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Kane Ryder and the Guardians Chapter 4

Book By: Noah Stone

Continues on from Chapter 3
Chapter 4 "Home"

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Chapter 4 "Home"

It all stopped…..Everything. My heart froze mid beat. It seemed….. As if the whole world became somehow smaller, zooming away from where Kane was crouching, frozen. Leaving him forever, leaving him to fend for himself.

Every particle in his body was drenched in fear, soaked in shock. Would this be the last glimpse of life he ever saw?. Was it going to end?, here,? just like that?. His insides lurched. Was this the hand of death slowing dragging him away?. Was death preparing his departure, from this world? I'm not ready! He pleaded, his eyes wide in horror. Please!, I'm not ready he pleaded, again silently… wordlessly , not yet!! .Please god, help me MOVE!, MOVE! he thought, fruitlessly .

His hands closed vice like around his legs, squeezing them into life, begging them to move, imploring them to help him, to save him. He squeezed harder, as hard as he could. He could feel his nails dig into his skin; he could feel the blood trickle down his numb legs. But nothing happened.

His leg muscles were disobeying him. They were crippled by the smell of death. He could her faint sounds, noises far away, in the ocean of blurred nothingness. His breathing became sharper, and fainter. Death was near, he could feel the murderous darkness, surround him, slowing cutting the thread of his life.

Death's scarlet eyes, stabbed Kane like a thousand knifes, penetrating his very being, his very soul. He was seconds away from being murdered, he knew it. When the surrogate humans in white suits had spotted him, he knew he was dead. When they had begun to run towards him, with the intent of murder in every step, he knew it was over. They were, inches away from him. He had never ever experienced fear such as this. This fear engulfed him like a chilling ice.

Their gloved pure white hands were milliseconds away from making contact with his bare skin. He could feel their fingers grasp his neck loosely, a blast of pain exploded like fireworks and flickered within him for second, searing his insides, causing agony and pain such as he could not began to imagine.

"WHOOOOSH". Water. Sweet. Blissful pure water had washed over him, eradicating the pain. It was the cure to his suffering. It was a waterfall of hope and joy. His light, at the end of the tunnel. It reached every inch of his body, filling him up like a bubble. Looking around he realised he was surrounded by a pit of solid darkness.

There was no death machine in a white suit trying to kill him, there was no Red, no moist emerald grass not even a lavender bush or an elegant double story house. Nothing. He was falling through darkness. He was speeding through this limbo falling faster than the speed of light. No he wasn't, he was suspended in pure darkness immobile. It could be both, Kane could not tell the difference; he didn't know where he was or what was going on.

He jerked his head up and down, left and right, looking, searching for a sign of recognition. There was no wind whispering through his hair and face, but, he could hear something. "Is he here yet" an inquisitive voice floated from miles away, it seemed to be coming from within Kane, yet at the same time, it was distorted far away. Galaxies away.

"WHOOOOSH". It had come to Kane's aid again. His saviour. This magical water had saved him from an eternal darkness. "THUD". He was face down, spread eagle on what felt like the soft fur of a humongous rabbit. He dug his hands in the velvet hazel carpet fur, savouring the touch, as he pulled himself up. The intoxicating sent of fresh baked pastries and sweets, rendered Kane immobile. The smell paralysed him. It was so sweet, so lovely and amazing. His body seemed to float at the thought of the cake and pain au chocolates, crème Brule and rainbow macaroons that were inches away from his salivating mouth.

Kane could hear feet shuffling across tiles and chairs hitting the ground as people stood up, mumbling and gasping. He raised his hand and was met with the pleasurable but still, shocking image of a very plump, bolding old man, who was offering a hand to help him up. Accepting this offer but still perplexed and cautious he stood up.

The cheerful man had a small beard that suited his oval face quite nicely. His olive complexion was simply radiant alongside his beaming smile and sparkling aviator reading glasses, which shone diamond like, in reflection to the rising sun. His remaining hair was a chestnut brown and his eyes were a sparkling gold. "Kane, I presume" he said with a little bounce. His hands dipped into his blue jeans and a jubilant expression tattooed on his face

"My name is Mr Bubbly, but you can call me bubbs" He winked and stretched out a hand, which was not returned by Kane. "Who are you? Kane said in a frantic whisper, which was audible to everyone in the room. "Where am I??, Where is Red?,…. um there was these white suited machine men and , well one found me and came to attack me right , and then, and then this water came down , I don't know where from and I was falling and then water came again and I ended up here in front of well you guys"

"WHOOOOSH". The familiar watery noise echoed through the house, there was a loud bang of body hitting ground and "OOOOOUCCCCH" . The yell came from a spiky brown haired boy with brilliant gold eyes "Get off me Red, jeeeez you're on my leg, where did you learn how to shift!!, Grandma Tabitha. Get off me".

The room broke into a mumble of laughter

"That was very rude Kurt!" said Mr Bubbly sternly "It's not his fault" said Red humbly "I did learn from Grandma Tabitha actually" .He stood up "She was actually quite… well…..no she was absolutely terrible".

"See" said Kurt massaging his bruised leg" I know a bad shifter when I see one, horrible just horrible ". A few people chocked on their tea and orange juice, some barely able to pass it off as a cough or sneeze. Mr Bubbly looked around his face slightly amused but slightly exasperated. "Looks like everyone is here. Close the blinds please Holly, and Leila could you bring a hot cup of tea for this young man here".

Kane had backed away looking completely horrified. Red had just fallen through pure brick and stone. However he was able to slightly relax at the thought that Red was here with him safe and healthy.

"Can some explain what's going here?? said Kane angrily. This question seemed to constantly leave Kane's mouth but still he didn't have any answers. "Who in the name of god are you people??".

A grave expression spilled over Mr Bubbly's face like water as he sat down on a wooden chair next to what Kane pressume to be the dinner table "Who are we?" said Mr Bublly. He pulled out a chair and gestured Kane "Sit down my boy............. we will tell you everything "


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