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Breakaway: Locked Out

Book By: LastHeroine

Angeline is NOT your normal sixteen year old. She is a cross between an angel and a demon. Her parents, both rulers of two opposing realms. They all communicate peacefully, but one day their communications are severed at a critical moment. What is the cause of this mysterious cut-off?

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The sun slowly rises on the bright day of Monday and its rays make its way to girl's bedroom to wake her up.

"Mom, I know, I know! I'm gonna get up! Calm your rays sheesh," Angeline complained.

She lazily got up and started to get ready for her usual routine. First she put her eye patch on one of her eyes. She looked up at the mirror on her nightstand and looked herself in the eyes. Her eyes were two colors, red on the left and blue on the right. She inherited those colors from her two UNUSUAL parents. She put her eye patch on her left red eye and then walked into her closet. She flips the light switch inside. It reveals a seemingly infinite line of clothes stretching into that small closet. She thought more about her parents. Her mother is well… an angel and her father is a demon. Her mother is the Queen of the Light and her father is the ruler of the Shadows. "Such a weird couple, but then again I wouldn't be here without them." She thought to herself.

"I heard that!" two voices replied in unison.

"Uh-oh," she regretted.

She knew those voices from ANYWHERE. It was her parents "speaking" to her telepathically. Since her parents couldn't leave their realms, they contacted her using telepathy.

"Errr how long were you guys listening?" she asked worriedly.

"Enough for us to know how you think of your mother and I." her father replied.

"Anyways sweetheart, how are you doing at your new high school?"


Angeline brushed the question off her mind. She felt guilt's jaw bite at her. Angeline hasn't been to her school yet; instead she has been teaching herself to be a mage and skipping her classes at her human school.


Her door flew open, revealing herself in just her underwear and bra exposed in front of a tomato red Lucifer.


"Milady I'm so sorry!! I-I didn't mean to…. U-u-u-u-uhhh I'M VERY SORRY!" Lucifer stuttered shamefully as he tried to avert his eyes from Angeline.



As the two bickered at each other, Angeline got ready for school. But at least she won't be alone. She will be accompanied by two other people: Lucifer and Michaelo. Lucifer, a loyal manservant to her father, is a purebred demon of the Shadows. Michaelo, however, is the complete opposite of Lucifer. He is an archangel of her mother's military branch. Both are assigned to be the "guardians" of Angeline.

Angeline rushed down the stairs to find Michaelo sitting down and eating breakfast, fresh and ready to go. He looked up at her and gave her a mysterious, but princely glance with those dazzling silver eyes. Angeline turned slightly red.She remembered when she first met the mysterious boy with the silver eyes.

It was a cold summer night when Angeline was still eleven years old. She was angry at her mother for a reason that she herself cannot remember and was crying in frustration about.

"Stupid Mom, I'll show her. I'm going to prove myself to her." Young Angeline promised aloud to herself.

"Kids these days…" her mother sighed as she took her ear off the door.

Angeline's mother moved away from her plotting daughter's door and signaled a boy to come over to her. The boy, who wore a bright white cloak, walked over to her mother. He looked up at her and nodded and proceeded into Angeline's room. He opened the door slowly and quietly as he sneaks behind Angeline with precision and grace.

"Boo." He whispered into the ear of an unsuspecting Angeline.

She shivered and disregarded the gesture; she then continued with her plan.

"How long are you going to ignore me Milady?" he asked her in a whisper.

"Who are y-"

She gasped. When she turned her head, she looked into the silver pair of eyes she thought were hypnotic, but beautiful. She kept staring into those eyes. She quietly examined his features. He had beautiful platinum blonde hair that seemed to sparkle, and matching silver eyes.

"They seemed… sad," She thought. "but, can't stop my planning!"

"Don't, your mother knows your planning. She sent me here to say sorry." The boy said.

Angeline, young and naïve, asked a rude question.

"Are you a girl?" she asked naively.

She thought she had cleverly broken his calm composure, but Angeline couldn't tell by the blank, expressionless look he gave her. He hesitated, then gave her an answer.

"Do you want to find out for yourself? After all we will become VERY close sooner or later." He said slyly to her.

"U-u-u-uh I'm not gonna do that so p-p-please go out for now and come back later." She stammered nervously.

"I know you want to find out so…. HERE!" he commanded.

"NOOOOOOO!!" she screamed.

He magically took out his birth certificate out of his cloak and waved it in front of Angeline's covered eyes. She peaked out and embarrassingly read it.

"Sex: Male," it read.

"I can't believe you thought that I was ACTUALLY going to do it!" he snickered.

"Fine, I'll stop my awesome plan, but YOU have to stop messing with me!" she commanded.

"Okay, okay!! Hahaha! I'll stop.. For now," he said slyly.

*Back to present time*


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