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Kane Ryder and the Guardians Chapter 5

Book By: Noah Stone

Chapter 5 "Leggero"

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Chapter 5 "Leggero"

In this world, we were created by the five immortal guardians. They sacrificed a piece of their soul and their elemental bodies to give us life. On the other side of this world are the gates of the ice worlds. Within these gates are Shadows that lurk, bodiless and harmless for now, while they are detained, inferior to us. They are made up of pure fire, a black fire, darkness, incorporeal.

Their lack of a body makes it impossible for them to escape the shackles of the soul crystal that keep them docile. They were created alongside us. But we were created corporeal from light; we were created as superior beings who protect peace who fight for justice. Although, we resemble humans. We are not humans. We have the same genetic design but out our core, we have a different energy manifestation. It can be fire, air water, earth, light .

However we have be shone away from human society for out feared powers. We were forbidden ever to involve ourselves in the human world, as we were different and if they were to find out about us, they would surely fear us and wage war.

The ruler at that time King Hai was dramatically losing power to the government and in turn he desired more power, more control, and more authority over the masses. He journeyed down to the bottom of the frozen core; he journeyed to the darksicde of this world to the gates of ice. He made a deal with the darkness that if he were to give them a corporeal body and thus their freedom, they would destroy the government for him and under his rule live alongside him and his citizens as a part of our just society.

They agreed and their plan for dictatorship began. The king gave the Darkness a dead body as sacrificial tissue. They invaded the flesh and the nerves of the body in order to become one with the reanimated corpse. The Darkness then used that body to turn on the king and kill him.

Following King Hai's murder the darkness then went on a mass murder spree killing all the people he could see in Leggero at least a 100 were murdered and in that chaos many more could have died. The shadow lord "Abel" the ruler of the darkness, reanimated the dead bodies, allowing his fellow shadows a corporeal status and thus freedom.

They began to create havoc in the streets. Your parents who were treasure hunters were also, guardians of Leggero and in order to save this world and the people they cherished and loved, they left for 2 days in search of the legend of Pandora's Box.

This box was sad to hold many mysteries within it. These mysteries have evaded the cleverest of minds for a 100's of years. Your parents also knew that the box was a sealing box. A dark void that can trap anything within it.

They came back home and they attempted to open the box luring "Abel" the shadow lord there through means of clever psychological clues and subliminal messages. the trap was ready. They opened the box and an unspeakable evil was released, killing your parents.

However it did also trap, "Abel" within the box and it shifted into the air, dematerialising, vanishing never to be seen again. The evil then attacked all of the light clan murdering them all in one night.

Except you. You were the only light clan survivor. We think it tried to kill you were not very sure, but it seemed to have bonded with you instead. Inside you is the pinnacle of humankind's faults and mistakes. All the evil harboured by civilisation.

At your very soul lives the root of all evil. The seed of vengeance. If opened, if released, it would take its revenge upon the earth. It lays dormant in you until your 13th birthday. We are here to help you control it. To live a somewhat normal live with this being inside you.

Now everyone in this village knows your name. They know of your infamy as the boy of evil. The murderer of the light clan well not you but what lives inside you. You are hated and despised by our society.

But you must understand that they think that because they don't really know what happened that horrible night. We are here to change that, to show them that what dwell within you isn't really you. All the evil inside you does not come close to the goodness of your parents and the purity of your heart.

We are here to help. I know this is a lot to take in and to digest but in time, past the pain and the shock you will come to understand that, what we do is always in love, always in order to protect the truth, to master the past is to conquer the future.

We the followers of the guardians will stop any evil at any cost

That is our purpose in life,

We are the people of Leggero

We are the Leggerons.


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