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Hearts in Jars Chap. 1

Book By: Milo Heroine

A dark twisting story of the war between angels, demons, and a boy wanting revenge for his parents death.

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Hearts In Jars

By: Milo H.


Things happen: Families fall apart, friends betray each other, and the law of life is broken. Everything happens for a reason, though some reasons are unknown.

"Why cant you just listen? JUST ONCE in your life, why can't you just do something worth being proud of? It's all because of you..."

Stress, also may cause abnormal behavior.

When I was Twelve, I had a best friend named Elizabeth Sternwell. She was very tall and had lovely blond hair that went perfect with her compelling tan. She's dead now. Her parents found her to be "Annoyingly self-absorbed, embarrassing, and out of control."

To me, she was funny, shy, and the coolest girl IV ever met. Never have I seen an 'Out of control' side, not once. But I've always found her crying about what her family thinks of her or what they say…

The night before she died, she had explained to me about a sick, twisted, feeling that was consuming her; wanting her to do something horrible. She said she wanted to scream from all this darkness; how sadly she was beginning to lose the feeling of her heart. How it was like it wasn't ever there anymore, the darkness took its place.

Elizabeth had slit her throat in the backyard away from the house so she could be alone.

Everything happens for a reason, even though the solution to the problem makes no sense. This however isn't one of those moments.

My name is Darien Warren, I'm currently seventeen and on the run from Searl; a form of the canine species, except these creatures are blind with ultra sensitive hearing. Strong enough to hear a heart beat from 7 miles away; they follow their prey by scent and that super hearing. These creatures have no heart and only half a soul. The hearts low frequency thumping drives them insane, but only because they've been locked away for centuries in silence.

Sympathy for these bastards is pointless, since they're hard to kill. With no heart, there's no easy way to take out a life that isn't there. With no soul there unafraid of death and unfazed when their limbs are being ripped apart.

Thankfully, Iv discovered a way to be rid of them: setting them one fire. I have no idea how on earth I know this information, since IV never been that close to one or id be dead. But hey, no skin off my bones.

Pain flared in my leg as I fell to the ground, rocks and sticks scrapped my skin making the scent of my blood more an indication on my whereabouts.

My head snapped to the side, looking behind, as a eerie howl broke through the silent night as they were closing in on me.

Rage filled me straight to my core, and then everything started to haze together before it went black.

A snarl ripped over this mouth as we prepared ourselves for the mutts approach. Of course they wouldn't find

us right away, thanks to ME and my fast healing, along with ME slowing this young mans heart rate. Our blood boiled together as the muscles in our arms went tense. The drooling mongrels were getting closer; four feet away. Distance doesn't matter, it never did. In less then a second we were in front at Alpha Searl's throat, the leader of this pack of four, Doing the most humane thing and only thing to faze then for a moment. Snapping its neck worked like a charm, so snapping the rest of their filthy necks worked just as wonderfully.

Pulling a match out and setting them ablaze was the fun part. A smile played along our lips as we stared

Into the lifeless eyes of the searls sizzling bodies. But that smile faded as those lonely eyes reminding myself of what awaits; Empty space, in a black pit of disgrace.

" Je..Je..suis désolé..mes frères et soeurs"


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