, after I've finished I say thank you to Mother for the meal and head upstairs to wait until my friends get here, but just as I put my hand on my door handle to open it something stops me, for one hadn't even shut my door when I'd gone down stair, and the other thing that had stopped me was my mind because my mind was screaming at me to get as far away from here as I could, but I couldn't move, when I finally managed to move my legs and was just at the top of the stairs there was a squeak as my bedroom door opened. I turned to see that all the lights in my had been turned off, I cautiously made my way back to my door, I peered into my room but it was to dark to really see anything, I turned the light on and jumped violently, there was a man sitting on the end of my bed staring at me with cat-like eyes, he didn't look very old, twenty, twenty-five at most. Every fibre of my being was telling me to get away from him. 'Who're you?' I say, not completely sure I wanted to know, but I could tell by his voice that he must of been one of the nobles. 'It would be more polite to introduce yourself first, Gaara Soma.' He says, with a sly smile that sent shivers through me. 'How'd you know m'name, I ain't ever seen you b'fore.' I say, surprising myself at how calm I sound. 'Well aren't you the brave one,' He sneered. 'Most people run screaming when they see me, and for that I will not kill you just yet.' He says. I feel the colour drain from my face, he was the killer, he was the one who'd killed Miss Lavender Brown and Mr Lenard, my friend Grey's Fa and my other friend Ciel's maids. I started to back towards the door. 'You know I might have to kill you anyway seeing as you now know what I look like or maybe,' He says, a wicked smile curling the edges of his mouth. 'I'll just threaten to kill ya little girlfriend.' He says nastily. 'If you lay a finger on her 'n' I'll kill ya.' I say, all my previous fear now replaced by anger. 'I would love to see you tryboy.'He looked as if he meant it so I was just about to clobber him one when he lifted his hand for me to stop. 'But before you do show me how wonderful you are I would like a bite to eat.' Something about him changed when he said "bite" I just couldn't put my finger on it, but whatever it was made my skin crawl. 'I'm sorry but we don't ave'no food'fa you.' I say trying to make it sound as insulting as possible. 'You're gonna regret that boy.' The man hisses at me, then I realize what had changed about him, how could I have not noticed it before, his eyes had gone as red as my hair and he also had dimples on his bottom lip where two very sharp looking teeth peeped out.


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