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The Watcher Within

Book By: marcus knights

Tags: The, Watcher, Within

Breaking sound of a relic door, the light is dimming fading like a mist of dawn; I walk outside, still cold and dark. I've seen the lights glistening like a bluish vision near the stone house, then I heard somebody. A voice calling, "Come," it was like the sound echoed the entire square of space. A bright lights fusing like a sun. I am scared, it is like a beaming celestial rays spreading across the hallway. The lights explode revealing the figure of a man; his eyes have the color of the ocean, blue like the vast Mediterranean skies. He said "you don't need to be afraid as I watch you from the beginning."

The world we live in is just a complex world of unseen and seen thing from the beginning of time. The phenomenon that happened every seconds of our life is just a manifestation of unseen force dwelling in this planet we will live in.

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Chapter I

The Awakening

10:00 PM the subway was crowded as everybody rushing to catch up the trip in the busy metropolis of Dubai. The train had stopped and crowd coming in and out. In a split seconds, a cluster of stars break out.

In the dark corner of the alley, a group of muscular men chasing a young soul.

A girl screams loudly running fast as she can. "Please help me" "somebody help me." She tried to reach the end of the alley which is safe. Viciously one of the men grabbed her but she resist valiantly and they stumble on the ground. She was unconscious. Suddenly they encircle her, chanting unfamiliar words.

The skies turned into gray, they are commanding. heavy sandstorm comes, thunder struck, the leader waived his hands to the air and chanting. There is a strange light coming from her body flowing in the thin air, it electrify the cultist like a vast striking light transforming on each one of them. The storm fades and the cultist and the young soul gone.

These strange things happened was witnessed by a young man hiding in a dark alley his name is Ali.

The young lad was frighten for what he had seen, those flares and flashing of lights is an unforgettable experience captured by his naked eye. It's is unexplainable and even asking himself how it happened. he uttered as he continue walking with hesitation crossing the alley of darkness.

10:30 PM
When Ali walked near the place where the young soul vanished he found a small stone, it a bluish stone, sparkling like an upper light star serrius.

It's tempting moment that Ali can't resist but to pick it up, holding the stone shining and sparkling. Ali heard somebody is coming and he hide the stone in his pocket and walked toward the end of the street where his house is located.

11:00 PM

Stacked by the bright memory of a girl, Ali still thinking her a lot while his body lie down in a bathtub, he tried to get comfort from water while holding the stone. Seems something inside on it, sparkling turning bluish and bright silver color.

12:00 MN

Ali was in deep sleep, when the stone start sparkling, flowing ascending lights, forming like a little universe circling the entire the room. Ali's naked body was lying beneath those sparkling & flaring lights.

The lights comes from different direction fusing and touching some of parts of Ali's body, the bright blue lights heading to his face and chest, something like it has a mind, the bluish lights dancing near in his heart. When Ali's move his body, the lights stop in a glance and fade away in the entire room.

"His heart is pure one of the elements to awaken the star, "whispered by someone in the room.

"Let time will decide if he is really the one, the awakening of the star will come on the right time and right place, we will keep watching him," said the other.

A two voices happily whispering in Ali's room, invisibly fade like a wind. The stone was sparkling and flaring once more.

13 years ago

"Come! Hurry up! "The man shouted to his wife and son.

The boy was so scared while holding her mother's right hand. Fire burst in the window of family house, burning everything including clothes, the wooden horse curve by Mohammed as a presence for Ali's 5th birthday.

Ali wanted to reach the wooden object to save it from fire but smoke kept him away and it brooked this heart watching the wooden burned.

The place is a chaos, armed men invade the place indiscriminately fired the village people. They burned houses, killed the villager.

It is a very inhuman act that never spared any breath soul.

The Couple and the boy trying to hide in the rocky hills near the village, the armed men chase them, Mohammed hide his wife and son near the biggest stone.

"No Mohammed! pls. don't go! " cried by Hanna.

"I love you pls. take care of Ali" and he kissed his wife, embrace her same with his son Ali.

Mohammed kissed his loving son, "Son be brave, I love you," he kissed Ali and Hana once more.

"No Mohammed pls." .Hana said.

"I have to do this, I love you." said Mohammed and he left the place, running away alone to protect his family.

Hanna uttered. "God pls. Help him." She couldn't help his husband fading in the dark. The armed men see Mohammed running, they fired him saying haywan! and the poor soul drop dead in the bare desert of iraq.

"Find his wife and son" said the leader.

The armed man check all part of the hills, then a voice said "let's hide Ali and his mother,"

"Let the stone hide the pure heart," the stone form like a big wall covering the place where Ali and his mother was hiding.

The armed man was disoriented and fallen into the stony hills.

The leader was so scared seeing a big lights coming from the hill and rest of them left the village because of the unnatural images.

After the silence, Hanna Ali's mother was desolate, her eyes full of tears she hugs the boy as the boy cried witnessing how his father was executed. It's like tearing himself.

"Father if only I am strong enough, I will fight for you," "they can't do this to you" said Ali his eyes marked the vengeance of innocent braved spirit.

When the armed men left the place, what left behind are lot of dead scattering in the entire village.

Ali shouted "Baba Baba!" he tried to revive his father while embracing his blooded soul, his mother Hana also kissed his husband crying, she tried to clean up Mohammed blooded face, whispering. Ali keeps embracing his father.

Those survivors witness the cruelty how the armed men wipe out their village.

The morning comes with smokes faded in the horizon, desert sand bear the innocent blood, those lifeless souls was taken by armed men.

A burial right was given to all victims in the village including children and Mohammed Ali's father.

Sadness cast in the realm of poor soul, tears and chanting a very sad moment for Ali & his mother. His eyes was full of tears, whispering "baba...baba"

The skies so bright, it gives a lot of promises that life will go on, but for Ali, things will never be the same without his loving father.

" Mohammed" cried Hanna, "How can I live now that you are gone?" " I can't accept this," " I can't take this, God help me." she look at the sky with a teary eyed grasping her breath, she tried to comfort herself by holding Ali's little hand.

" Mama," his eyes looking at her mother and Hanna could not control herself but breakdown and look at his son's face.

" Ali your father is gone." "Remember he will always love you," those tears comes from Ali's eyes truly show how hard to accept that his father is already gone.


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