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AboraMana, The Goddess Updated

Book By: Neithard Horn

This book is part of a major work consisting of this book and 88 cards, painted by the author, explaining the cards and the system of the deck. The deck and this book are a massive counter weight against the male-dominated society of today, showing a new cosmology from an exclusively feminine point of view. You can find the cards and some other information at aboramana.tripod.com

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In the Name of the Goddess
Neithard Horn
AboraMana, Goddess of Life
The Goddess Updated September 2009
The Myth of AboraMana
Goddess of Life, Love, and Beauty
is dedicated to all Women on Planet Earth
Ó 2006/09 Neithard Horn
Inspiration Unlimited
La Palma, Islas Canarias / Kaua'i, Hawai'i
The work consists of a deck of 88 cards and this script which explains the cards and the system of the deck. The art work for the cards was channeled by the Living Goddess, starting in May 2004 in a cave above the Puerto de Tazacorte on La Palma Island. Since October 2005 the painting of new cards continued on Kaua'i Island. At the same time I received text to the cards and wrote it down.
The deck is expressively made for women as a massive counter weight against the male-dominated society of today with the historical and spiritual background of a male-dominated religion with a caste of male priests who preach subtle but merciless the devaluation of humankind in general and the devaluation of woman in the very particular.
The deck is neither a new version of Tarot, nor is it a deck of the genre of oracle cards. It is an illustrated cosmology, presented in the form of a religion, that explains human position in the grand scheme of creation for the first time from an exclusively woman's point of view in a logical, holistic, and scientifically correct manner.
However, the deck can be used for divining and reading. Than it can help woman to change how she sees and understands herself. It also can help her to define her position in the society she finds herself in. And it also can help her to build her own spiritual universe. The lay out for reading the cards you'll find at the end of this script.
AboraMana is the total sum of biological life on Planet Earth imagined, perceived, and interacted with as a Goddess with a distinct personality and history. She is that mysterious energy we call Life, and we see every individual living being, be it bacteria, lichen, plant, bird, fish, animal, including human, as one of Her many children, and each one is one cell of AboraMana's body.
ABORA is the name of the energy of life in the language of the extinct indigenous people (the Arehuca) of the Island San Miguel de La Palma, Islas Canarias. Those people lived in matriarchy, women dominated the society, family chains were matrilineal and they perceived the energy of life as a female power called Abora-as it was documented by the first Spanish monks who came with the conquistadores.
MANA is the name of the Energy of Life in the language of the Hawai'ians. They lived and live in a patriarchy, therefore Mana is perceived as a male power.
The name AboraMana suggests the balance of the female and male power in the biological creation, but we see the female power as the source of everything that is born, lives, procreates and dies. She is a woman because all biological life comes into life through the woman, the mother.
AboraMana's official title is Goddess of Life, Love, and Beauty.
As the Horned Goddess She is the Goddess of Fertility and Abundance. The horns stand for the cow as the symbol of tranquility and motherhood.
In the Dark Nights She becomes the Goddess of the Black Moon. She stands for the emotional wisdom and the intuitive decisions of the woman; the snake is Her symbol. The snake also stands for the feminine sexuality.
In Her form as a serpent She is the Chaos Goddess-the Goddess of Disorder-the moment the primordial soup exploded into life with infinite possibilities open.
She is also the Fountain of the Power of Love because according to our legends God the Creator of the Universe of Physics, the cool engineer, the endless cosmic driving force, became the unconditional all-loving Father through Her love.
She is also called Our Mother Without Navel, because She Herself has no mother.
She is honored in four appearances, one in each of the four Elemental Houses: Air, Fire, Water, Stone. As the Goddess in the Elemental House of Water she is called
Lilith AboraMana
Goddess of Life, Love, and Beauty
Goddess of Fertility and Abundance
Fountain of the Power of Love
Our Mother Without Navel
The rose is the sign of Her suit in the deck; the rose is beauty, red is love, and the green leaves are life.
Since this work-deck and script-focus on a Supreme Being, on God and Goddess, and the Host of Heaven and human's relation to Them; and since the goal of the work is to make this society a better society by spiritual and artistic means, it is a religious work-it was given to me to pass it on to you in the form of a religion-without my intention.
Please don't hold me responsible for what is revealed in the deck. The Goddess gave the visions of the cards to me; She revealed the system of the deck to me, She writes the text for me; it is Her work. I do nothing except listen to Her and do what She tells me to do.
And just like you I'm asking: Why did the Goddess choose me-a male-to speak up for Her and womankind?
> Working as a male in this male-dominated society makes life easier and the work has more chances to achieve the intended impact. (I realize that things are changing to the better, but are still a far cry from what it should and could be.)
> Living as a male in this male-dominated society is a richer life because a male has more possibilities of experience. Just imagine traveling to remote places. A woman still can't do it safely, and here I'm not thinking of war-zones.
> The work is filled with erotic and sex as the highest expression of Biological Life. Erotic and sex work best between opposite sexes-no matter what humans with homosexual preferences claim-because we were created with opposite sexes, and we live in a dual world. I love my Goddess so much more because I am a man and She is a woman. And She knows it, and She reveals Herself ever more to me like a woman undressing for her man.
Biographical Notes
When I talk about how the vision of the deck came to me maybe I should better say: "I remember" the images of the cards and the system of the deck, because my memories of the world where this deck is a daily reality are so vivid, and detailed, and coherent, and I have them since such a long time, that I have to accept that the ideas shown here are not the product of my overflowing imagination.
The myth of AboraMana introduced here comes from my home planet which is separated from planet Earth not by space but by time. As far as I could understand the explanations when I was recruited for my current mission, Earth and my home planet are traveling on the same lane of the time highway-our planet behind Earth. Because Earth is slowing down-for reasons unknown to us, because our planet keeps her timing close to perfect-our planet one day is bound to crash into Earth from behind-again: Not in Space/Matter, but in Time. Since I am only a master of history, philosophy, human sciences, and fine arts I must admit that I have no understanding of time physics, that's why I can't explain it better. Everything I tell you here I had to take at face value, and I know that the Chairwoman of the Great Council who tongue-lashed me into this mission lies without shame when it suits her purposes.
I was sent to Earth-against my will I need to stress again-for two reasons:
First, I'm supposed to introduce the deck of AboraMana to the human children of planet Earth because, as the Chairwoman explained, the behavior of humans regarding the physical and biological creation of their planet slows planet Earth down far beyond all permissible limits and she hopes that understanding and applying the deck will influence the human behavior to the better, so that the planet can speed up again. According to her human behavior influences the behavior of the planet within the Cosmic Net-whatever she means by that ...
The second reason is: I am to observe the behavior of humans without prejudice or other filters, and to record the observed while living the ordinary life of a human male in the western society of the 20/21 century western time reckoning. As a disguise I wear the mask of being an artist. You might as well call me a spy-except that I'm not under cover and nothing about me is kept secret. I even give you my record to read-before my authorities see it.
On my return-which will happen when my EarthBody dies-I am to submit one copy of the observed to my authorities, and I will keep one copy for myself etched into my Scroll of Memories. What my authorities do with my report I don't know.
At present time I'm in the Observe/Record Mode of my mission.
In my world I live in our capital city AtlantaCaldera which is divided within the geological and geomantic parameters into Four Quarters, each for one of the Four Elemental Houses: Air, Fire, Water, and Stone. Each quarter has a cathedral for AboraMana, Goddess of Life, Love, and Beauty. Her oldest cathedral is a cave in the WaterQuarter, or fishermen's quarter, which is also the quarter where I live, when I'm not living on planet Earth.
As a citizen of the WaterQuarter I honor AboraMana in Her appearance as the Goddess of Life in the House of Water and communicate with Her as Lilith AboraMana. By reason of my advanced age, my nearly obsessive love for my Goddess as Lilith AboraMana, and some obvious malfunctions of my TimeMachine back home I do not remember Her names in the other three Elemental Houses.
Apropos TimeMachine:
That is naturally not it's proper name. I just call it so because I cannot grasp the acronym it's inventors invented for it.
In my case it is a mighty flotation tank, totally depriving any sensory input-but a zillion brightly colored wires running in and out, and a zillion brightly colored lights flashing on and off, and a zillion sweet little noises humming-as I perceived when I entered the room with that *** machine. Whether I was given drugs to alter my state of mind I do not know; I certainly was given a medicine that shitted my body completely empty.
And in that salty lukewarm suds my body floats, ticking along just fine without me, and here I am, in another body, in another world …
… mistake me not: I was beamed into my EarthBody the moment my Earth Mother's egg opened to one of my Earth Father's seeds. The timing was perfect, I must admit.
I was conceived, carried, and born like any other human on planet Earth. I live the life of a male human being, and my body will die a human being's death, no way out - or better said: The only way out.
Anyway, the deck of cards is the most important of our Holy Scriptures and every person owns at least one deck in one of the many editions painted by different artists throughout the centuries. They are cherished collectibles and the collector's fairs are always overrun. One deck is given by the HighPriestess to every newborn baby at the Ceremony-of-Introduction-Into-Society, starting many famous collections. We consider the deck as a book of lessons to be learned. Some people use it for divining; children gamble with them for small coins; and in school it is used to clarify the human position in respect to the planet we live on, and in respect of the grand scheme of things in general.
Since I am a MasterWithoutSeat in the Guild of Artists and Artisans in the WaterQuarter I was permitted to create my own deck. Within the fast bound rules of the iconography of our Holy Scriptures every artist is free to create whatever he likes.
(Iconography: Visual images with a transcendent, or religious meaning. The transcendent meaning, the iconography, of the cards is explained in this script. For example: The rainbow always symbolizes the spiritual universe; or the heptagon is always the Philosopher's Stone as a philosophical concept.)
For example, a painting of the Goddess as Lilith AboraMana in the House of Water must have an octopus (or Sunfish as we call them) somewhere in the picture, because the sunfish is Her holy animal in the House of Water, just as the butterfly or the colibri is Her holy animal in the House of Air, or the scarab in the House of Stone, or the snake in the House of Fire.
For my deck I used many of the sketches I drew when I traveled all the Inner Islands and most of the Outer Islands on government mission. This makes my deck quite unique because-generally speaking-the men of AtlantaCaldera don't like to travel. They think imagination and surfing the Internet is a substitute for going there and looking for yourself.
Many concepts I show in the deck are well known to humans on Earth because they were channeled from my world to spiritually advanced women and men on Earth hoping to accelerate the planet on the time highway. But to my disappointment I find that many are misunderstood, or wrongly interpreted, or malevolently falsified-by whom and for what reason is unknown to us. Part of my mission is to find answers to that question, and I think I found the answer: To control the human mind and with it the resources and territories of the planet for monetary reasons.
To explain what I mean I give some examples.
The God of the dominant religion on Earth ordered humankind to "subdue" Earth (Genesis 26-28, King James Bible), which means: to bring under control using force. And He also ordered them to dominate (to rule) all life forms on the planet. And the members of the dominant society, influenced by the dominant religion, do exactly that as everyone can observe; and the sad end of the process of controlling and dominating using force is the destruction of Life on Earth.
The dominant religion sees the first woman as being primarily responsible for the evil in humankind as it is written in their holy scripture; and the sad end of this story is the devaluation of womankind in general and that causes the destruction of the fabric of society. (Genesis Chapter 3, King James Bible.)
The dogma of the dominant religion on planet Earth tells humans again and again that they are bad because they inherited an original sin; and if you tell people long enough that they are bad they become bad and behave accordingly.
Other examples are:
On Earth-created by the Jewish Tradition-Lilith is seen as the first wife of FirstMan Adam, who married FirstWoman Eve when Lilith fled into the desert because she did not want to play the passive role in her relationship with Adam, "... she did not want to lay under him, and he did not want to lay under her ...", as the Legend intones. (See here: LilithWisdom: Avoiding conflict is the most peaceful form of resistance). Later she became the serpent that gave Eve that infamous apple, and still later she became a children-eating demon and a mother of demons.
The Truth is: Lilith is the name of AboraMana as the Firstborn in the House of Water. Lilith means Serpent, or Snake as the Animal Spirit of Intuitive Wisdom, seen as a feminine quality. It also means deep, as in profound; or deep as the Philippine Trench.
You'll also find that I changed the beloved melody of Air - Fire - Water - Earth to the correct form of Air - Fire - Water - Stone, because the Elemental Houses were created before the creation of Life on this planet. "Earth" is either the name of the planet we live on, or it means soil, or humus, or mother-earth were plants can grow in, and humus contains a lot of plant- and animal-matter, living or dead, and plants and animals are AboraMana's children.
The scientists of magic alchemy understand AboraMana as the fifth Elemental House although they see AboraMana as secondary to the original four houses because those can exist without AboraMana but AboraMana cannot exist without them. Some scientists even claim the original four houses were created only that AboraMana can built Her house on them.
City people generally say only Lilith when they mean the Goddess. To make things more complicated they say also only Lilith when they mean the Chairwoman of the Great Council, whose full title is LilithYggdrasil. (Yggdrasil means: Old Tree Roots In Earth And Carries Sky).
Before I started painting the deck and writing this script I wrote down a pretty precise account of the recruiting interview with LilithYggdrasil and the Tribune of AtlantaCaldera, and about the events when the Great Council prepared me for this mission.
Before I knew that somewhere out there in the Atlantic Ocean there is an island called San Miguel de La Palma with the deepest and steepest caldera on planet Earth (five kilometers diameter and two kilometers deep) I had the vision of AtlantaCaldera-exactly the caldera of La Palma halfway submerged in the ocean.
Before I ever imagined myself living in a cave and having my studio in a cave above the Puerto de Tazacorte on La Palma Island, I wrote down the memories of my life in AtlantaCaldera, living with my wife Gallia Heliopola in a cave.
Before I realized that I was sent here on this mission on planet Earth I wrote about similar missions in other times and to other places - among others my memories about my wanderings with JeshuaBenMiriam, aka Jesus Christ.
And: As I painted the first pictures shown in this deck (The dancers of air and fire, Lucifera, the bitch) I had no idea that I had started a whole deck of cards, and as I realized that I had no idea how many cards the deck will have in the end. And I didn't paint the cards in any order.
And: When I wrote my memoirs about my life in AtlantaCaldera I was living in Frankfurt/Main in Germany as a professional artist but I didn't have the faintest clue about what was the point of my life. And measured by Earth standards I was already an old man.

The Tribune of AtlantaCaldera
in the Name of LilithYggdrasil, HighPriestess of the Church of AboraMana
Declaration of Spiritual War
O Lord, deliver us from hell's great fear and gloom
loose Thou our spirits from the larvae of the tomb
to seek them in their dread abodes without affright
on them We will impose our will: The Law of Light
adapted from A. Crowley
We oppose any religion or creed that denies the existence of a Living Goddess as real as the Living God that this religion teaches.
We oppose the idea that humans are born wicked, and that they can't better themselves with their own abilities, but that they need to be saved; and We oppose every creed or religion that teaches to kill and to die for a God leads to Ultimate Bliss.
We oppose the idea that humans were created to subdue Earth and dominate all living beings; that they have no obligation toward the work of the Creators; and that they can do to Creation whatever they like.
We fight this war on the Spiritual Plane; in the Realm of God, and Goddess, and the Host of Heaven; about the definition of the human Soul; about the meaning of Life as a human being; about Life after Death.
We oppose fundamentalists, fanatics, and missionaries.
We fight this war with artistic and intellectual means only.
We fight this war in the spirit of Voltaire who said to the royalties of France:
"Madame, Sire, I think your opinion is wrong but I will defend with my life your right to speak your opinion in public."
Yours truly

The Ray of Creation
the basic Layout using all cards of the deck
other Layouts using only parts of the cards will be shown later
00 - Zero
The All-Including Truth
The Jokers
First Set: Fate
Second Set: Your Fighting Spirit
1st Plane
The Hall of God
The Matrix that is the human Soul
2nd Plane
The Science of Physics
The Pillars of the Universe and Time
3rd Plane
Magic Physics
The Four Elemental Houses
4th Plane
The Science of Biology
Life - Death
5th Plane
Magic Biology
Devi and Deva
6th Plane
FirstWoman and FirstMan
7th Plane
The Temple
Religion and Ceremony
8th Plane
First Set: Who are you?
Second Set: Define yourself
00 - The Total Truth
The Absolute Truth, The All-Including Truth
Also called: The Diamond of Total Truth, or The ZeroCard
The Philosopher's Stone as an idea, or as a philosophical concept
Beyond all questions and answers
Can be experienced but can't be talked about
Also: Supreme, ideal, perfect
Also: The Supreme Being but without a personality. Some people say the Supreme Being created the human soul. Others say the human soul is part of the Supreme Being, or that all human souls together are the Supreme Being
The "Clear Blue Light" in the Tibetan Book of the Dead
The "Great Emptiness" of Zen seen in the moment of Satori (total enlightenment)
This card is placed above all other cards and stands alone. Whatever you play with the deck, the Zero-Card is set apart on a good visible spot, to always remind you that everything you consider as true is part-but only a part-of the All-Including Truth.
The "Diamond of Total Truth" is shown as a heptagon, where every corner is connected with every other corner. That shows the Cosmic Net where every phenomenon is connected to and influences every other phenomenon. Each of the facets thus formed is one part of the Total Truth-and because it is the All-Including Truth, you and your beliefs are a part of it, too, as are the beliefs of all your fellow humans.
The small heptagon in the center of the Diamond develops by itself during the process of drawing the Diamond. This is your Private Window through which you look at that part of the Total Truth you can understand and that you consider as true. Every single human has her own private window just like you. Groups of people are united by the congruence of their individual private windows-and all of us look at the same All-Including Truth.
Around the Diamond lies the Empty Space of Creation, the White Chaos, the world of fleeting ideas, chains of thought, intuitive daydreams, the fountain every inspired artist draws from, an emotional and mental universe where everything is possible but nothing is materially real.
The square in the circle below it shows the principle of Dualism, in which we live on planet Earth and which we can't change. But when we understand the energy of dualism then we learn to love it and to use it to our personal and social advantage as a woman or man, young or old, during the day and in the night, in good days and in bad-in our down-to-earth daily reality.
The setting of the Diamond, the double snail that eats itself, once more shows the constant moving dual world, which always stays the same, even when the outside appearances change.
The rainbow colored stand shows the Ray of Creation, which starts at the Source and goes on through all Planes of Creation, till it ends on the human Plane, (and there it ends at You), which it is the latest and the last level of Creation. That means, that you are the youngest child of creation, and that again means, that you need to respect all the plants and animals as our elder sisters and brothers, and all the oceans and mountains as the base where you stand on.
The deck does not show below-human levels of creation, no worlds of devils or demons and no hell, because they do not exist as a part of OurGod's and AboraMana's Creation. Our Shamanas found by experience, that they are called into existence by humans who believe in them and feed them with their emotional energy.
Contemplation of the ZeroCard can teach you tolerance and compassion, and it can help you to understand and accept the point of view of others even if you don't agree with them.
Source: The card shows one of the sacred instruments on the main altar of AboraMana's oldest cathedral in our capital city. In similar form it stands on every altar in every chapel, or temple, or church of every creed and sect on our planet. Part of the celebration of Holy Days always is a lecture about the ZeroCard. That is the reason we never had religious wars and felt entitled to kill, torture, or enslave someone with a different faith.
Crystal and the shell of a double-snail on a stand of colored glass, ca. 36 inches high.
Start of Game
The Jokers / First Set / Fate
Also titled: The Invisible Hands of Fate
Schicksal in German; literally: That what has been sent to you by Higher Powers. (schicken = to send; sal has it's roots in Seele or Soul and refers to the Spiritual Universe).
Kismet in Arab.
According to the old German myth Urd the Spinner, Verdandi the Weaver, and Skuld the Cutter are three ancient sisters dwelling in a cave between the roots of the Tree of Life Yggdrasil. They are older than Gods because according to the legends and according to all logic Gods are subject to Fate, too.
The Sisters are not Karma because you yourself only are responsible for your Karma (receiving what you gave). They symbolize the so-called good or bad luck in your life, and it depends on you how you meet your good or bad luck thus creating your Karma.
Fate works on the material plane only. Being born as a woman is your Fate, for example, as is the color of your skin. Sometimes it is called destiny; it is that what happens to you in your daily realities and in your life in general, coming at you from the outside. You are objectively not responsible for your Fate but you have to live your Fate to the fullest-you have to "make do with what you have".
Before you entered your EarthBody, you knew, understood, and agreed on what your Fate on planet Earth will be. (This is what your Higher Self, or your Angels know about you, see cards 73 and 74). But to live the life of a human you needed to forget that, and now your Fate is a complete mystery to you until you realize that whatever "happens" to you is what you agreed on-and that again means that you really can't blame somebody else, or your Fate, or your good or bad luck, for the joy and the pain given to you during your life.
A similar approach you can find in the Tibetan Book of Death, where on the Higher Plane after the death of your former body you are clearly made responsible for the choice of your parents, the gender of your present time body, the time, and the cultural group you wanted to be born in.
0X1 - Urd the Spinner
The Spider on the first card of Fate symbolizes the talents, abilities, and special traits of character, or personality that have been given to you by the PowersGreaterThanYou, and the Spinner spins all your experiences, your learned abilities, your knowledge, and your understanding into one strong thread.
The Spinner also symbolizes Endlessness.
0X2 - Verdandi the Weaver
works you into the fabric of human society. She connects you to people and circumstances you "accidentally" meet and it is up to you how you interact with them, thus creating your Karma. She challenges you to become part of the Fabric to make it stronger and more beautiful. The red knots at the top show the people you are very closely connected with.
The rainbow colors of the fabric show you that Fate has to be accepted as a gift given to you by the PowersGreaterThanYou to help you to become what you really are. That attitude for a heavy burden of Fate makes it easier to carry.
0X3 - Skuld the Cutter
represents Things Done or a Thread of Fate Fulfilled. Giving birth is Cutting Loose for both the mother and the child, for example. She lets you end one thread of your Fate to make you free for another thread. This new beginning is shown by the rising sun in the lower right corner.
She has very little to do with the death of your material body; she symbolizes the death of your fixed preconcepts and prejudices; she also means letting go of people and of possessions; and she helps you to accept what you consider as a heavy loss.
The Jokers / Second Set / The WarriorGoddess
Literally: The Goddess of the warriors
She is a very personal goddess who can give the warrior who honors and worships her superhuman strength.
They show your fighting spirit and your sense of competition.
Not fearing opposition.
You need to know your goal, or what you want to achieve before you can apply these four cardinal virtues in a sensible way, otherwise your are just a "loose cannon", out of control of yourself, a danger to your fellow human beings.
Also: Action with the goal to stop an aggressor's aggression. The action varies from mild to extreme violence, as the occasion demands. Stand up for your rights when they are denied to you, but avoid over-reaction to imagined aggression.
0Y1 Gryffa is Recklessness
not only against others but also, mainly, against oneself.
Not caring what happens to oneself on the way to the goal; being prepared to take personal disadvantages and discomforts to reach a higher goal. JeshuaBenMiriam, aka Jesus Christ is an extreme example.
Recklessness is sometimes called "controlled madness". One example of recklessness is found in the mental state of the berserkers of the ancient Nordic warrior culture who were able to crank themselves in such a controlled madness that they attacked naked, with only their sword, far in front of their own lines the battle line of the enemy, not caring what happened to themselves.
0Y2 Kentoura is Flexibility,
like water running around rocks on its way to the ocean, always searching for the easiest way out. Easy doesn't mean cheap, fast, and ugly. It means the most economic means to reach a goal.
Being able to change routines and old ways of doing things; being creative in your actions.
Finding fast new ways of attack and defense.
Fast body, mental, and emotional reactions.
In certain situations avoiding a conflict by running away can be part of flexibility. Lilith, the first wife of Adam, as she run away because she didn't want to be dominated by Adam, is a very good example.
0Y3 Minataura is Perseverance,
like the steady drop that wears a hole in a stone.
Never giving in, remaining firm under pressure.
Also: Burning the bridges you crossed.
A certain kind of tunnel vision can be part of it, too: To give so much importance to reaching the goal that everything else, including the own life, becomes unimportant.
The battle cry of the Spanish conquistadores in the Americas: Victory or death!
To continue to fight the war although a battle is lost.
0Y4 Sphinga is Patience,
the ability to wait and endure without falling into apathy.
Patience is not passive waiting for an opportunity to change a situation to ones own advantage but very attentive observation of the situation with the constant readiness to interfere when the opportunity offers itself.
History: The WarriorGoddess is very old, on the Inner Islands she has no sanctuaries anymore; on the Outer Islands of the Barbarians she is still worshipped but she looses more and more of her powers because of the civilizing influence of AtlantaCaldera. Today students of martial art use the four aspects of her as sign, seal, and symbol of their order.
The WarriorGoddess is not the Goddess of War because the horrors of war is human responsibility but not the responsibility of a PowerGreaterThanUs. On Planet Earth people often say or write: "The war broke out", as if it was like a volcano breaking out, or a tsunami rolling over helpless humans. A war never, ever "breaks out". A war is always, without exception, consciously and willfully started by humans, mostly males.
Some studies claim that they also represent the Three Pillars of the Universe and Time (see cards 14/15/16/17). The most accepted order is: Gryffa = Space, Kentoura = Energy, Minataura = Matter, Sphinga = Time
Source: Copy of the only complete set of an antique deck in our central library. Woodcut, light ink-wash on card paper. Time of origin unknown, not dated, no signature.
First Plane
The Hall of God
The Matrix that is the human Soul
Since we talk about God we have to talk about religion:
To tell a story you have to invent persons that act out the story. Persons have limitations in the mental structure, called Blind Spot. Without blind spots on the side of the actors no story would be possible because every story revolves around problems created by blind spots, and the solution of the problems. All-mightiness and All-knowledge don't allow for problems because there is no blind spot, so there is no need to act to find a solution of a problem caused by a blind spot, so there is no story to tell.
As it is said in the Scriptures: In the beginning was the Word, which means: In the beginning was a story; and all stories are constructs of the human mind.
Humans on planet Earth no matter at what time or of what creed tell each other stories about Gods and/or Goddesses and/or other members of the spiritual universe interacting with humans in their daily life. If you tell a story often enough it solidifies and becomes more and more a Truth-of-Reality for the people who tell the story and for those who listen to that story. And slowly the story becomes a Holy Scripture unshakably true; and a lot of scholars find their daily bread by interpreting the story and proving that the story is true (or not true).
Around this mentally created solid reality humans build rituals and ceremonies, arts and crafts, and a caste of priests, and a so-called religion emerges out of nowhere and occupies large areas in the mental space of a believer (see 7th Plane, The Temple).
It is also the habit of humans to see their particular God as the OneAndOnlyTrueGod because they don't understand that they look through their comparatively small Private Window at the infinite All-including Truth. This is particularly true for the monotheistic religions. There is a Supreme Being independent of humans, which is not a construct of a human mind, there is no doubt about that, but it says: "Can be experienced, but can't be talked about." When humans forget that they "can't talk about it", and start adorning the Supreme Being with human traits, acting out stories like humans would, they leave the realm of the Supreme Being and enter the realm of Goddesses and Gods.
Since Gods/Goddesses are a creation of the human mind (even when they are inspired by PowersGreaterThanUs) they are finite and depend on their believers: Prosperous believers make prosperous Gods-with the disappearance of the last believer the God dies, or at least goes into hibernation. That happened to SunGod Ra, GodFather Wotan, MoonGoddess Selene, LoveGoddess Aphrodite and many others.
The only survivors in the Battle of the Gods on planet Earth, acted out by their believers, is the Jewish-Christian God and the Muslim God. There are other Goddesses and Gods still alive, living in the margins. Moshes Jewish God is still going pretty strong, because He draws strength out of the alias He planted into the Christian God image.
As said before: The more devoted believers a God has, the stronger He grows and thus a strong God gives more of His strength to the believers. Moshes God YWHW didn't wipe out the Goddesses and Gods of Kana'an because He was a so much nicer guy but because His believers were a highly trained and armed killer-force with nothing equal in far sight, driven and pushed ahead by "OurGod and His Prophet Moshe Said So!"
The Jewish-Christian God did not win the battle over most other Gods all over the planet, and achieved a pretty dangerous stale mate with the Muslim God Allah because He was so much more true than all the other Gods, but because His believers always had the better weapons for the dissemination of The Word, and they were always eager to use them for their God against His enemies (which actually where their own enemies in the struggle for territory and resources), because "God Said So!"
There are two kinds of Gods, there are the Old Gods and there are the New Gods. The Old Gods are the Gods and Goddesses of nature, which means the female and the male aspects are pretty well balanced. They represent forces of nature like moon, or sun, or rain, or volcanoes, or death, or fertility, or human experiences and facts of life like love, and joy, and sorrow, etc.
AboraMana is an Old Goddess, in fact She is the oldest because She represents biological life and all individual life forms on planet Earth.
Moshes God is the oldest of the New Gods-his God is the source of the Christian God and the source of the Muslim God, although both hate to admit that. Contrarily: Both did their best to wipe out the believers of the God YWHW.
Moshe tried to invent an abstract God. But humans are visual beings, they need and they love and they always make images that represent That Which is Without Image. This is an un-erasable part of the Religion Matrix in the Emotional Body of humans.
Moshe made his God purely male, with not a fraction of female, although humans live in the dual world of woman and man, and they know it, and they basically love it.
Moshe's God runs a tight ship, just like Moshe had to run a tight ship as he transformed the Children of Israel from an unruly mob of shepherds into the strongest fighting army of that time, consisting of a nation on the move, armed to the teeth, united by One God and God's Only True Prophet Moshe, and the people have a common goal to achieve in the Name of God under the leadership of Moshe. Moshe's God joins forces with Moshe the Prophet, which makes the job of Moshe the Leader so much easier.
Since all Gods are a construct of the human mind, the understanding of the character of the God is the key to understanding the character of the human who believes in Him. And: Since the God of a believer is as real to the believer as the believer is real to himself, the God's character re-enforces the character of the believer; the God and the believer both re-enforce each other, until the combined forces of a human and his God are strong enough to turn objective Wrong into Right because "God Said So!" as it was done during the times of the inquisition, only for one example. (Objective Wrong is a transgression against the First Law of Social Behavior: Don't give what you don't want for yourself.)
The more you believe in a God the more real He becomes to you, and your God does exactly what you believe Him to do-true belief is a tremendous creative energy with the ability to turn emotional and mental images into three-dimensional solid things and into materially relevant actions. Your God becomes what you believe him to be. You believe in a God outside of you and He'll be outside of you. You believe Him violent He will be violent. You believe that He will punish you or reward you according to your conduct in life He will punish you or reward you. He becomes and is whatever you believe Him into; and if you don't believe in a God than no God exists except in the "superstitious" mind of others. And if you like you can dream up your own God or Goddess, too - nothing wrong with that because all Gods are small facets of the All-Including Truth.
(This footnote to my authorities is utterly hidden to humans on planet Earth. We call them Blind Believers and consider them as pretty dangerous.)
There is nothing wrong with believing in Gods as a Seeing Believer, which means: Knowing that every God is a artificial creation of the human mind, no matter what the priests of the God claim. (Again I need to say: We are not talking about the Supreme Being.) Contrarily: Believing in a Spiritual Universe including Gods and Goddesses, and a Host of Heaven enriches the emotional life of humans and their societies through all the times by transforming the belief into works of art, rituals, and ceremonies, and it serves as a focus on a common effort not for self-celebration, but for celebration of something, or someone, greater than ourselves.
Choosing one God or Goddess out of many as a focus for your wish to honor the PowersGreaterThanYou, for a human never to comprehend, is a free decision, which means there can't be a wrong decision.
The question is only: Which of the available Gods/Goddesses and the systems the believers built around them in time past allow for a
Human Being
Most Beloved Being
Self Aware
Aware of Life and Death
Aware of Good and Evil
Given Free Decision
Hologram of the Supreme Being
All stories about the interaction of Goddesses/Gods and the Host of


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