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Soul Seekers.

Book By: Meadow Carpenter

The Magical Realm is dying, or so it seems... Hayley Night doesn't know it but everything that's happened to her; including the death of her cousin, Aura, is all leading up to the events of a revolution happening between two realms. In Soul Seekers Hayley Night will choose between her love for three boys, her love for her family and the ultimate choice; is she going to accept who she is and become the ruler of the Magical Realm before it's too late

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Soul Seekers

The darkness awaits

The magical realm was in anarchy.

Clementia forced her reigning power out, forcing the darkness away but no matter how hard she tried she could feel the power of the dark realm overpowering her holiness. This was just anther of many attacks that had happened lately.

How long until they succeed? She thought to herself. How much longer could she protect the magical realm before evil had reached it's very core.

Slowly but surely she felt the power of the dark realm slip away. She had won again this time but how long until she had no power left? Clementia wasn't the true ruler of the magical realm aymore. Not now the Night family had given birth to the one true magical being. The only source the Magical Realm had for staying good.

She called upon her minions, Jonathon and Curtis.

'make sure the girl stays safe,' Clementia said and with that she fell to the ground.

'Hayley Night,' I heard Mr. Flinn say, 'Have you paid attention to anything I have said?'

What did he just say? I wasn't even sure if he was speaking to me which probably was the answer to what he was asking. I hadn't been paying attention to anything recently.

'sorry, Mr. Flinn.'

I heard him mumble something under his breathe, but neither was the class nor I paying any attention to his droning voice.

Usually I liked math, but usually I liked learning. Now none of it seemed important anyway. I just wanted class to be over and school to be over. What season was it anyway? It must have been close to summer.

Looking up from my desk I studied the class, each of them had the same blank stare placed upon their faces, the room was an empty void and the only light came through a small crack in the emerald green curtains which painted a ray of dust across the classroom.

Math was going to be the death of me.

Watching the clock I drummed my red painted nails on the desk, my hand leaning on my chin that I wasn't going to be surprised if it left a permanent mark.

Any minute now, I thought. Any minute now. Please oh please let class be dismissed.

'Hayley,' someone whispered, 'Hayley. Over here.'

I didn't want to look up from my desk, but I did. I knew who it was, it was one of my boyfriend's disciples, Josh. 'What?!' I hissed as low as I could, but not quiet enough as I found out when Mr. Flinn turned around and shot me a warning look. Pursing my lips I stared at Josh.

'Meet Luke tonight?' Like I was going to have a choice anyway, I thought. If there was one thing worse than a stalker it was a suspicious boyfriend, 'outside the library, 8pm.'

Flipping my long blonde hair over my shoulder I nodded my head and started so hard at Mr. Flinn I was surprised he didn't spontaneously combust.

What seemed like four hours later, but in fact had only been ten minutes Mr. Flinn pushed his thick rimmed classes up his nose and uttered those sweet words, 'classed dismissed.' Grabbing my books I clutched them to my chest and made a quick getaway to the door.

'Hayley I want a word with you.' I moaned in protest, but I went over to his large oak desk, 'I know things have been hard for you lately. With the death of Aura...I know your family must be going through a hard time. But please for your own sake speak to somebody. It's hard watching talent like yours go to waste. You're a smart girl.'

When he said Aura my heart skipped a beat. Right then I wanted to run through the door, I felt my legs buckling below me but I just stood there staring at him, wanting to cry or just wanting to slap him across the face for bringing up something so harsh to my ears. But I half smiled, which was the best I could do and said, 'Sure thing Mr. Flinn. Sorry I've kinda been on a different planet lately.' And with that I made my runaway to the door and entered the busy corridors.

People stared at me when I went by. Maybe it was because of my popularity, I was head cheerleader, social chair, sophomore prom queen and sure to be junior prom queen this year, but most of the looks looked sympathetic. In a town as small as Blossom Hills everyone knew your business. Everyone knew your family.

My cousin, Aura, had died a few months ago. It had been a murder and the thing that beat me up the most inside was that the murder had happened not even an hour after I had left her house. I could have been there to stop it, maybe they wouldn't have hurt her if I had been there.

Every minute I would go over and over it in my head, trying to think of possible outcomes if I hadn't of left to go on some stupid date with Luke. Maybe then Aura wouldn't have been vulnerable and she wouldn't have been alone.

I could see my best friend before I even reached my locker. It was her soft brown hair I saw first, appearing at the top of the crowd as she bobbed up and down to see me through the people. She had a gleaming smile on her faced which instantly made me feel a little bit better.

'Guess what?!' she said, practically screaming in my ear, 'OHEMGEE, you so are not gonna believe this!'

Smiling I took my purse out of my locker and stared at my reflection. Sure I might have looked a little more tired than usual but I thought it was a pretty good facade so far. I got out my lipgloss and began to paint my lips a bubblegum pink.

Brianna beside me was about to burst, her hands on her hips she peered at me through angry eyes because she knew I was teasing her about not asking what was up. 'Okay, okay.' I said laughing, 'what's happened?

'You'll never guess what. Matt Bishop has got a date to the prom!'

Wow, even the ugly guy who looked like he would burn in the sun quicker than a vampire could get a date to the prom now? 'Oh and there is a new girl too.'

A new girl?

Blossom Hills didn't get new girls.


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