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Christopher Tobias can't remember a thing but black.
And all too soon, he's discovering a hidden world - the world of the Shadow Walkers. But that's not the only thing he's unearthing...
An enemy is rapidly approaching and there's hardly any time. Will Christopher have to fight or be forced to join the very things that are trying to kill him, possess him.
He may well be forced to join the death list too.

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Darkness surrounded me. Everywhere I looked, or turned, or saw: black. Something went crack! as I took another step, my hands feebly navigating my surroundings. Suddenly, a rustling came from behind, and I whirred around, drawing my hands in close. "Who's there?" came a mumble, instinctively taking a step back. Then came another rustle, a few meters from the last location. It was moving. I took another step back, my hands desperately searching for something useful in my pockets. "Don't come any closer; I've got a weapon!" I shouted, drawing out something woody and stubby. A mocking growl came as a reply, and I took another hasty step back, adding the suspense music to a horror movie with another nail-biting crack! The creature purred again, this time so close that it's breath sent a hot chill through my body, making me realise how much adrenaline had been pumping through me for the last few minutes. Taking a last step back, my behind brushed up against something: dead end. This was it. I squeezed my eyes shut, waiting for the creature to realise its opportune moment, wishing that I could somehow convince Fate to be generous. Wishing that a dark alley would be better than this. Just as the creature pounced, the world did a 360, turned upside-down and everything went blacker, the wincing of the pained creature echoing in my ears as it struck where I'd been…

My eyes flicked open to a world of two-dimension. I tried to touch my face, but I didn't feel anything. As my eyes focused on my arms, I stumbled back: my arms were pure black! Then, I realised they made no shadow. Looking around, I couldn't see anything, bringing back a gripping, faint memory. My feet started moving, as I commanded them forward. In moments I burst out into daylight, and were surrounded by a sea of shadowy-black people. "Hello!" I yelled at one man, but he remained ignorant. I came up closer, at talking distance. "Hello? Can you hear me?" The man continued to look into the distance. I repeated my sentence, screaming in his ear. The man instantly grasped his ears, looking around for the culprit, once staring straight at me. Satisfied no one was there, he dropped his arms and headed off. I frowned and swung around to meet a tall man. His face was black, almost silhouette-like and his arms were placed folded. A long coat and fedora draped over his wide shoulders. He pulled me in viciously by my collar: "Will you keep that racket down? With your luck, we'll get ourselves killed!"

I stood flabbergasted at the intimidating size of the man, but that was instantly washed away as he grabbed me in a shackle-like grip over my wrist and half-dragged half-towed me away.

"Hey! Stop it! Hey!" My voice protested, heels digging into the ground. I looked up at the man, his face with the compared appearance of a suspicious, shaggy sea-pirate. Then, I took an surprised step back: The world was now full colour, 3D and my arms could now be identified as scratched, worn and shaggy. A bit like the man's beard.


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