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Carmen is a different city at night, more dangerous. So, when Violet Kelly mysteriously dissapears, her sister Evelyn instantly thinks it's the vampires.
But, as she begins her quest to find answers, she realises it's not vampires she should be worried about.

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Chapter one

Evelyn Kelly watched from the terrace as the Sun set, and the lights went out, over the entire city of Carmen. Quietly, she made her way back inside the house and up the stairs. She froze. Her Mother's door was locked, the bolts steadily in place. Her door was open, the way she left it. Violet's door was open. She rushed in, hastily. The bed was unmade, and definitely not slept in. The window was open; the harsh wind nipping Evelyn's arms as she quickly closed it. She fumbled through her pockets until she found her phone, quickly dialling her sister's number.

Why, she thought, would Violet disobey town's orders? Evelyn was eighteen and perfectly responsible. Violet was only fifteen, and she tended to follow a bad crowd since they moved to Carmen. Violet's phone had no answer, just her simple sing-song voicemail. This voice mail was different. There was somebody else's voice fighting to be heard, a man's voice.

Violet knew this voice. It was Tyson Lowe, one of the many vampire inhabitants. He was dangerous, a new vampire, a stronger type of vampire. He'd lured Evelyn in, with his sweet voice and subtle touch…Evelyn knew him well. And now it was Violet, her own sister and her pride and joy, who was in her position. The town gates were guarded, 24 hours every day, with only a card granting the residents freedom. Violet's card was missing..

Evelyn rushed out, her brown hair swishing to the side. She closed the door of the house carefully, watching for the town's security. Carmen was guarded by huge heavy gates, which only masters could get through without being caught. Evelyn was small, small enough to squeeze herself through the narrow opening. Carefully, and out of sight, she ran away.

Tyson Lowe stood on Carmen's bridge, looking out on the town. His crew were with him, looking tough and scary as ever. When they saw Evelyn approaching, they stiffened up. She was tough, able to fight her own battles since her Father died. "Ah, Eve." He said, stroking her cheek, his fingers cold and ghostly pale. "It's Evelyn to you." She said, fiercely, swiping back his hand. His pale lips parted, showcasing his sharp fangs. "I'm looking for my sister, Violet." She said. Tyson looked at her, his dark eyes serious. "I know you think it was us, but it wasn't." Evelyn sighed. "Then where is she?" she asked. "She was here with us. She just vanished." Tyson said. Evelyn blinked. "Vanished?" Tyson nodded, quickly. "The Morrison girls were there, staring at us like we are vermin." He explained. The Morrison family were Carmen's richest, and most powerful, residents. Gregory Morrison was Carmen's mayor, a very mysterious man. Nobody knew who the Morrison's really were, but everybody hated them.

Chapter Two

The death of Josie Morrison was the reason the rules were put in place, the reason the town was so restricted. She was killed by the vampires. "Where do the Morrison's live?" Evelyn asked. "They live by the lake, Morrison's Manor." Tyson directed. "I thought you hated me, why are you helping?" she asked. "I never hated you." He said.

The night ended, the harsh sunlight coming down on the cowering vampires, and Evelyn retreated to Morrison's Manor. It was windy despite the fact it was mid-summer, Evelyn was grateful for the warm fleece she had wrapped around her. The Manor stood proudly in amongst a huge array of exotic plants. Evelyn's fingers trailed down the golden lion door knocker, and she knocked twice. The door suddenly opened and Evelyn caught her breath. When she stepped in, she felt like she was in a palace and not a house. There were ancient bookcases, golden armchairs, huge silver lion statues. Nobody was inside the house, thankfully, so Evelyn eased her way through the hallway. She needed answers, who were the Morrison family? She caught a glimpse of the golden frame hanging on the wall, 5 vibrant faces smiling happily. They must be the Morrison family, Evelyn thought, taking a closer look. The man in the middle was Gregory Morrison, the man who made all the rules. To his right was his wife, Gloria Morrison. Beside Gregory was Erica Morrison, the eldest of the Morrison children. Beside Gloria was Faith Morrison, the middle child, and then there was Josie Morrison. Evelyn felt slightly teary as she looked at them. They were a happy family once, not plagued by death or suffering. Now, the whole town was carrying the burden, locked in a prison with no escape. Josie looked happy there, elegant and friendly. She had her Mother's eyes, and her Father's nose. She didn't look like she'd break the rules, she looked like she was a keen follower. Faith looked like she was the glue, she held every piece of the Morrison family's life in her hand and she fixed the problems. Erica looked unhappy, despite a wide smile. Evelyn saw it in her eyes, two dark and soulless eyes. She looked evil, Evelyn thought, like she was plotting something.

As Evelyn dashed from room to room, she learned more and more about the Morrison family. Their crest, their huge family crest, stood proudly outside on the porch. Despite the elegance of their grand house, it was sure to have it's dark secrets lurking somewhere, Evelyn thought. She pondered around, feeling like a detective for an undercover agency. She was being secretive, she supposed, because nobody had any idea what she was doing. She looked around, the huge bookcase stood proudly in the hallway. Evelyn looked through their mass collection of books until one caught her eye. The History of Witchcraft. She blinked at it. what was that doing there? And then there was another. Resurrection. It was big and bulky and it certainly didn't look like a new science fiction book. She placed it down on the large table, coughing as the high dust close rose over her. She opened it. There was a lack of pages, but one stood out in particular. It was ripped, the corner anyway. Fire and ash, please bring her back, fire and ash. Rise from the ceiling, rise from the floor, stand in the window, stand at the door. It was a bizarre spell, but Evelyn knew why they used it. Obviously when Josie died, the high grief was too much and they called on witch craft. And then she saw the crystal ball sat on the desk, sparkling with colour. She touched it slightly, wondering if it would show anything.

There was a girl, about Violet's age, stood by the lake. There were a group of people, vampires, stood around her. They looked as though they were protecting her, from something. Then it all came into focus. Tyson was standing there, and he looked angry. His eyes were red, a dark, devilish red. He licked his lips at the girl, bearing his fangs. She shrieked, and ear piercing shriek. And then he bit her, the sweet red liquid dripping down her shoulders. She dropped down onto the ground and died. Evelyn just stood there, breathless. And then there was a cold wind on her neck, her whole body became colder. "Anyone there?" she asked. And then she saw, in the huge mirror, another reflection.

This girl was golden, shimmering and sparkling. Her eyes were dark and captivating. She had dark hair that tumbled down to her shoulders. She was hidden under a black hood. Evelyn gasped, her fingers trembling. This was Josie Morrison, the dead girl she saw in the crystal ball, standing there. The crystal ball hit the floor with a loud smash, the multi-coloured glass sparkling in the sunlight. "You know who I am?" Josie asked, her dark eyebrow rose slightly. Evelyn nodded, slowly. "Well," she said. "I need your help." She took her hand.

When Evelyn next opened her eyes, she was outside. The town was in ruins, like a giant bomb hit. Evelyn watched as Josie strolled to the front of the crowd. There were so many people, girls at least, crowding around. At the front Josie Morrison stood there with her two sisters, Erica and Faith. Standing beside them was..Violet. Not the same Violet Evelyn knew, though, a completely different Violet. She was wearing a hooded gown and her eyes and face were covered in make-up. Evelyn ran through the crowd. "Violet!" she shrieked. She got up to the raised platform at the front. "Who's that, Violet?" Erica asked. Erica, like Faith, Josie and Violet, was wearing a hood. Violet shrugged, embarrassed by her sister. "I'm Violet's sister, and she needs to come back home." Evelyn said. She saw Violet's black lips fold into a smile, but then turn into a scowl. She grabbed Evelyn's hand, her black nails now sharp talons. "You don't understand," she said, in a whisper. "I finally belong here. They accept me for who I truly am!" she yelled this, startling Evelyn and the crowd. Evelyn's face was streaked with tears. "This isn't who you are, you're Violet Kelly, you're my sister. I need you." Evelyn cried.

Violet looked away. Josie came forward. "I wouldn't let her go yet. She could be useful for what I need." She said to Violet. Violet nodded. Evelyn had no idea what this group was, but she knew Josie was the leader. Josie turned to her, her hands holding Evelyn's. "I understand you know Tyson Lowe, yes?" she said. Evelyn nodded. "Well then," Josie said. "I need you to find him, bring him here to me." Josie said. "What for?" Evelyn asked, worried. "You'll know when you see." Josie said, simply. She let go of Evelyn, unleashing her into the crowd.

She walked back through the crowd. She could hardly believe it. Violet had joined forces with the Morrison's, and left Evelyn behind. Tyson was easy to find, he was feeding on a white rabbit. It's not pleasant seeing the life being sucked out of an animal, Evelyn thought. She looked up at him, his blood-stained mouth, and grinned. "I thought you were looking for Violet?" he asked, dropping the rabbit's limp body to the ground. "I found her, but she's not coming back." Evelyn said, sighing afterwards. Tyson put his arms around her, and Evelyn's heart began to melt. Suddenly, without acknowledging it, Evelyn began to cry. "Josie Morrison says I need to bring you to her." She said, tearfully. That's when he dropped down to his knees, and began to cry. "She wants me dead." He said. "I killed her, so now the witch wants to kill me." He spat those words out. "Witch?" Evelyn asked. And then he began explaining..

"The Morrison's witches went back many centuries ago, when we vampires ruled. They were bad people. Alisha Morrison, Josie's great-great-grandmother, was the woman I fell in love with. We were serious, for a while, wedding plans in sight. Her parents didn't like me, which was understandable. I couldn't resist. I killed her." "The witches began their war on the vampires, the whole town ruined in minutes. The Morrison witches killed my parents. I hid for a while, made a few new vampires. I had an army, it was harder to fight with more of us there. I eventually dated Josie, and I was tempted. That was what led me to killing her…the temptation. The Morrison sisters are a close knit pack, I like to think, so I became the most hated person to them when Josie died. They plotted to kill me many times, but they had no idea how fast I was, what I was capable of," He paused at this point in the story, Evelyn watched his lip quiver slightly as he laughed. "Unfortunately, I had no idea that they had uncovered that book. Resurrection." Evelyn gasped. "They learnt how to resurrect and they brought her back.." Tyson said, sighing heavily. Evelyn reached for his hand and watched as he cried. And then she realised…he didn't love her. He was in love with Violet, her sister, and not her. The thought of Violet brought Evelyn to grit her teeth, clench her fist, clear her mind.

She remembered how sweet she was when they were younger. She was friendly towards the vampires, instead of being afraid. She didn't hate them like Evelyn. Now, Violet was evil. Evelyn thought for a minute. She needed to bring Tyson back to them. She wasn't ready to let go. "I want you to know," she said, tears brimming in her eyes. He looked at her. "I never stopped loving you." He held her closer. She looked in his eyes, like golden glass. He looked into her eyes, meaningfully. And then they kissed. Evelyn didn't mean it, but she didn't let go of him. "I don't want you to die." She said, leaning against him, in a soft whisper. "I'm not going to die." Tyson reassured. She patted his back, her tear drops hitting his shirt. When they next looked up, Josie stood over them. She tapped her watch impatiently.

"Aww," she laughed, in a mocking voice. "I hate to cut your time together short, but I have business to attend to." She snatched Tyson away, and Evelyn dropped to her knees. Her lips quivered and she was crying. "I'm sorry." She mouthed, watching him be taken away. That's it. She sat there and cried. "Evelyn?" a voice said from behind her. She turned around. It was Lucian Grey, one of Tyson's crew. He sat down beside her. "I'm sorry." He said. Evelyn looked at him, gratefully, but she was still sad. "We'll fight for him." He said. Evelyn looked up at him as he rose from the ground. He was tall, taller than most vampires Evelyn had encountered. He looked less terrifying than any vampire she'd seen, more human. "I've seen that prison they take you to." He spat, his red eyes sparkling with tears. "They make you work until you die." Evelyn gasped. He looked up at her and Evelyn knew, this wasn't going to be easy.

"This will only hurt a little," he promised. Evelyn nodded, gulping down her remaining tears. Lucian bent down beside her, and took her limp hand. She felt his fangs go in, saw the blood seeping out. This was it. This was war.


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