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Chapter Three:The Challenge

Book By: Lillianblood

When will Marshall Lee tell Fionna what he REALLY feels?

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Fionna sat on the couch waiting.She tapped her foot to the beat of her strumming.She flinched.Marshall Lee was right,she did stink.Fionna got up and walked to the fridge.She opened it.Nothing but red.Apples,strawberries,cherries,and punch.She grabbed an apple and walked around.She was bored as heck.What is he doing out there.She walked to the couch and flung herself back.Ugh,where the glob is he?She bit into the apple.
She stared at it."D-did you just talk?"She Examined it closely.Through the hole a worm furrowed his eye brows."Oh,Sorry wormy,"She threw the apple in the back and closed the back door.Marshall Lee was sitting on the couch.Hand on his head and eyes closed.Fionna grinned.She tip-toed quietly and got ready to tackle him.Marshall Lee stood in the same position.Fionna thought,Hah!I'll get you now Marshall Lee.She got in her tackling pose.....And......
RAW!Marshall Lee snatched her bunny ear hat and flew away.Fionna screamed!
"MARSHALL LEE!NOT COOL DUDE!"Marshall Lee hovered over her sticking out his tounge.Fionna jumped on the couch and pulled him down.He laughed and turned over.She hung to him from stop the possibility from falling.She hit him in the stomach and he fell in pain.He groaned holding his stomach."Marshall Lee , you ok?"She took a few steps over and leaned to see.He pulled her down and pinned her.
"I win"Fionna pouted.Marshall smiled."Aww...does the little Fi want her hat back?"He laughed.Fionna kicked him in the crotch.He groaned,this time,it was real.Fionna took her hat back and put it down.
"Never call me little."Marshall Lee nodded and laughed.He had fast healing since,he was already tenichally dead.Fionna laughed and fell to his side.Should I tell her how I feel now?He thought to himself and looked to his side.Nah,when the moments right.
"Hey Fi,isn't Prince Gumbutt having a party?"He turned and faced her.
"Yep!At Midnight .But I'm kinda upset that you have to dress up fancy."Marshall Lee's eyes widen.That's when I'll Do It!He Smiled and took her backpack and ran away."MARSHALL LEE!"Fionna chased him and waved her fist in the air.He laughed and ran away.


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