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Weeping Wings Chapter 1

Book By: phoebe thomas

When Hiedi's close friend and secret admirer hangs himself on school property, Hiedi and best friend Shibon begin to experience fatal paranormal events.
Meanwhile, Hiedi begins to notice a change in herself and twin brother Luke which later causes her to question whether the 'suicide' was all what it seemed to be or whether it wasn't a suicide at all.
Friendship is the only thread left for Hiedi and Shibon to hold onto but when mysterious new comer Tristen enters their life, the girls lose grip and the last thread tears revealing the truth of the lie they lived in.

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Part 1 : Shibon
Crowds are starting to gradually build up around us, people running up in groups like swarms of bees to a pot of honey and all with wide grins spread across their faces, eyes filled with the excitement. I know they are all drooling over the scene they are all expecting to witness in the next few seconds; me and Hiedi pulling chunks out of each others hair, clawing at eachothers eyes, mascara smearing and arms flinging around uncontrollably, rolling on the floor like two lions in the wild. The boys will start cheering and laughing and pointing like over enthusiastic monkeys in the wild, thriving over the fight.
But i know its not going to happen that way, i know it wont. I wished it would, but it wont. Heidi isn't like that, she wont fight me, i know that. She makes out to be all sweet and innocent, the scared baby cub, cowering behind a rock, in the long grass, unseen and hidden away. When ever she hears about a fight on the field she would just roll her eyes and pull a face, even more bored that before. "Pathetic!" she would spit out through her teeth, not really to anyone in particular, just to herself, gazing into space. "What's the point, attention seeking, that's all it is." She'd hiss, then swivel on her heels in the opposite direction and head straight toward the big tree.
The Big Tree is a place we used to always hang out. I hate it. It's so boring, all we would do is sit there on a branch or on grass and listen to some ones iPod. We would be hidden away from all the break time field drama. Nobody could see us there and somehow Hiedi and her twin brother Luke loved that. I hated it, so did Callum, Hiedi's friend, who happened to have a huge crush on her and everyone knew it except Hiedi.
Callum seemed kind of cool, well, angry jock kind of guy. He didn't like Heidi's depression and boredom either, he was always itching for a bit of violence or drama but somehow, like with everyone else, there was something about her that kept him interested, like a plain brown box that's suddenly appeared in your room with a label on it saying "BORING". Even though it is obviously not interesting, there's something that makes you want to open it and see more. That's like Heidi, a brown box, but he might also like her for a more obvious reason, her looks.
She is Gorgeous, I'll give her that. She has gorgeous locks of black hair rippling down her back, shining even on the dullest days. She didn't need mascara, her eyelashes where already thick, dark and long, sending waves of sexiness every time she blinked, knocking down every interested guy in her path, but they didn't hide her eyes. She has green eyes, glistening always. Hey eyes are what pull you in, they're mysterious and sexy, to die for! She has Flawless skin, fair and smooth. I used to find myself running my finger across her cheek, it was creepy i guess but it felt so smooth i was drawn to her, i had to physically touch her to make sure she was real. She's extremely thin. She had suffered from anorexia not so long ago, it was so bad she got sent to hospital and had to be fed food through a tube, but even now after she has recovered, she's still small enough to fit into a keyhole.
Hiedi is with out a doubt the most beautiful girl in our school. Almost every girl i know is jealous of her, clinging onto their boyfriends like snakes wrapped around their pray, making sure there is no escape.
"SHIBON DO SOMETHING!" Some guy shouts from the croud that had rapidly increased by now. I'm grinning to myself, the attention is unlike anything i've ever had in my life! I love it! I step closer to Hiedi, she is expressionless and dead still. I step closer again, invading her space and precious personal bubble that suffocated her. She doesn't seem nervous "Bitch!" I hiss at her, loud enough for the audience to 'OOOOOH' at. She doesn't budge nor flinch. My eyes widen, how come she shes not reacting, she's usually so sensitive? "Say something you fucking SLUT!" I spat the last word out, again the 'OOOHS' fill my ears. "How could you." I whisper. She steps closer to me, tilts her head to one side, still expressionless. Why is she suddenly like this? What is she doing?
She's staring into my eyes almost like she's telling me something serious but i can't hear it. No, i cant hear it but i think i know what she wants to tell me. Yes, it's crystal clear in my head. My mouth is gaping, i stumble back a few steps but don't take my eyes off her.
"SHIBON!" Someone yells to me. I can hardly hear them now, everything is blurry, the crowd, the teacher walking toward us, everything except her. She looks the same, expressionless and bored but again I'm drawn to her. "WHAT THE HELL SHIBON!?" Someone screams at me. I glare at him. I take one last glance at Heidi before turning away from her stunned and trudging through the crowd. I feel the stares of my disappointed class mates penetrating my skin.
I run, fast! I bolt away, anywhere is ok, just away from here. I head toward the school gate and out of the grounds. There's someplace i should be, a place I've never been but know where it is. The back fields? Yes.


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