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Chapter four:Cheating on a Threat&Bet

By: Lillianblood

Page 1, Ashly doesn\'t want Marshall Lee to be with THAT human girl...but she wants him to be with her.No matter what.

Ashly growled as she watched Marshall Lee and the human girl play fight."This is gonna be harder than I thought."She sat a tree stump.She rubbed the bald part of her head and thought.She grinned."I'll ask his mom to help me , besides,she does want him back in the Night O' sphere.With ME!"She flew into the deep woods.She knocked on the tree 3 times with her right,4 times with her left,and 7 times with her right.
"Password?"The keeper spoke in a deep voice.Ashly snarled.
"Shut up and let me in!"Ashly spat at the tree.
"Welcome back Ashly, still angry I see,"Ashly ignored the voice and flew up into the Night O' Sphere.She pushed all the creatures out of her way.She stopped at the door of her queen,and put a fake sweet smile on.She entered ,and curtsied at Ms.Lee."My Queen!"
"Ashly, my dear,what has Marshall said about coming back?"The queen loved (the fake)Ashly.She was a sweet creature.Ashly turned and grinned.
"Actually,he denied!But he made a bet.."The queen stood behind her curious.
"And what might that be?"Ashly turned to face her.
"He won't return IF somebody he loves ,loves him back."The queen of the Night O' Sphere made a devilish grin."He loves the human girl,but if she loves another.."The queen put her hand up to stop her.She understood clearly what they needed to do.....
Make the one that the human girl  loves ,love her back.The queen rubbed her hands together.
"Who is the human's love?"Ashly stopped and thought for a moment.Who had she loved?
"The one she loves is the prince of the kingdom of Aaa!"The queen nodded and led her too her potion room.Ashly followed and grinned."Marshall Lee will love ME..when he sees that the girl with another"The queen looked through the book of spells.Ahh!The love potion!
"Let's get to work ..So we're not too late!"The queen started mixing potions.
Tommorow,Marshall Lee will come home...

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