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Drifting Into Darkness- Chapter 1

Book By: KibaAndKito

I hate this pain...it swims though my body like electricity through water, catching every sting on the way. I can't go on my own either...I'll have to risk some lives...or risk my own.

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I opened up my eyes. The last thing I wanted to be right now was awake. The extraordinary pain I felt all over my body caused my colorless eyes to blur up. I gasped for breath, only to have it taken away by another violent cough attack.
As if I had sent a broadcast all over the world addressing his name, he was there.
"Kito..." I managed to choke out.
"Shh, Kiba, you've just woken up, and are still incredibly weak. Don't waste your energy."
Which normally I would've listened. But, this wasn't like any other situation. This was serious. Really serious. I needed my best friend.
"Kito-" I tried to begin.
"Shh-" He also tried to begin.
"LISTEN!" I shouted. That sounded like a fair group of dying animals, not to mention the fact that it drained all energy from my body. I dont plan on getting it back soon, either.
Kito was shocked at this and stared at me wide-eyed for a moment. He then narrowed them back, as if to say "Continue."
I took a few breaths before speaking again. This was like giving a speech to..well, everyone.
"Lylith. Where has he gone? I believe he deserves to know whats going on. Yes, I am expecting you to find wherever he is in time." I finished, letting out a long sigh as I did so.
That's it, I'm done talking for today.
"Kiba, you I can't-" Kito began, as if to argue, but stopped mid sentence. He gave a huff through his nose, got up, and left.
I had won.
I sat there for a moment. Worrying about Lylith seemed to take my mind off the pain for a bit.
Lylith has been my best friend for awhile now, him, along with his "companion", Allison. If you ask me, she's more like a babysitter. I had another friend who was also there when I met Lylith. He was an Italian assassin named Felix, but I still have no clue where he wound up.
Maybe I'll have to find out.
Lylith is constantly getting into trouble. Always. That's why I worry so much.
"Stupid kid." I managed out before being attacked by another violent cough attack. My head started pulsing because of how strong it was. I closed my colorless eyes and put my hand up to my head. I had a long journey ahead of me.
Kito returned to my room moments later with an emotionless expression on his face.
"Okay, let me see it." He said, walking over to my bed and proceeded to take off my shirt.
Hey, stop thinking like that.
He looked at the back of my neck, and there it was.
At the back of my neck, there was a pitch black splotch that extended to where my shoulders began.
Now, keep in mind that I'm white. No, not like the race, I'm talking about snow white, paper white, blinding white. My skin is white, my hair is white, and my eyes are white. And, I don't have pupils.
Your eyes wouldn't like me on a sunny day.
Kito winced. He hovered his fingers over the spoltch, as if looking for something...
I just didn't know what...
He barely tapped the spot his his finger.
Pain instantly surged through my body, equal to the feeling of some one taking a jackhammer to your crotch.
I gasped in pain and fell forward, and a few moments later I was able to sit up right again and mutter "Ow..."
I thought I heard Kito smirk, and I would've turned my head to check...but it hurt so bad.
He pressed his fingers more forcefully against my neck. I screamed in pain, and was some how able to manage out the words, "What're you doin?" Though they were slurred.
Kito sighed in annoyance, and let go for a few moments.
A few moments.
I took in a breathe of relief, but that was quickly taken away.
Kito raised a fist at me, and I knew where this was going.
He slammed his fist onto my neck. I couldn't move, I couldn't breathe, though i dont need to, I couldn't even scream.
My vision went black, and I remembered falling into darkness, and Kito shifting my position so I could lay in bed "comfortably".
I listened to his footsteps as he left the my room before I drifted to the world of darkness.


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