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Weeping Wings Chapter 3

Book By: phoebe thomas

When Hiedi's close friend and secret admirer hangs himself on school property, Hiedi and best friend Shibon begin to experience fatal paranormal events.
Meanwhile, Hiedi begins to notice a change in herself and twin brother Luke which later causes her to question whether the 'suicide' was all what it seemed to be or whether it wasn't a suicide at all.
Friendship is the only thread left for Hiedi and Shibon to hold onto but when mysterious new comer Tristen enters their life, the girls lose grip and the last thread tears revealing the truth of the lie they lived in.

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Part 3: Shibon
I waited in my Warrior in the school parking lot, longer than usual, waiting for Hiedi to turn up. She never did. Oh Well, shes ill, what are you going to do, I thought to myself and stepped out of the car. The bell had just gone and i was going to be late. The school yard was deserted.
I made my way to English, i wasn't too late, not late enough for detention, but I'd missed the register. I slipped my bag and coat off and sat down next to Harri. Harri was possibly the next Einstein, he knew everything, and the good thing was i sat next to him in most lessons as his last name was Edwards like mine. Our teacher Mrs.James was informing the class of a school play coming up and expected us all to audition. There was no way that 70% of the class was going to.
Callum was in my class as well, he was sitting by himself today because Heidi wasn't in. He sat on the desk in front of me. I scribbled a note on a piece of paper and threw it at his head. He leaned down to the floor and read it to himself, hands under the desk. He turned around and rolled his eyes at me, mouthing me to 'grow-up'. The note was just a little joke that said 'haha even the fact of Heidi going out with you made her hurl!' I sighed and made my way through the lesson.
It was break time and i bought a Bagle from the cafeteria and made my way to the Field. Since Heidi wasn't in, i was going to have to hang around with Neive and Tilulah. I didn't get to make friends with many other people in the school because Heidi didn't like anyone else and made sure we kept to just our group, well, her group.
Tilulah noticed me come onto the field and had asked where Heidi was. When i said that she was ill she started talking about Luke. He was arguing with Callum, in the middle of the field. This was not Luke at all! Surely Tilulah had the wrong person, but no, she was right.
I jogged up to a small gathering of people in the middle of the field. Luke was there pointing fingers at Callum, with a really pissed off looking expression. Callum looked apologetic and his arms were crossed around his chest. He looked almost afraid of Luke! I had never seen this side of him before, what was going on? I pushed my way through the group and stepped between them both. " Woah woah woah woah." Luke had stopped and Callum had relaxed. I glared at them both, then back to Luke. "What's going on?!" Luke groaned and stormed out of the crowd, off the field, shoving me into Callum. Everyone else looked stunned at whatever i had just missed.
"What was that all about?" I asked Callum. Most of the people had backed away by now, back into their own little groups and conversations. Callum shrugged. "He wants me to stay away from Heidi, he says I'm no good for her." He didn't look at me the whole time he was saying this. There was a bit of a silence then. "Well..are you?" I asked. He looked at me confused.
"Am i what?"
"Going to stay away from her?" He relaxed again and shrugged.
"Don't know, she obviously doesn't want to get with me." He turned away again. He looked a little more than disappointed but less than devastated. He glanced back at me again then, impatiently, as if what he just said was a question. I felt that i needed to say something. "Well maybe Hiedi was genuinely ill, or she was nervous?" I answered. He looked guilty.
"Yeah, maybe, i Facebooked her saying I'd go over there after school. Should i?" I was surprised, he was genuinely afraid of Luke. But to be fair, Luke didn't exactly look happy earlier on. "Yes! Why would you let Luke get in your way?!" I practically screamed at him. I always thought Callum was the strong one , and now he was backing down to Luke! "But what if he's right?" He asked worried, i couldn't read his expression. "Huh?" I was confused, when was he ever like this?
"I mean, what if she doesn't like everything i am, i mean, i..." He broke off and looked into the sky.
"What are you talking about? She's known you her whole life." I said and then he shot his glaring eyes back at me and suddenly, cluelessly, i was the one who was afraid. I glanced around us and stepped back. "She doesn't know everything about me!" His face was red with anger and he raised his hand clenched into a fist. I cringed away and waited. He chuckled to himself and when i peaked open my eyes his hands were in his pockets. "Anyway, I might just go over there to piss him off" He laughed again to himself. This was more like him. I half giggled. "Yeah, go over there." He smiled and jogged off to chase a ball that rolled past us. For a few seconds i just stood there by myself before finally glancing back at Neive and Tilulah who were both texting and laughing on their phones.
The rest of the day dragged on, it was our worst day for lessons, Heidi had picked a good day to miss school. I had to sit through Algebra, Physics and then History for last lesson, i despised history! I was no good at it and saw no point in it. I decided to skip last lesson, it wasn't like i was missing anything anyway, our teacher usually babbled on about HIS history for 80% of the lesson, but the question was, what was i going to do for an hour while everyone else was in lesson?
Once the bell went for last lesson i snuck into the toilets. For 10 minutes i was sitting in a cubicle texting Heidi, she never answered me though, then i re-applied some make-up and adjusted my hair. Eventually i couldn't stand it anymore, so i went to the tree. I didn't expect anyone to be there, it was just somewhere to hide for the next 50 minutes, but somebody was there.
I couldn't make out who it was at first, somebody tall, somebody... What? I thought. He...She...It was flying? I stopped breathing, i stalked my way to the tree. The sight was not what i expected, it was... excruciating. He had an odd pair of socks on and nothing else. He was stripped of his clothes. His pale, buff figure was hanging naked on the tree! My Heart felt like it hadn't just stooped but it had been stabbed by a butchers knife, i felt like i was a gas victim of World War 1, my lungs, my stomach , my heart, my throught, everything felt like it was being squeezed, tightening, torn apart, shredded into pieces. My head was spinning, my eyes went fuzzy and i collapsed against the tree. I started choking and i gripped my thought with one hand and covered my eyes with the other. I couldn't make out who it was, my brain wasn't functioning. Tears started to trickle down my face, hang onto my chin for life then plummeted to the ground. I quickly wiped them away, i needed to do something, crying wasn't going to solve anything. I prodded to body, it didn't budge. I didn't know where to look, i still didn't know who it was. I pulled myself back together and stood up off the tree. I grabbed his shoulder. It was cold but firm. I pulled it towards me, and the guy on the rope spun a little, at first i could see his ear then....Callum. Callum's face, pale and expressionless was facing me. His eyes were still open, brown but empty, there was no emotion in them, they were just, eyes.
I couldn't believe what i was seeing, half an hour ago i was talking to him.
I screamed, my throught was scalding. My voice cracked. My hands flung to my face, covering my mouth and nose. Tears started streaming down my face, my body was burning up and i was stepping back until i was back to back with the fence. I pelted towards the office, my legs literally felt boneless but they were moving, like i couldn't control them. I glared back to the tree, he was still hanging there, i didn't imagine it, it was actually happening. He was dead, and i could've saved him maybe if i hadn't gone to the toilets.
I was still bolting to the office and then... WHACK! I ran straight into someone, I spun my head back around, Callum was grinning at me head tilted to one side and deep red marks were indented in his neck. His hands shot up around my head and was shaking me, squeezing his finger tips into my skull. No, what was happening? My stomach felt like it came up through my mouth and i screamed harder than i ever had before. He was laughing at me, hysterically, and i was bawling, throwing my arms around, punching his chest, kicking my legs squirming to get free of him. He was dead, but he was alive! What was happening? Everything went blurry, i had pins and needles traveling through my feet right to me head. I went limp in Callum's hands and fell to ground.
I woke up. What just happened, i thought. Callum's face was flashing in my head and his laugh was ringing in my ears. I shot up and two ladies in their 40s came rushing towards me , holding me down on a bed. Where was i? I screamed again. I never suffered from claustrophobia but now i was its worst victim! I kicked and fought to get free but eventually i relaxed my body, exhausted. My body was drained of all adrenaline, energy and life. I lay effortlessly on the bed i didn't recognize, staring at the ceiling.
Somebody else entered the room, Mr.Harvey, my history teacher. Shit. "Is she okay? What happened?" His voice sounded concerned and hysteric at the same time. "Nothing" another female voice said, her voice was soothing, calming, the motherly type. "She just woke up, she's fine now." She smiled at Mr.Harvey. He ignored her and rested the back of his palm on my forehead. I flinched and slapped his hand off me, i didn't even realize i was doing it, it. "Hey, hey!" He said and kneeled down next to the bed, staring at me. He didn't look mad, or annoyed, he just looked sad, his chubby rounded face was pale and blotchy. "Are you okay?" He asked, he was extremely calm and gentle considering i just skipped his class and slapped him off me. "Where am i , what's going on?" I shot up again but his reflex was quick for an old man and he lay me back down, this time i didn't cause a struggle. He kneeled down again and rested his chin on his fists on the bed i was lying on. "Your in the medical room Shibon, do you remember anything that happened? Anything you saw?" He didn't seem impatient, and i didn't feel pressured or anything, he was great, how come i always hated him?
I did remember everything that happened, everything i saw. I felt like i was re-living it in my head. I felt the need to cry but i couldn't, i was out of tears. I couldn't bring myself to say what I'd been through, so i simply nodded. He nodded in return. "I know this is hard for you Shibon, but can you explain what happened?" There was a long silence. Several times i opened my mouth to say something but ended up saying nothing. Mr.Harvey and the two women exchanged several glances and then they were all staring at me, concerned, curious but mostly devastated. They obviously knew what happened so why were they making me repeat it? "I...I...Callum, he's...And the tree..." I broke off, cleared my throught and pulled myself together. "Sorry, its just so...Callum, um...he's dead." I started. Mr Harvey nodded and was about to say something but i cut him off accidently. "I mean, i thought he was dead but..." I trailed off again and closed my eyes, the worst part was coming back to memory, i felt the pins and needles again, tingling in my legs. Mr.Harvey and the two women exchanged more looks, confused looks. "Shibon," Mr Harvey started, "What do you mean you thought he was dead?" I blinked, if they didn't know then how did i get in here? I thought to myself. "Well...You must of saw what happened." Mr Harvey took in a deep breath, held it and let it out as a big sigh. "No. Shibon, what happened..... He's dead, the doctors were too late. They've taken his body away now. "What? No, he's alive. He grabbed me while i was running for help, he...He was shaking me, he's alive!" I Sat up again, this time they didn't lay me back down. Mr. Harvey sat up straighter. He shook his head. " Shibon, Honey, he was hanging on the-" I cut him off again.
"NO! I ran into him, he was laughing! I tried to struggle out of his arms but he kept laughing and..." I trailed off. My hands were waving and my mouth was still moving like i was still talking. Mr Harvey put his hands on mine, back onto the bed. He let go then and we were both staring at each other. "Shibon, you ran into me. I heard you screaming so i came out and you ran into me. You were hitting me, then you fainted but wouldn't stop mumbling things. We couldn't make anything you were saying out, only one thing, 'the tree'. That's when we went up there and saw him. The police and doctors took him away Shibon." I heard Callum's laugh in my head again, louder. My throught started burning again and i felt like i was going to be sick.
My eyes shot around the pale yellow room , desperately for a bin. Mr Harvey handed me one by the side of the bed. I threw up in it, almost too late, it felt like i was throwing up shattered glass, scraping up my throught. Once i was finished, Mr Harvey handed me a tissue and took the bin away.
I wept for a few seconds after that. "No, sir, he IS alive, it WAS him. I'm not lying sir, I'm not crazy, it was him." I whispered. He nodded again but frowned. "You didn't see him Shibon, your mind was playing tricks, shock of what you saw that's all. It's not your fault, but he's gone. I'm sorry." I continued to shake my head, i was not mad, i was not convinced and i was not hallucinating anything. "It was him Sir, He's not dead." He's not dead, i thought.


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