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Day Walker and Hunter

Book By: Pheniox

Tags: Love, Fiction

“Run, go! If they catch you they will not hesitate to kill you!”
“What about you? What will happen to you?”
“I’ll be fine; they won’t harm me.” I said hopefully, “Just go now.”
“I don’t want to leave you here, they will not understand.”
“Then I’ll make them, trust me.” He looked at me with sadness in his eyes and I thought of all the things that have changed since we met.

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Chapter 1
Storm's POV
I was running as fast as I could and kept my instincts on high alert as I tracked the animal the deer. In this forest you never knew who or what may attack you. The poor deer didn't suspect a thing when I went in for the kill. My kind were built to be the perfect predator, all of our senses were heightened to the utmost extreme. I personally could run faster than the mountain lions in this region. But my people aren't the only ones who live in this region; we are neighbors to those that my people can fall prey to. (They could kill us if they wished, but my beloved grandmother came to an understanding with the clan vary many years ago.) As long as we stay in our territory and them in theirs we will not have a war. As was running I smelt something other than the deer, I stopped and noticed that I was in the neutral territory and should start heading back. Then the smell hit me again and I started looking around. I had never smelt it before so I was more cautious than usual. I looked around and looked up. As I looked up I saw the creature up in a tree, it was a hunter.
He was armed with a silver crossbow with and arrow. He didn't notice me yet so I took the opportunity to take a closer look. I quietly climbed up the tree about 3 feet away and got onto the closest branch and observed the Hunter. He was male and he wasn't the bulkiest person but he had a good build. I couldn't tell exactly what his hair color was but it looked black but as I said it was hard to tell because of the shadows being sent through the forest. I watched him for a little longer and decided that it was time for me to leave.
As I started to descend down the tree my foot slipped and hit a branch causing the mother bird to start going crazy. The hunter then turned and looked down to right to where I was. I saw that the color of his eyes were an icy blue color that made me want to stop right where I was; but I just jumped off the tree and ran back to my clan.
Damon's POV
I found the perfect tree to wait for the deer that I've been tracking for several days. It was in the neutral area so I couldn't be attacked. As I waited for the deer I kept my senses on as high as I could.I was waiting for the deer in complete silence when I heard a noise from the forest. I got prepared to shoot. The creature came out and it was no deer. It was a girl; she didn't look any older than about 16 years of age. She was looking around for something and as she turned my way I made myself seem like I didn't notice her. As she went around the clearing I saw that she had white hair and black eyes like the Day Walkers of the vampire clans.
I was on even higher alert because I was always taught that you can never trust a member of the vampire clan, especially a Day Walker because they are harder to kill. As I sit on my branch and wait I can feel the Day Walker girl watching me. I just sat there; when I heard her start to go down the tree I relaxed a small bit. Then I heard a scraping sound and a bird go wild I turned and looked into the girl's eyes and say that she had a different look in her than the pictures in our books.


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