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Death will start again but will love?

Book By: Livebecauseyoucan

First long story!!! (Don't worry it is not at all going to bore you and you WILL be comeing back for more!)

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"If they don't see you for who you are, then they won't see past my knuckles" Nicholas growled through his teeth as he threw a punch in the air. He face was twisted with loving concern. "I swear- "

But that was as far as he got before he turned around, nudging me to do the same. But I already knew they were here. I felt their presence. The drumming on their lip as they repeated the same song as always.

"We know you can hear us through you blood,

You can hear us through your bodies,

You can hear us in every part of you,

You were trained for this,

Why wouldn't you recognise us?"

We weren't prepared for this, they had planned before us. We weren't expecting them. I shook my head in defeat as Nicholas pushed his body out and stood in front of me. I glared at him; he was sometimes overprotective, too overprotective.

"Hey" I paused watching as his features softened as his icy focused adjusted to the shine of my face. "It'll be alright" He tried a small smile but it did not reach his eyes and pressed his hands down on my shoulders, the heat radiating from them hid me from the cold. And I smiled back to him.

But I'm pretty sure he missed it. He was already shoving me behind him as the drumming grew louder...and louder.

Their song was replaying over and over.

Their bodies were as white and graceful as a ghost.

Though their faces had the expression of something only a serial killer would enjoy.

I watched as my mouth started to tremble knowing we couldn't take them, I was going to die. The unpassionate lumps of bodies delicately move over towards us. But we both knew they destroy this clouded beach in seconds.

Nicholas body stiffened as they finally came to a halt enjoying the sights of us warding away from them. They were eating on our fear.

If only they were a set-free lonely, harmless spirit.

But they weren't.

Though they could appear to be, but appearance meant nothing. Not anymore.

I was the first to speak "Why do you come back? Why are you not dammed from earth?" My voice came out stronger than I expected and I smiled to myself, watching them take a step back from the lack of fear not escaping.

"You know why" Their chaotic voices chimed as one. If only there was one. "You belong with us" they purred along with each other. "First maybe your friedn will come?" I was tempted to cover my ears from the screeching of sound being echoed back again and again. But I didn't.

"Nicholas" They called out, begging him to join them. But I knew from the foul expression he would never leave. He loved me. He was not my enemy.

He shot me a look under sandy locks of golden hair that grew over his eyes, needing a trim. His usual Yellow, bright shiny eyes were ripped away with dots of black instead. I stared into them waiting for their usual grip of love and calmness to wash over me but it never came. I stared harder, trying to block out the irritating voices of the pale ghost near us.

All I saw was nothing, a gust of wind blew by and that's when he chose to leave me. To leave his life.

I didn't stop to change my mind, to hesitate. I turned by back on him, feeling the presence of another demon being joined with more power being carried on.

I ran faster, just wanting to disappear from this place, I was on my own.

I didn't want to see myself get killed by my boyfriend. Well he ex boyfriend now...

I trailed off into the ocean, taking my only ability left with me. The heart of a warrior, and my last thought before I abandoned myself with everything-

Never stop using your heart; a broken heart can always be healed.

A destroyed one can come back.

A living one only wants to die in peace.


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