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Kane Ryder and the Guardians

By: Noah Stone

Page 1, What if your parents were responsible for the worst crime in history of another completely different world. A world of meta humans. Kane the last remaining survive of his light clan, must found out his past in order to save the future of world he never knew he belonged to.

Chapter 1 (White Fox)

It was a dark ominous night, as the moon shed the only available light on the peaceful dead still surbubrubian village of Knoxel. Knoxel was an impeccable village to live in. The town was bathed in cleanliness, the lawns emerald green and mowed to perfection, and all the shinning cars were parked inside their respective front yards, leaving the straight wide road deserted.

The houses were tall and elegant looking, sparkling white in contrast to the piercing darkness, that seemed to engulf each of the street ends. Knoxel was ordinary. An uneventful place to live in, where everybody woke up, alert and active at 7:30am and everyone was fast asleep in their pyjamas by 7:30 pm sharp and no later. No soul could be seen or was ever seen to be breathing let alone moving.

However tonight was unmistakably different. The darkness looming over the village gave a sense of impending doom, as Kane watch outside his triangular cobwebbed attic window. The moon light spilled over his youthful face illuminating his every feature. Kane unlike his step brothers was a short skinny boy with bright sea blue eyes, that gave the impression you were looking into a forget me not cloudless sky. He had Dark black medium hair, a pointy nose and was wearing a grey sagging old t-shirt that ended at his knees, like a blanket that he had out grown out of. He was wearing a pair of worn torn blue jeans that were double his size. He had to roll up the ends of the jeans to ensure he didn’t constantly fall over. His spotty socks belong to his other step brother William. They were patched and had massive tear across the side of the sock, similar to the shape of a mouth.

Kane was dead still, sitting close to the window, his heart jumping into his throat and his blue blanket was being strangled in between his clenched pale hands. “Had he saw correctly, no impossible, time must be playing tricks on him”.

He glanced quickly at the alarm clock glowing red in the darkness. It said 12:30pm. Kane rubbed his tired eyes roughly and blinked hoping to snap back to reality, to his harsh and unfair reality. It must have been a flicker of the moon light in the dark winding road, that made him see a grown man disappear and well… “No, I’m definitely seeing things, hallucinating ye, because I just woke up, that’s it “.

It was barely 2 minutes ago when Kane had woken suddenly bolt upright, due to his step brothers defining snores echoing through the walls. He desired some fresh air, as the old attic was full of the smell of dead rats. Kane slipped out of bed and began to open the old dusty window when he stopped suddenly frozen. He pressed his face to window with such force, that you would have thought someone had smashed his face on the window.

Below in the dark street stood a tall shabby dressed man, with two different eye colours, one oddly purple and the other a scarlet red , they were shining like jewels in the dark knight . This man had a long silvery beard that was tied with an elastic band. Covering him was a long hazelnut jacket that ended at his leathery muddy black boots. On the inside he was wearing a black cotton longsleve and black suitpants He had a red scarf wrapped around his neck protecting him from the menacing icy wind. Kane was sure this man, was absolutely not a part of Knoxel.

This intrigued him. The shabby tall man raised his right hand in the air; he could see that he had among many rings and jewels, a blood red ruby ring on his index finger. It glowed menacingly in the night. Raising his head the man scanned the windows of all the perfectly aligned double story houses and to Kane’s utter bewilderment, stopped abruptly at his attic window on the left side of the house. The shabby stranger was staring right at him. His miscoloured eyes bore into him, creating a sensation of being x rayed. With a jubilant expression on the man’s face he winked and raised his skinny torn clothed right arm, and gestured at Kane to come down to the street below.

“Was this man crazy? Mentally derrranged, a killer perhaps, maybe all three?”. But before Kane could attempt to respond, the man with his raised hand, clicked his fingers together, like he was keeping the rhythm to a jazzy song. His click unexpectedly created a deafening boom, rivalling that of a car engine exploding. It echoed instanteouesly around the village. The shock of the boom created waves of sound, which swayed perfectly pruned bushes and ruffled many still trees. Kane fall of the bed, landing hard on his wooden floor, he nostrils were filled with the smell of rotting wood from his attic and rat poo.

Regaining his balance Kane whirled around in absolute horror, knowing that any second now his step dad would knock down his small door and demand to know, why he had caused this rude and disturbing bang during the middle of the night. However to his surprise his door remained unharmed and his step dad seem to be fast asleep. “Impossible” he thought, not even john my step dad could sleep through such a disturbibing noise. Suddenly remembering the bizarre presence of the man in the street, he climbed onto the bed and again planted his face on the window, coughing in the process due to the dust infestation.

In hope of a clearer view of the weird shabby man, he used the sleeve of his blanket like clothes to wipe the dust and remaining cobwebs away from the window. His eyes darted from side to side until he located him. To Kane’s absolute horror, he saw the shabby old man had begun to sink into the ground his clothes slowing falling of him. His cowboy hat toppling over onto the neighbour’s square lavender bush. As the man became smaller, he began to be covered in his own clothes, which were now much too big for him. Kane watched intently mesmerised, hoping to catch a glance of what remained of the tall shabby man on the street. However to his utter astonishment, a dazzling white fox with piercing mismatched red and purple jewel eyes emerged from the bundle of shabby large torn clothes.

Completely perplexed pushed his face even harder than he thought was possible against the window, scared that glass might shatter under his force, but still not backing away. He could feel the cold winter night crawling over his skin. The white fox was stretching its four limbs similar to a dance movement. “This has to be fake, what is going on? “Kane’s mind was racing with ideas “Who was this?, what was this man dog?, why ” but before he could finish his train of thought, he vividly remembered the man staring at him and gesturing him to come down. It was as if the white fox could read his mind, because as soon as he thought about the previous gesture, the fox raised itself on two legs and gesture at him in an oddly humane manner, to come down.

A sudden bubbling feeling exploded like fireworks in Kane’s whole body filling him with incurable curiosity. This curiosity momentarily pushed all rationality out of him “Did this man know me?, is he here to take me away from my horrible step family ?” . Millions of thought spiralled like a tornado in his head. For some unexplainable reason he trusted this man. There was no trace of fear or irrationality in Kane’s action he’s body was full of excitement and as well as a certain clam. He ripped the blankets off and dashed to his door swinging it open as fast as he could. He stopped dead still in front of the stair case, as he realized he’s reckleness would wake up his step parents. Unable to contain his curiosity he proceeded tip toeing as fast he could down the steps, hoping to god he would not make a lot of noise and wake the monsters from their slumber. To his surprise his step parents continued to snore the night away.

With a jump of excitement, he had now reached the end of the stair case. In a bit of sprint Kane passed the surgically clean kitchen and lounge, finally reaching the front door. Stuffing his dirty runners on and attempting to open the door, but obviously failing, he remembered “The keys, the keys , where are they??”. He found the glass flower ball that kept the keys and he made his way outside. The cold wind knocked the warmth out of his body. It spread through every particle of his being like, he had just been drenched in a bucket of ice. Shivering and grasping his arms and t-shirt, he made his way forward. While walking, he promised himself that however excited he was, he was still going to be logical. Although this situation to Kane seemed fantastic, it was still extremely dangerous and therefore caution should be exercised. He made his way cautiously towards the white fox.

He was dead still and smiling. Kane noticed that the closer he got to the animal the warmer he felt, he stop shivering and let go of his t-shirt, unfolding his arms as he proceeded. It felt like someone had placed an invisible warm blanket that radiated waves of vibrant heat across every bit of his fourteen year old body. Before he knew it, he was inches away from the white fox. He could see the animal’s breath solidify like a wispy cloud and then evaporate in the cold night darkness. “I think you should have brought a jacket it is rather cold outside Cane” said the Fox.

Chapter 2 Red

The swallowing darkness made it almost impossible for Kane to realise, where he had fallen. The absolute utter shock he had experienced, attacked his body like a million spiders crawling over his bare pale skin, making him trip over his long baggy blue jeans. He could hear the worn torn jeans rip ever so slightly, as he fell over, crashing hard onto the gravel road. He winced painfully as he could feel the asphalt collide with his soft peach like skin.

“How could this white fox speak? Furthermore how in the hell did he know my name?, I didn’t tell him my name, this is the first time I have ever in all my life, met this old fox man thing or any old fox man thing for that matter ” .He could smell the unmistakable smell of blood. Looking down he saw a large bloody gash on his elbow. His skin had been violently ripped off, and was hanging on by a thread, as the bare ham pink flesh stared back at him. He could feel a painful stinging sensation spreading up his goose bumped arm, as the icy wind caressed his wounds menacingly.

Grabbing his arm, Kane stood up slowly. His eyes glued to the fox’s face, which was to his surprise quite cute. He could see the wind dancing through the fox’s white velvety fur, which lacked any sign of dirt. Kane could see the colourful almond eyes staring at him, in mild curiosity. The fox’s mouth was broken into a wide and unnatural toothy smile, which elongate his black snout of a nose. Regaining a bit of stability, he attempted to stand up straight.

However in doing so, he momentarily caught a glimpse of his reflection in a puddle next to his dirty dunlop runners. The moon’s light reflected a pale, shocked and slightly scared face. Although Kane now, was standing straight, he still swayed ever so slightly back and forth, like the wind. However before he could attempt to regain some balance and composure, the fox made a fast movement towards him, He was now standing on two feet in an oddly humane manner “Sorry to scare you I forgot turning to a fox was… well weird and scary” said the fox in an amusing tone. Kane saw the fox’s sharp teeth. He could smell the essence of blood on the fox’s visible breath.

Despite all the bizarre events, Kane still felt every bit as bubbly warm, like he had drunk the biggest cup of hot cholcate in the world. He knew this warm feeling was unnatural, especially during the coldest night of winter this year. Even though he was wearing only a loose t-shirt and torn blue pants, he was not shaking or shivering. He knew the warm curious sensation was not coming from him, but from the only external source, the fox. Angry and confused, He was unwilling to admit that for some irritating reason, his stupid instinct said to trust this animal, and he always, always followed his instincts sometimes do his detriment. A determined look spilled over his face. Staring straight into the eyes of the fox he said

“I know that there is something unnatural or supernatural about you, and I want answers, so will start with, who are you?, what are you ? And why did you call me down here”.

At the sound of the last five words, he saw the fox’s smile slip from his face like a rain drop sliding of a leave, but almost instantly he had hitched the smile back up. Contemplating his answer carefully the fox said “As to who am I, I am Reddrick Cruse also known as Red. As to what I am well I am a transmuter. Catching Kane’s confused look he attempted to elaborate “I can’t tell you much right now but I have the ability to change myself or any part of myself into anything I choose, for example I will change into a” – “NOW, wait, are you going to change now?, blurted Kane

. “Yes why not” said the fox perplexed. “Well at least let me know! so I won’t fall over like last time and nearly break my arm” said Kane incredulously gesturing his injured arm to the fox.

He stepped cautiously back onto the neighbour’s lawn, ensuring there was at least a cars length between him and the fox. Kane planted his legs hard into the ground so he had a firm stance, as if he was getting ready to block a bull charging full speed at him. He felt the clam, wind intensify like someone had solidify the air. Opening his mouth widely to suck in all the air he needed in case something happened, he gestured to the fox to start.

Red seemed completely oblivious to his gesture as he was looking up and down the dark endless road with all his concentration, scanning all the house as if he was playing a game of where’s Wally

. Kane coughed to get his attention, the sound echoed across knoxel, Red abruptly had snapped back to reality and was staring at Kane. “You can start” said Kane calmly. “ Okay”. The fox raised his palm and with his claws/ fingers attempted to click. This however was impossible for an animal. Animals can’t click. To Kane this attempt to click looked like a weird gingle of the fingers.

A wave of defining familiar noise passed through Kane like some had pushed him, leaving him slightly off balance and making him stumble on to the leaves and twigs on the lawn. The attempted click had unexpectedly created an explosion of noise that made the flowers and bushes sway gently, and the birds scatter away from the trees. This is exactly what happened last time, he saw Red click his fingers and after falling of his bed, he looked out his attic window to see, a white fox staring at him. For the second time tonight Kane was regaining his balance and composure, despite his fruitless preparation.

Looking up he saw a boy with sea blue sparkling eyes, dark medium hair, a saggy grey old- t-shirt and worn torn blue jeans with a slight rip at the bottom of the pants, and some old very dirty looking Dunlop runners. Realisations had punched the air out of his throat and turned his legs into marshmallows. This made him slip for the second time tonight onto his backside.

As collateral damage his heart had made the horrible journey into his throat. Unable to speak or breathe he mouthed wordlessly. He could feel the warmth slowly fading from his body and it was instantly replaced by the feeling of the cold icy lawn.

He was starring at a mirror image of himself, from the exact same clothers , to his exact height, and the exact cheeky smile that had made his step parents always extremely suspicious of him. Red had turn into him.

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