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The dragon within you

Book By: nellbell2007

Tags: Fiction

When a world starts dieing a young girl has to struggle in a new world.But there are more troubles on the way then she can imagine

Submitted:Mar 8, 2013    Reads: 8    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

Time for me is over. I know not of what is coming. Laying in peaceful rest me soul shall roam the earth. And when it reaches a certain point it will split into many pieces. Forms of me shall be beast of great size. Riders will be chosen to roam and find these best. They shall be tamed. This is what will become of me.
The scroll contained no other information, no words of what he or she meant. I turned to face my comrade.
"Oisle what do you make of it?"
Oisle grabbed it slightly. The paper seemed to fade into his pale hand.
"By the looks of it, it is really old. Maybe about a hundred years? We should head up and gives this to Goislier.He will want at look at it."
"Okay. Lets head back up."
I started to climb the frail ladder careful not to get us stuck down here. My blond hair fell to my knees as I climbed up the ladder.

"You need to keep your hair up Fay if you're ever down here."
I look down at him. His royal black hair seemed eerie since I couldn't see anything down there. His green eyes glistened in the darkness showing that I am not alone down here.
"Sorry I can't help it. I need a stronger hair tie."

By time we got to the top the moon rose high above us. The pale light made everything glisten. I jump like a deer into the meadow. The flowers around me seemed to awake at my feet. I twirled in a circle and made my way towards camp. The campfire was burned out with smoke still coming out of it. Oisle started heading towards Goislier tent when suddenly a gunshot rung out in the night. I dove for cover as once again a battle came upon us. Smoke arose giving me perfect cover. I crawled towards the creek hoping I would be safe. Sitting in the creek bed I buried myself in the earth hoping and praying I wouldn't be seen. It seemed like hours before the fight stopped. Nothing moved for the fear of getting shot.

"Fay! Fay! Where are you Fay?" The voice seemed panic. I dared not to answer. I knew so well what the Driusons could do. Ever since we moved here it has been nothing but hell.

I pulled out the scroll. It seemed so lively for some reason. I touched the words riders will be chosen to roam and find these beasts.

"Does that mean us?" I asked myself. As I laid the scroll down in the mud something seemed to be happening. Light shot out from it. I looked down in awe. In golden letters the words formed into a sentence I couldn't believe.

You have been chosen to be a rider Fay.

Words formed on my arms and sunk into my skin. Just like that they were gone. I collapsed into the dirt feeling lost and confused. Last thing I saw was the moon high above me.


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