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Fifteen year old Raina moves back to her hometown hoping to meet her old friend Keiru, a vampire she used to know when she was young. He wasnt ever fond of humans because they looked at him weird and he thought they were vile creatures. Except for Raina. When she found him at her highschool she didnt expect him to be......... a gang leader!? o.o

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I'm Raina, fifteen and i just move back to My hometown. I came back hoping to meet my old friend Keiru, a vampire I used to know when I was young. He wasn't ever fond of humans because they looked at him weird and he thought they were just selfish vile creatures. I think he took a liking to me because I wanted to play with him, when no one else did. I was often bullied and didn't have a single friend. When i first saw Keiru he was on the playground at school as he was asking to play with some human kids and they denied him. I was angry at those kids and i thought they were being mean. Even then i didn't think it was right to judge someone because of what they are, who they are or where they come from. Just like they did to me. You can't read a book by its cover. So i approached him and told him not to worry and that the others were crazy. haha the face he gave me was priceless. I don't think he knew what to do. He just looked confused. So i continued by telling him that i wanted to play with him, and that we had similar stuff in common. He was very nice and no one realized that. They just assumed he was completely evil. I won't say he can't be kind of evil sometimes but its only when people mistreat him. He does it to get them off his back. Or at least that's what i thought. Sometimes the other part of him takes over. Not a fun experience to see that....Especially when it was over me. A few years had passed and we were very good friends. He was protective of me. SO...When that Bully hit me for standing up for someone, I fell and started crying. Next thing i knew he went ballistic. He didn't kill that kid just beat him up a little. Few bruises that kind of thing. But that's only because i asked him not to hurt him. After that i can tell you for sure everyone started being nice to me and keiru. They started to find that keiru wasn't really a bad guy. By the time everyone started to see that, Keiru still didn't like humans one bit. My parents were often worried about my safety, so we ended up moving because they didn't want me associating with him. I wasn't very happy about that and neither was keiru, He almost went in a rage again but i calmed him down promising to do whatever i could to keep in touch with him, and that i would come back someday. A few years later i ended up getting contact with him over the Internet then over cell phones when my parents bought me one. I have been looking forward to the day i return there. And that day.....Is today.

Raina walked up to the high school doors and stopped in front of them. She took a deep breathe and thought. "I can't wait to see keiru-sama." She smiled and continued into the school. When she walked in she walked up to some girls and said, "hello, I'm raina and i just moved here." The girls were smiling at first but when they heard Raina say she was new they took a few steps back. "um.. You should go around by yourself for a few days then come talk to us..." Raina tilted her head, "What?" One of the girls sighed, " We should at least warn her." Raina looked at them confused, " Warn me about what?" One of the other girls took a step forward, " Listen, theres nothing against you at this moment but since your new the Ketsuki high school gang will um.. "Welcome you" i guess you could say. They make everyone nervous and we would rather not have to run into them. So please don't misunderstand. We would like to possibly have you as a friend but wait a few days before you actually try to. Sorry were going to go now though...." The girls turned around and walked away. And thats when she noticed everyone avoiding her. About five minutes pass when a guy walks up to Raina. "Your new i see." He paused and grinned at her for a moment. " I am part of the ketsuki gang and therefore the welcoming committee." Raina just smiled at him. " I see. Well hello then, I'm Raina." The vampire slightly tilted his head as if slightly confused. "Raina huh?" The guy giggled. "Our gang leader will love your name. He used to have a friend named Raina" Raina took a quick step forward. "Your gang leader wouldn't by chance be-" She paused as she saw a very good looking guy with black hair and silver eyes walk up. "So we have a new girl huh?" The gang member greeted him. " OH Keiru-sama. yes we do have ourselves a new girl here." Raina just stared at keiru and under her breathe whispered. "Keiru-sama.......". Keiru's head twitched. As he looked at her. His eyes got wide. Then Raina tackled him at the gang members surprise. " WHAT THE--"? Raina squeals, "Keiru-sama!!!!!!!!!! Surprise!!" The gang member just stood there staring. Then it processed. " She's the Raina girl you always talk about!!!!????" Keiru blushed. "Hey! shutup!" Raina giggled. " You always talk about me?" Keiru blushed and looked away. " Yeah so what?" He paused for a moment then turned back towards her. "What the hell are you doing here anyway. you never told me you were visiting. You don't have school right now?" Raina laughed. " I said surprise not because I'm visiting but because I'm going to school here now." Keiru's eyes bugged out. " HOW could you not tell me about this!!!??" Raina smiled at him. " Well if i would have told you then it wouldn't have been a surprise would it?" A few other gang members arrived by this time all staring at Raina and keiru interacting. They had never seen him act like THAT before. Smiling, laughing, blushing and being excited. Raina noticed the surrounding group and paused for a moment. "Oh.. um..." She paused again, " HI?" Then the warning bell for school rings. Raina freaks out for a moment. " Oh no are we late?" Keiru laughed, "No silly thats the warning bell we have five minutes. Ill help you find your class, whats your class room number? Raina opened up a little piece of paper. "Oh, um....S-3." Keiru laughed, " How lucky is that? Your in my homeroom." Raina giggled, " Really!?" All the gang members just stared at Raina and Keiru and all thought to themselves. "They totally have a thing for each other....." The group dispersed and headed to class. Raina and keiru were almost to the room and she felt his persona change. They walked into the class and everyone fell silent. In a monotone voice he told Raina "Sensei will most likely want to have you introduce yourself." Raina walked up to the teacher. "Hi i just transferred here." The teacher smiled at Raina, " Yes, may you introduce yourself to the class?" Raina turned to the class. "Hello. I'm Mai Raina. Iv been bullied most my life so please be nice to me." She turned and looked at the teacher. "where shall i sit?" The teacher looked around the classroom."The only open spot is next to Keiru-kun. If that would be alright." Raina giggled. " And why wouldn't that be alright? Keiru-sama is the one that helped me find the classroom." The teacher didn't say anything for a moment. "Keiru-sama?" The whole class looked confused. Raina smiled. "Is it weird for me to say -sama? Literally i used to live here and Keiru was my only friend. Plus he's older than me." One of the girls in the class gasped. "You've been friends with him then?" Keiru ends up answering. " Yes. Me and Raina used to always be together. until i about killed a kid for hitting her several years ago. and her parents forced her to move." Raina looked down at her desk. "The only reason I'm back here is because my parents died in a car accident a couple months ago...." The girl again spoke. "Oh I'm so sorry to hear that Mai-san." Raina laughed, "Forget the formalities, everyone can just call me Raina-Chan." She looked back down at her desk. Then the teacher spoke. "Alright, its time to start class. You all can hangout and talk when the lesson and work is done." All the class turns to the teacher. " Yes Sensei!"

After school that day Raina and Keiru walk out of the school together, and he asks her, "Where are you living now Raina?" Raina stops for a moment not saying anything, just staring at the ground. Keiru walks in front of her and says "Raina?" in a sturn voice. "Whats goin on?" Raina just continues to look at the ground and starts scratching her head as she looks up at him. "Well, ya see...um...." Keiru just stares at her. Raina then nervously says,"Motel...." as she looks up and smiles at him.


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