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He is there, my shadow, i can't escape. Where do i run?, where do i hide?. Delta and Colin, two complete strangers will unwillingly have to found out who, or what is I.V.E and who is this so called "GOD".

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Chapter 1 "Juice box"

"Why me". Whisper delta annoyed. "Why you !" I exclaimed "are you serious, I am always the one doing the talking and finding out the information, while you just sit on your ass, sipping on your juice box like a grown baby. I swear I remember burping you, no, come to think of it, I did burp you!, ok so don't say I'm lying, shut up and do it!".

She let out a breath of anger and stormed away with a mixture of determination and pure fury in her footsteps. "Hurry up you BIG baby! ". I said with a huge grin on my face.

However I knew the minute I said it. I had crossed the line. She whipped her head back owl like. Her face was contorted in anger. "BIG, BIG, ARE you calling me FAT!!".

I wasn't going to back down. If we were going to work together, she would need to know that I'm not taking any shit or being used by anybody.

I am not a slave nor will I ever be. I didn't want to be here, I was forced into this situation, and if we were ever going to get out of this situation, we were going to have to work together effectively, and if that meant putting my foot down, well that's exactly what I will do.

"BIG" she bellowed, as she came storming back like a hurricane. "How dare you Colin, you are the rudest!, most vile! person I have ever had the misfortune of meeting, you never apologize and you do shit all, while I scout around looking for the information we need to be able to get out of this horrible situation,

yet you sit there, with a smug smile on your face, cause you know, oh you know, that if you don't do the work, I will, cause I'm the push over here, WELL that ends right now, here is the book!, you write the names !, you put the date ! The time! I QUIT, IM OUTTA HERE!!".

The wind propelled delta as she attempted to storm away, fury guiding here every movement, but before her body could finish the step, she lurched, and the dreadful voice froze her very soul and body. The familiar chill crawled like a spider over both our bodies.

"Now now Delta, it seems you are disobeying me, it would be extremely unwise to do so wouldnt you agree ?. You know the consequences. Please continue your research and delivery the book to I.V.E when you are finish, remember..... god is ever watching".

The world seemed to freeze in those tortures moments, as the voice seemed to crawl back to the doormat place from within both, Delta and me. A few seconds past or maybe hours passed, before my feeble voice came back to me "I'm….. Well I'm sorry".

Delta turned around, her big blue eyes were sparkling as, her face was tattooed with silent tears. She stared at me; her dazziling eyes pierced me like cold ice, her sorrow and pain coursed through my veins like my own blood.

I barely knew Delta, but at that moment, I felt her pain, her sorrow, we were one in the same. I slowly walked over to where she was standing, chalk white. I bent down and picked her apple juice box of the autumn leaves on the floor.

"You sit down" I said as I gave her the juice, "I'll do the rest, don't worry…….. we will be fine".I lied


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