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Acquiring Shroomyl

Book By: Paceman

The magic part of and bound to Paceman.

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Many years had passed. Paceman was now twenty-five. Paceman grew bored of any responsibilities in his village. Paceman began to wonder how well he would do in the very large Mhu'shuum forest that nearly span the entire continent of Dra (Now named Mus). Paceman told his mother and father that he would take off and live in the wilderness, Paceman's parents did not approve but they felt like it was something he had to do. Paceman set off, he took basic survival gear, including a survival book. Paceman didn't have the best luck in the world so it didn't take long for him to get lost. He read the survival guide, it wasn't very useful. Paceman had luckily brought an axe with him, he used the axe to chop down one of the few trees in the forest that wasn't a giant mushrooms. As he built the fire he noticed two little mushrooms rooted next to him. One of the mushrooms was red with white spots while the other one was a chocolate brown. Paceman didn't know why, but he named them both. He named the red one "Jeffery" and the brown one "Jeremy". Paceman decided to uproot both of the mushrooms and place them in his backpack.

After living about a year in the forest, Paceman discovered a small shrine looking thing in the forest. It had two small holes. Paceman planted Jeffery and Jeremy inside the holes, nothing happened for a moment but soon Jeffery and Jeremy began glowing. A bright light came down from the sky and shined on the two Mushrooms. When the light stopped shining Paceman picked up the mushrooms. Before Paceman could really do anything an animal snuck up on Paceman and attacked him. Paceman (unintentionally) hit the animal with Jeffery, it was knocked back with a great force. The animal got up, whimpered, and limped away. Paceman looked at Jeffery and spoke to himself. "Did I do that? Was it Jeffery? Can Jeremy do something?" Paceman looked at Jeremy and tried to focus. Jeremy glew for a moment and a big rock just started to levitate right in front of Paceman. Paceman waved Jeremy around, the rock levitated in the direction that Jeremy was pointed at. Paceman focused really hard and was able to throw the rock off into the distance. Paceman spoke to himself again. "Ok, this is awesome! Now I can use more than a sharp stick to defend myself!"

Paceman returned to his camp. He had no idea what had just happened, but he liked it. Paceman fell alseep. He began to dream. This was not a normal dream however. A voice spoke to Paceman. "I see you have found my shrine... Wonderful!" Paceman spoke to the voice. "I guess that shine saved my life. That black wolf would've killed me.... Strange, it didint look like that wolf had any mushrooms growing on it however." The voice spoke again. "That is strange... I was there when the meteor struck Sonnel. The cloud covered the entire planet. I know that wolves were not spared from the spores..." Paceman spoke. "Sonnel? What on Mushcap is that?" The voice spoke. "Forgive me. I have been inside a small shrine for hundreds of years. How rude am I? I never mentioned who I was. I am Shroomyl! While everyone feared the mushrooms that took over the planet, I took to learning their secrets. It didn't take long for me to become the most magically advance thing to ever exist." Paceman spoke again. "I do often find it rude when a strange omnipotent voice that's over a century old speaks inside of my head and never bothers to introduce themself." Shroomyl chuckled and spoke back to Paceman. "So getting back on topic, those two mushrooms that you have are hardly scratching the surface of my magic." Paceman spoke. "Wow... I think I'd better get back to my family... I've been living in this forest for a year. I guess it was worth it for Jeffery and Jeremy..." "Don't forget me!" Shroomyl said. Paceman continued speaking. "Oh course you! I have a voice in my head for life! When I wake up I shall make my way back home. I'm good at traveling without a map or anything like that. It should take a day or two..."


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