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Darkness will rise

By: kittykat1994

Page 1, Ariannah is a seventeen year old girl whos life is about to change when she is chased down in the woods and is awakened into her true form..a demon she is the only demon left alive that the angels did not hunt down and kill yet Lucifer is trying to find her before her bonded angel does. Can the light in her be enough to stay away from the darkness or will the darkness take her soul away?

Chapter 1: Awakened

  I had the same dream every night for two weeks before I realized that something was wrong. I never had the same dream more then at least three times but lately it seemed like it was never going to end it was always the same people, the same setting but just a different time of day each time somehow it was all the same but somehow it was not? Just thinking about it gives me a headache. "Aria get up or your going to be late!" megan my sister had yelled to me through my closed door. I was already awake but she did not know it. I threw the covers off and stomped to the bathroom. It was already six fifty and I had to be at school by at least seven thirty that did not give me much time to shower! Well five minute shower here I come. I decided not to look at myself in the mirror well actually I never look at myself in the mirror anymore since the dreams started happening. I brushed my hair the best I could and quickly got dressed. I decided on simple today like always. I wore a black dress that went to me knees with white legginngs and black ballet flats. Simple I think. I hurried down stairs and heard someone arguing well not someone but Megan and her Fiance who lives with us his name is Jackson. "but Jackson she has to live here we can not just kick her out she is my sister and is only seventeen she has done nothing wrong! I love you both but she has to stay!" megan finished her sentence just as she seen me on the bottom step. of course they were always arguing about me for some reason Jackson hated me and is always making megan feel bad for making me live with them. My parents died well rather had been murdered less then twelve months ago it has almost been a year no one has found the killers but I had seen who it was well more or less what it was that killed them. I was there that night when that had happened I could not tell anyone who it was because it was not human. I just told the police that I was asleep and did not wake up until the next morning to find their bodies there was nothing else I could say but, apparently rumors had been spread around my school and everyone stated accusing me of killing my parents! What kind of crap is that! I use to hang out with a few people who I had considered my best friends but after my parents death all they did was ask me why did you do it we will not tell but just tell us. What kind of friends are they! So eventually after a while when I did not talk about it with them they stopped talking to me altogether. I had no friends at school the only person I had was myself. Megan and I use to be close before she had got with Jackson the almighty in her eyes. She tries seeing the good in everyone but she over sees the bad. which is where I come in I can see the good and bad in people literally the good and bad. The bad looks like a black blaze smoke over everyone and the good is a light yellow color. All I have to do is concentrate and the color just comes right off of them. "So are you ready?" megan asked. I nodded my head and rolled my eyes at jackson. We reached the school just in time. I stepped out of the car and said goodbye to megan. I looked over to the school and there was a man standing there looking in my direction he was dressed in all white looking straight at me. My heart froze. He looked so familier. He was tall and had black boyish hair that was all messy it was not long but it was nice. His eyes were green the lightest I had ever seen they looked like those fake contacts you see everyone wearing. He was glowing not just the good glow but glowing seriously! Everything felt dizzy and then out of no where everything went black. I had the almost same dream again except he was there. When I say he I mean Lucifer. People always say you can not know who he is but for some reason I always know it is him, he takes on alot of forms he can become anything or anyone it is scary but true. He comes in my dreams always as a different person but I can see his true form through his charm. This time we were in the woods and it was dark everything was surrounded by trees. The moonlight was the only light I could see. It was cold out even in my dream I could feel it except my dreams seemed so vivid and real I could feel things and see things as clearly as I could if I was awake. I could see my breath it was that cold! I heard footsteps behind me they were getting closer as I kept walking. I started at a running pace. Everything was so dark I could not see where I was anymore I kept going furthur and furthur into the woods. Out of nowhere a tree appeared before me and I smacked right into it! I blacked out in my dream for a whole five seconds. How does that even happen blacking out in your own dream it is crazy. I finally opened my eyes to see a man right in front of me. He was glowing. He was dressed in all white. He looked beautiful. I knew who it was. All I had was pure hate of him. I did not know why but I just knew it was him and I hated him. "Oh my Ariannah I have missed you so, why don't you sit up and talk to me for a few minutes." lucifer said with a smile. I awkwardly sat up and grabbed the tree for support. Boy did my head hurt! I stood as far away from him as our limited space could. Dreams did not last forever so all I had to do was listen and wait to wake up. "my dear you are coming to yourself so fast, your form will truly awaken once I do it here in a minute. I am sure you do not understand what I am saying right now but you will in time and I am sure you will choose the right side when the time comes. and when I mean the right side I of course mean mine ha, but anyway you will always know where I am if you want to come home. I will be back for you in exactly four months on your eighteenth birthday." he said. he took a step towards me and whispered in my ear "you will always come back to me know matter how much you think you need the light the darkness will always take over it is a part of you." he breathed the last part. I was shivering at that point. my hands were trembling. he just backed away enough to look at my face and smiled. I closed my eyes. "go away! I will wake up soon and all of this will be over just leave me alone!" I screamed. He just laughed. I opened my eyes to see his hands right above my face. He had his eyes closed and was whispering to himself. "awaken my child come back home to me show your true form and become the demon you always are!" he whispered to me. Light shot out from his hands and onto my body. Pain shot all through me I collapsed to the ground. My whole body was shaking everywhere hurt every inch of my body every hair on my head it all was dreadful. I felt like I was being tortured. I kept screaming over and over but eventually my voice gave out. It felt like hours had passed all I could think about was why this was happening to me. I tried thinking about everything but the pain. I was curled up into a ball with my hands over my stomach. Finally all of a sudden the pain just stopped. I layed there for a minute then I opened my eyes to look around. The dream had changed I was not in a dark forest anymore I was in a meadow. The meadow was covered with red and black roses my favorite flowers.  How strange. Right in the middle of the field was a mirror just one huge bedroom mirror. I guessed that it was for me to look at myself for the form? I freaked out the whole time walking to it. I did not know what to expect to see of myself but I knew it was going to be different. What if half of my face is gone! Oh no. I closed my eyes right when I got to it I did not want to see myself yet. Was I ready? Maybe I was but I had to look anyway. I opened my eyes and gasped. It was not me but yet it was. The girl in the mirror was a goddess she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Her hair was blue black and sleek straight to her waist. Her body was tiny except with alot of curve to it. Next was the big change, her face. The bone structure was beautiful she had high cheek bones and a tiny nose with big eyes. She had red eyes. They were red with topaz around the circle. They were amazing! Her eyes lashes were thick and black and curled all the way up to her high eye brows. Her skin was pale but not vampire pale. I could not stop admiring her she was so beautiful actually beautiful could not even come close to describing her. Well I guess it would be me and not her? I was amazing. I knew this was not real once I wake up from passing out I will wake up from this weird dream. I felt the dream coming to an end everything started to fade. "aria aria." I heard my name over and over. Finally I came back to myself I heard all of my surroundings and I remembered that I had blacked out in front of the school. It sounded all quiet I really hope no one was around to see me if I truly changed. Then I remembered what he said I was...a demon..really? I heard someone close to me say my name again. I knew his voice it sounded so familier. My heart skipped a beat and started going crazy by this guys voice. Who was it! I opened my eyes slowly and it was the man that was starring at me before I blacked out. His eyes were even more wonderful the green out shined anything. He was tan not the crazy beach guy tan but the nice sexy tan. His hair was so black also. His eyes just sparkled when they saw mine. When I fully opened them he gasped. "it really is you." was all he said and then hurried and walked away.  

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