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The Others

Book By: Noah Stone

They took her from me. The house was burned,as i stood up looking at what remained of my life. They were gone. They had come. who were they?? and why were they here ??

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Chapter 1: Apology

The buzzing words burned through my ears like a wild bush fire. It tore at my lungs making me breathe in sharp and quick gasps that sizzled the inside of my throat.

I turned away feeling the anger swell inside my whole autonomy like a balloon of rage. Sadness and revenge coursed through my body like blood.

Staring at the window reflection on the dilapidated wall beside the entrance to the sitting room, I saw watery gold eyes, medium messy dark straw hair and a stinging, reminder of a scar on my left face.

Blinking my eyes quickly like window wipers, I was able to prevent the painful tears from spilling over my contorted features.

Beyond my reflection, I could see a humongous metal black wall that circled this whole sector like a dome, there were dents and, fire marks on it where people have tried to escape and breaks pass this looming prison.

I could feel the scar burn ever so slightly, like it was punishing me for what I have done, or more importantly what I haven't done. The small mark of failure was spread across my eyes in a vertical manner. "What kind of human was I, what kind of despicable revolting person was I.?

How could I look myself in the mirror every single day and not hate myself, not despise the person I had become. Every time I heard her angelic, sweet voice I felt these emotions plague me over and over again.

Her voice was a double edge sword. It caressed my heart, but at the same time it causes me aching physical pain

It emanated loud and clear from the stained holocom wall in the junk filled sitting room/ kitchen "Thank you everybody for your support ", said the flowery voice. " I am here as a representative off you all".

She paused staring out at the audience. She watched as the signs jolted from side to side and her hands clenched, as the barrage of insults washed over her. "I promise you I will carrier the human race on my shoulders with much pride and I will protect it with my life. This is my duty, my responsibility and I will not fail you."

She turned her head, whipping her dark brown long hair in the whistling wind. Her eyes lingered at the group of people back stage in the left corner. Their faces were covered in menacing shadows, as they stood hidden but vigilant, ever watching.

"The others have done so much for us and for that I thank them. They have changed our rotting world into a world where we all live happier lives. Life's of purpose lives of service to them. Without them I, you and every human on this earth would not b" .-

"Psssht Shut up!,". Said the old annoyed man sitting on the second hand maroon couch in his stained underpants, another beer bottle grasped firmly in his bruised and blistered hand, titling from his mouth to his lap.

"Them!, helping us HAH. How can she lie to herself like that?" said the old man angrily now placing his drink down on the rusted metal floating table. "She is a dog of the government she is. She disgusts me she does, you know sometime she makes me want to" He gestured vomiting.

He then turned to his son and in a significant whisper he said "She betrayed you, me and all the humans you know, even" He gulped "your mother". His sons eyes squinted and sparkled in anger "she sold her sole to the devil helping them murders". A murmur of agreement filled the broken flat

Clenching my hands, I could feel my nails dig into my skin and draw blood that trickle down my fingers, slowly dripping on my socks. I bit my lip trying so hard not to run over and punch him in the face.

No matter how many times I heard their factual but somehow disgusting remarks, my blood boiled and fury still engulfed me and hurt me like fire. I used every bit of my sanity left to control my self, to master my emotions.

Did they know what she went through? How brave of a girl she was?. They didn't no, they had no clue. They couldn't even begin to imagine what she went through, the horror, the pain, yet the sit there and insult her.

It wasn't her fault; none of this was her fault. If anything she is the victim, a political tool. Yet all she gets is reproachful eyes, and malicious mutters under the breath of her fellow humans.

I mean, well she could not even imagine what she is going through, she doesn't even know, and thanks to my pathetic excuse for a life, she will never know. No one knows except me.

But how could I blame them, if it wasn't for whom I was, what family I was born into. I would be sitting down next to them, drink in my hand and a disgusted look mirrored on my face. I would be glaring red faced, right at her soft peach skin and olive complexion and probably spouting the same rubbish they were.

With no trace of guilt or remorse, my sister would be the second most hated, despised even evil person in my life. I mean She was the second most despised person for most people no, for all people in this "world"

. My heart plummeted like bomb into my stomach, sending collateral chills up my body. I could never hate her, never, not even for a flicker of moment, not even for a blink of an eye. She was a hostage of pain, a prison of despair and my ignorance.

She would never remember the days or weeks she spent with us, the years we lived together. She would never dream of the warmth of dad and mums touch, the pressure of their loving bear hugs and kisses. Staring at the holocom on the dirty white wall as she waved goodbye, I couldn't help but think,

What a horrible life to live!

And what a beautiful life to forget.

I'm so sorry


The sun spilled onto the vibrantly emerald green grass. Its rays, illuminating the velvety white fur of the racing horses, as they galloped into the light across the wide oval front yard. The butterflies bathed themselves in the majesty of nature, as a little boy ran down the long marble steps, taking two at a time "Be safe!"

The wind whispered the words to his ears, as it ruffled the magnificently pruned lavender bushes, roses and plants to the left of the palace staircase. "Yes mum" Said Noah exasperated. The soothing voice spoke again.

Although quiet, it carried from the gigantic gold doors, which reflected a stroke of magnificent sparkling gold onto the lake that circulated around the inner chambers of the palace. "Promise" She said "uuuh" Grunted Noah "I'm Fine mum I don't need to promise". A wide green split across his face, as he turned around jogging backwards about to reach the hill that faced the city, his city. His hand were waving goodbye in the air, as his body was facing his parents. "You worry too much" He said with a wink that his parents could not see.

"Love you mum, and not you dad…. Just kidding, love you both". He turned away. They always worry too much Noah thought, as he turned around painting slightly and, increasing his speed, preparing himself to jump and roll down the upcoming hill, like a human sushi roll. I can take care of myself; I'm strong, brave, just like my father. He could feel a scarlet light grow stronger in his cheeks and forehead at the thought of his father .

But his thought trail was served, as his body collided with the soft lushes grass and hard ground. His legs and arms flared uncontrollably around him. His feet dragged through the earth, in an unconscious attempt to slow himself down.

Closing his eyes, Noah felt like he was falling of a marshmallow cloud and through the deep blue surrounding sky, the wind propelling him faster through the omnipresent sea of blue.

"SPLASH". He had hit the bottom of the world. The belly of the beast. Opening his eyes, his nostrils were filled with the purity of fresh lake water. His clothes were glued to his body, and his haired was tattooed to his forehead. He could feel the fish's muscular body sweeping by him, their spiky flesh scraping his black suit pants.

Noah pushed himself up, taking longer than usual, as he clothes had become a sponge and his was now 5 kilograms heavier. Standing up, Noah had a clear view of what would one day be his. The dazzling light, made every corner of every house, every tip of every tree and every vibrant face of every child, look magnificently beautiful.

The smell of fresh and delicious pastries surrounded him like a snake, making his skin undulate in praise. What a beautiful village, and beyond those villages, although Noah could not see, were also his future responsibilities. Every son, daughter, mother and father would be his responsibility.

He could hear the heart lifting sounds of children's laughter echoing from the village. This made him extremely jealous, as he was so excited to meet his friends in the town centre, where he would undoubtedly join in the contagious fun. Noah proceeded across the narrow bridge. This bridge ensured that he would not be making a second visit into the lake. The Bridge was newly built, with handle bars that were covered in flowered decorations. He could feel the smooth wood slip under his hands as he proceeded, still admiring that beauty of the village.

Although he was only 14. He was very mature for his age. This was not a surprise, because he was a prince, a prince of this noble country of Azlan. It was country south of England. It used to be a part of the English Empire, but broke away gaining independence in 2013 after World War Three and establishing a new royal line that has for that last century spread peace and economic wealth to every individual in this country.

Azlan when compared to the super powers of New America and China were insignificant in many aspects. However our stable and prosperous economy is flourishing beyond believe, making Azlan one of the most peaceful and highly stable countries to live in.

This piece of knowledge is one among many informative facts that a prince must know. Noah had reached the end of the bridge and was now descending on to the outer chamber field where, many gardeners were sprawled over the large sea of grass like freckles.

Looking at his watch, Noah broke into a jog across the field. He could hear the water in his shoes squelching every time he took a step. His Royal prince's jacket was socked; its red and gold colours on the sleeve of the jacket had darkened slightly.

The majority of the jacket was black. Although, the gold logo of Azlan shined more brightly, when facing the sun. His black suit pants tinged with red and gold colours were stuck to his calves and thighs like leaches, making every movement of the legs harder to do so.

" Boom…. Boom… Boom..Boom"

He turned around.


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