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Chapter two:The Problem

By: Lillianblood

Page 1, Marshall Lee faces a problem....

Fionna blushed and climbed up into his room.
"Well, I was checking on you,since you haven't been talking to me"Marshall Lee smirked.
"Did Fi miss me?"He floated upside down straight in front of her face only four spaces away.Fionna punched him in the arm.Marshall Lee didn't wince, he was use to Fionna's hits.
"I didn't miss you , I said I was checking up on you."Fionna climbed back down to the living room and sat on the couch.Marshall Lee floated down into the kitchen."Marshall Lee,i'm BORED!!"Fionna hung upside down on the couch and pouted.Marshall Lee smiled to himself.He loved when she pouted.It was cute.He closed the fridge and grabbed his ax bass.He floated next to his Fi(Yes,she was his) and whistled.Fionna sat up and stared.She stared for a while,admiring his black hair that hung over his eyes.They had all the emotions she could think of and more.But there was mostly rage,distruction, and, yet,sorrow.
"Enjoying the view?"Fionna realized she was sitting there staring.She snapped her head back to the floor.She blushed."I was staring at the bass."Marshall Lee chuckled and pulled her close and handed her the bass."You try,"Fionna strummed the guitar.The vampire winced at the sound.He had better hearing than her ,but it wasn't helping him out today."Wow,you really stink at the bass."Fionna punched him in the arm."Here lemme' help."He put her hand in his and helped her strum.She turned her head to his,only inches away.He thought of his lips being warmed by hers.He wondered if his imagination was toying with him,or was his,well,dream,was coming to life.
The doorbell ringed.He growled,"I'll be right back."He opened the door to the problem..
Ashely.He scowled at her and closed the door."What do you want?"Ashly had a sly grin on her face.
"Your mom's not happy,Mar-Mar,"Marshall Lee Scowled at her.
"One:my mom's always unhappy,Two:I prefer,my king from you."Ashly laughed.
"She's upset that we broke up,and she's threatened that if you don't find another that loves you back,you're going back home."Marshall Lee hissed and let his fangs stick out.He stopped for a moment.."They have to love me back?"
"Yup!By 5:00 o'clock in the morning.Have fun,Mar mar."Marshall Lee stood still .He put his hands through his hair.Somehow......
He had to get his Fionna to...feel the way he felt about her.
He had to get her to love him.


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