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Little bits and pieces.

Book By: PaigeStorer

These are just little ideas that i write down, so i don't forget them, and then in the future i put it together and make stories out of them. So yeah, hope you enjoy! Bye!

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Hey peoples so I'm dedicating this to my friend Tegan who told me that i should write it down, so yeah... Here goes nothing... Enjoy... normal day was what i thought i would have this Monday morning... Get up at 7 o'clock, have a shower, get dressed, have breakfast, go to school, doing the usual boring lessons, go home, watch NCIS, pick my younger brother up from school, go home have dinner, do my homework, read a chapter from a book, watch a film or go on WE HEART IT then go to sleep. But no. Everything went normal untill it was time to go home from school, i was in the school bus waiting for everyone else to get on the bus when i felt someone watching me. I looked around in the bus to see if anyone was staring at me. No one. So then i looked out the window, at first i saw nothing, but when i looked across the road to the little cafe on the corner, i saw the brightest green eyes i'd ever seen staring right back at me, i was so enraptured by this boy's, no let me rephrase that, this mans eyes i couldn't look away. After while of battling with myself i finally looked away, well i looked at his clothes instead. He had smart black dress shoes and a smart black suit. You could tell just by looking at it, that it was expensive. His shirt underneath was a light blue colour and he had a black tie. When i finally looked back at his face, i knew i'd been caught checking him out. I quickly looked away to hide my blush. Suddenly i felt a tap on my shoulder, i turned around to see my friend Davis standing there. "Hey, can i sit here", he asked. "Sure", i replied. "So hows things" i asked, and that's what we did for the next five minutes, just talk about random stuff until the bus started moving. Then we both put our earphones in and listened to our music. We were half way through the town when the bus suddenly came to a halt. I looked sat Davis questionably and he just replied with a shrug. I took my earphones out to listen to see if i could find anything out. The bus doors opened and two men walked in. The first guy i didn't recognise, the second one was the guy i saw on the corner by the cafe. As if sensing my eyes on him he looked in my direction. I looked at him with confusion. What is he doing in the bus? I thought to myself. Davis moved a little bit and the mans eyes turned to him, his eyes turned as cold as ice when he saw he was sat next to me. He walked up to us and then stopped. "Move", he said looking at Davis. Davis in an instant got up and moved towards the back of the bus. I just sat there in a shocked state. I didn't expect his voice to be as husky as it was. It sounded as if he'd just woken up. I was taken out of my thoughts when ue took a hold of my wrist, pulled me to my feet and started dragging me to the bus exit. At first i was shocked, but after a few seconds i started to struggle. When i realized he wasn't going to let go, i grabbed hold of one of the chairs, we jerked to a sudden stop. When he turned around to see why we'd stopped and saw that i was grabbing hold of the chair, he sighed. "let go of the chair" he said in a demanding tone, staring right into my eyes. And me, well not liking being ordered around, returned his stare, with a glare. "not until you apologize for the way you talked to my friend and tell me what the fudge is going on", i answered in a stern tone, that said you really don't want to mess with me right now. He stared at me for a while debating what he should do. After a whole he replied. "if i say sorry, will you at least get of the bus?". "yes" i replied calmly. "im sorry" he said, and started dragging me off the bus again. "hey, you have to at least look st him in the eyes and act like you mean it" i said making him stop again. "really" he said cocking his eyebrows at me. "yep" i replied. He sighed and then looked at Davis and said "im sorry", then he looked at me to see if he'd done it right this time. I smiled at him and reached up to pat his head and said "there you go, it wasn't that hard was it" and then squeezed past him and got off the bus. When i got off the bus i realized i probably looked like an idiot, the guy was practically kidnapping me and here i was going willingly. Normal people would have put up a fight, well then again who said i was normal. So hey guys. My names Paige and im 16. Yeah so please don't judge this chappie, i know its not the best thing its just a little scribble of a dream i had and i told my friend Tegan about it and she told me to write it down so... Well as you can see i did. This is only part of it. I'm gonna make it into a story and add little bits and pieces. It might not be in order, i just write whatever comes to my head in different order. So yeah, oh and there are probably a few grammar mistakes, im using my phone to write this down. Please comment and if any of you have any ideas, please tell me. Thanks. Enjoy and goodbye.


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