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Weeping Wings Chapter 5

Book By: phoebe thomas

When Hiedi's close friend and secret admirer hangs himself on school property, Hiedi and best friend Shibon begin to experience fatal paranormal events.
Meanwhile, Hiedi begins to notice a change in herself and twin brother Luke which later causes her to question whether the 'suicide' was all what it seemed to be or whether it wasn't a suicide at all.
Friendship is the only thread left for Hiedi and Shibon to hold onto but when mysterious new comer Tristen enters their life, the girls lose grip and the last thread tears revealing the truth of the lie they lived in.

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Part 5: Shibon
Heidi and i had slept for three hours upstairs, before awakening to the feeling of someone standing next to us, staring at us. It usually wouldn't effect me but that time it was over powering. I assumed it was my parents checking in on me after just coming home from work at first but it felt different, more dangerous, more dark, more desolated. The more i became aware of it, the more heavy the feeling became. It was pressuring down on me like an unseen force, and i didn't dare open my eyes. But eventually it overtook me and the freaky thing was, me and Heidi both shot up and exactly the same time, scanning the bedroom, undergoing the exact same feeling.
The awareness we gave it by awakening gave it ultimate strength. Something had launched us back down onto the bed. I could no longer breath, literally, someone was laying down on us, but it was unpercievable, vaporous, we could not see it, but we could feel it. I wasn't dreaming, it was a living nightmare.
I was in excruciating pain. It was crushing me, springs on my bed could no longer be pushed down anymore and were digging into my back. What felt like nails were clawing at my neck leaving a raw burning sensation, then it started choking me, gripping my throught.
I tried to scream but not a peep would escape my gaping mouth. It then starting pulling my rips further away from my body. The pain was un like anything as what felt like ice fingers grasped my rips individually and tried again to rip them from my body. I could not move! I struggled and fought with all my might, but it was as pointless as an ant under a 6 ft mans foot, it only gave me more pain. I could only twitch my fingers and toes, my arms and legs were pulverized onto the bed.
I gave up the fight and in the corner of my eye i could see Heidi still going for it, brawling with the unseen paranormal presence on top of her, then suddenly, her head flung to the side, and three claw like grazes appeared over her eye. She went limp but my body stiffened, i tensed every muscle. The bed started to rattle and CDs started to fall off my shelf, along with other bits and pieces and something was lifting my back and stomach off the bed but forcing my head and arms and legs down onto the mattress. It was petrifying, abhorrent!
There was an ear-splitting, intense roar like sound from between us all of a sudden and then everything stopped. The rattling of the bed had stopped, the unseen force on top of us had lifted and we could move if we tried, but we didn't dare! There was a piercing ringing in my ears but everything else fell silent.
After exchanging several alarmed glances at each other as the presence continued to linger in the pitch shadows around us, paralyzing us to the spot, after the unbelievable, terrifying experience, we both suddenly shot toward the door, down the stairs, tears streaming down our cheeks, but as silent as the presence itself, we couldn't get a sound out of our lips.
We stumbled into the living room, flinging the door shut behind us, and then squatting down next to the fire place, hand in hand, eyes fixed to the door but blind from the overwhelming tears. It was utter terror. It was only then could truly feel the agonizing, tortursome pain throughout my body.
How i had managed to run down stairs I'd never know, pure adrenaline i guess. Every breath i inhaled felt like swallowing shattered glass, piercing the inside of my throught, scraping up and down with every breath. My ribs felt like they were being slammed with a hammer and my collar bones had felt as if they had been ground against a rock and then beaten with it. Every muscle felt shredded, every bone felt shattered.
The sight of Heidi made me weak. Her shirt had three tears in it across the stomach and the edges of the tears were darker, the color i couldn't see in the pitch of the room but i knew that it was blood. The three grazes on her eye was still there and several nail marks and slightly darker patches were on her neck. Her free hand was resting on her inner right thigh. As i piered closer i noticed a long tear in her jeans, again more blood.
As the adrenaline drained from my body, it made me twitch at every pulse. I felt prickly goose bumps travel up my spine, to the back of my neck, sending chills through my body. Minutes had passed in the dark, in the silence that was so loud.
I couldn't stand to be there anymore, i was petrified, i felt trapped. I wasn't going to the door to get out, no way, but i wasn't going to stay there, waiting for it to happen again. I squeezed Heidi's hand tighter then let go. I stood up, swaying on my feet, unfocussed on anything in the dark. I did what anyone would do, i followed the light, the moon light streaming in from the window.
I felt around for the handle, and tried pulling it down to get out but it was locked. The key, i forgot, Mum always locked the window before she left for work, i was never sure where she kept it. My fingers fumbled around the window sill, desperately seeking the key, knocking over little ornaments. The sound of little things falling around my hands was like nuclear bombs. The key wasn't there. I floundered my hands inside a cupboard to my right, feeling around shelves, it wasn't like searching for a needle in a hay stack, it was like searching for hay in a needle stack.
I needed light, the moon was no way near good enough, but the main light switch was next to the door. I wasn't going to risk it, even though it was the only way to safety, to rid the seeping shadows lurking around the room, i wasn't going anywhere within two meters of the door. I agitated myself and threw my fist down onto the window sill, grunting. Hiedi shot up to the shock of the noise i had made, the aggression in the actions i made. As my fist hit the window sill i heard a faint clink from inside of a vase. The most obvious place and i didn't bother to check it. I tipped the vase upside down and the key slipped out into my hands. Relief swamped me and i literally kissed the key, without even intending to.
I pushed the window open and cool air hit me like a punch to the face. I gasped in gratefulness. "Hiedi! Hiedi come on." I called to her, i turned toward her but she was already right next to me. "Get out." I commanded. She slot through the window as easily as the key slot into the hole. Once she was out, she clapped her hands together and called back for me. I pushed my arms through first, then my head. I was half way out but my hips got stuck, i couldn't get them through. " Hiedi, Hied, I'm stuck!" I grunted toward her, she grasped my wrist and tugged me gently. I yelped in pain, my hips were in pieces. "Come on Shibon, you can get out, just push a little more, you have to!" She whispered, her voice shaky. I pushed a little harder, one last time but it was no use, i couldn't get through. "Shit!" I murmured. She came closer to me and i squeezed back into the room, just leaning through the window with my head. "Move back." Hiedi said and she put her hands through the window, getting ready to get back in. "What are you- NO! Your not coming back in. Are you insane?!"
"Just move." She carried on but i pushed her back out.
"Heidi, your not coming back inside." I said sternly.
"Shibon, your not staying in there, I'm not leaving you alone with it, YOU insane?!" She yelled back.
"No, Hiedi , I wont let you, just...just..." I glanced around. I didn't want to say this because i did want her with me but i just couldn't let her. "...Just go get help, or meet me by the front door, I'll be okay." I muttered. I didn't allow her to answer, or even agree. I swiftly shut the window, re-locking it and slipping the key into my pocket. Heidi slammed her palms against the window, face frightened. I gestured her around to the front of the house. She shook her head rapidly and fresh tears dripped from her chin as they ran from her eyes. I gestured again, sharper this time, sterner. She stepped back and mouthed what looked like, Be Careful. Then she stepped back, eyes still glued on me, then spun around and ran around the corner toward the front of the house.
Instantly i felt isolated. I was trapped alone in a dark room, in a house that i had just been attacked in by some unseen force that still remained in the musty air around me that filled my lungs with every breath i inhaled.
Panic over took me and i was drained of all strength, all capability, all control. I crumbled to the ground, tucking me knees up to my chest, arms wrapped around them, whimpering in the shadows, in the midst of my vaporous attacker. Each second i rocked there felt like a minute, each minute like an hour and every breath i took sounded like a gale of wind. Every creak and crack of the house sounded like explosions. It was no longer my home, it was my crime scene, my nightmare.
My stomach was fluttering, my throught was scalding, my head was swimming in the petrifying disturbing thoughts in my head, drowning away all faith, all optimism, all hope.
Abruptly, Hiedi started pounding against the front door, screaming for me. "Shibon, Shibon, the front door wont open, it's jammed, get out now!" Her voice, utter frenzied, echoed around the house, booming in my ears. I gradually looked up toward the living room door. I got up costively, arms and back pressed against the wall behind me, glaring at the exit. I advanced toward the door, step my step, uneasy on my feet.
I placed my hand on the door knob hesitantly, turning it around and creaking the door open a notch. It was strangely easy, no gripping force pulling it back shut, no thunderous roar, no invisible poltergeist crushing my body like i had expected, it opened as easy as it had any other day.
I stepped out of the living room into the hall way. The front door was in my sight. It was right there, in front of me, i could see it, i could bolt for it and get out in under ten seconds, into the light, under the stars, breathing fresh, clean air. Why didn't i? Instead i turned left, heading toward the stairs leading to my bedroom.
By the time i got to the third step from the bottom, i could already feel the presence gaining energy, and the feeling of being watched occurred once again, something menacing, critical gaping down on me, eyes like daggers, piercing me, except this time, i knew what it was, and surprisingly i was completely and utterly fearless.
Each step was like stepping deeper into another personality, a stronger, bolder, fearless personality. Like i was possessed but i was still aware of what i was doing. In my mind i was arguing with myself. One part was screaming 'what the hell are you doing, run back, are you suicidal, think about Heidi!' And the other part wasn't saying anything, just ignoring it, going on further just to irritate the other half like an older sibling would to a younger one.
I reached the top of the stairs, adrenaline pumping through my body. "Come on!" I screamed out, i could feel the presence right in front of me, breathing against me, but it was intimidating. "Fuck You!" I spat. And at that moment the ground rattled again, not as strong as before but strong enough for me to lose my balance, like an aftershock of an earthquake. I fell against the stair banister. I could hear Hiedi screaming from out the front pounding against the door, her voice painful to my ears. What was i thinking? What made me think i could possibly be stronger than this?
I knew then that i was going to die, i knew i had to suffer the consequences and i knew Hiedi would be alone in this world, and i knew what she would do to herself if i had died, but i also that knew i couldn't let that happen. I turned around facing this invisible demon again. You wont get me this easily. I thought in my head, i knew that it could hear me. Then i heard laughing, loud mocking laughter, the same laughter i heard the day i found Callum. It deluged everything in my mind and it was all i could hear. That's when i saw his face in my mind as i shut my eyes in disbelief. Callum. It was him. Instantly the laughter stopped and all the windows shattered, spraying splinters of glass everywhere, i ducked behind the banister, screeching at the top of my lungs. Ornaments and picture frames were flinging off shelves onto me, gashing my skin and then something was squeezing my head from both sides. My heart was pounding in my ears and i was no longer aware of what was going on around me, everything was spinning. I gave into it again, i let myself go limp, i knew i couldn't beat it so i wasn't going to waste my strength.
Suddenly something or someone strong and heavy hit me, throwing me down the stairs, but it wasn't Callum. Even though it hurt, it wasn't the same pain. It was warm and protective.
I couldn't feel anything after that, i couldn't see, hear or smell anything after that, i just remember darkness, but it was demon-less, harmless darkness. I remember asking myself "Is this death?" And I honestly thought it was until i opened my eyes and thought i must have already died, gone through hell and entered heaven.
He was gorgeous just like an angel. He had a strong definite jaw line, eyes like delicious melted chocolate that i just wanted to dive into. He had full kissable lips, well built figure and soft skin, a warm tan and the touch of his gentle hands as they stroked a piece of hair from across my face could make the Devil fall in love. He had long shaggy dark hair falling around his face. He was perfect at every feature.
He was gazing down at me with those luxuriant eyes that could break every girls heart, a half relieved, half worried smile across his face. "Are you okay?" Oh his voice was so soft and divine. It floated through the fresh air around me tenderly, melting my heart. I couldn't answer him, it was impossible to talk when he was taking my breath away. "Shibon? Can you hear me?" There it was again, his voice sugar coated every bad thought in my mind, he was sweetening everything inside me, he was making me perfect. I couldn't help but not answer, i was lost in his picturesque beauty and i didn't want to be found.
But i was, Hiedi found me and dragged me back to reality. "Shibon, you're safe now, your out, wake up please." Her voice was jittery but sent a flush of relief through me. I had to literally force my eyes from this angel's, to look at Hiedi. The sight of her made me release the breath i was holding. I let out a whimper and she dived onto the concrete next to me, sobbing on my chest. "I'm so glad your okay." Her voice muffled from my heavy clothing. I wanted to close my eyes and cry with her, sharing each others mixed emotions, but i couldn't, they were fixed on the angel perched next to us. He was even too much for the butterflies in my stomach that were usually around at the sight of a hot boy, but he wasn't hot, he was alluring, enticing, he was beautiful.
Hiedi sat up and wiped her eyes. "You are okay, right?" She asked. I couldn't stay speechless anymore or they would think i wasn't okay.
"Yes." And once that came out, i had the power to say everything. "Yes, yeah, I'm fine, I'm great, how is that? I mean, i was dead, at least i thought i was. How did i get out?" It all came spilling out of my mouth, faster than i intended it to, like when you fast forward an old video while the character on it is talking. I said it all while still gazing at the boy, at his pure perfectness. "I don't know. The door, it was jammed when i went to the front. I called for you but u didn't answer, then everything shook again and things were crashing, you screamed and then Tristen here, he-"
"Tristen." I cut her off. Tristen, what a great name, it rolled of my tongue and through my lips like silk. "Tristen." I repeated.
"Oh yes, this is Tristen, he saved you." She carried on. He saved me! "He was on the street and heard me screaming. He broke down your back door and saw you on the floor, he said u fell down the stairs and that's when he brought you out to me. Shibon i thought you were-" She stopped herself and looked to the ground. He brought me out. He had held me in his arms. His strong arms were wrapped around me, and what if he did mouth to mouth, i wasn't aware to enjoy it all? But he saved me.
He was smiling at me now, he leaned down and wrapped his arm around my back, sitting me up. "Hey there, Shibon." His arm was still around me, he was warm and as he did so i closed my eyes and let out a breath. He had a great smile, teeth worth more than crystal, shining more that diamonds. "Thank you." I whispered, i couldn't get more out, he had made me speechless once again. Hiedi fell onto me, wrapping her arms around me, sobbing and Tristen moved aside. But even though he wasn't physically touching me anymore, he was smiling at me and i smiling back, his dreamy eyes gazing into mine, and that's all i wanted.
We didn't bother calling the police, we knew they wouldn't believe us, it was pointless. We decided to take the blame ourselves and say to my parents that we threw a cheer-up party and things got out of hand. It saved us a lot more Drama that nether of us were up for, and dew to the pity my parents felt for me because of the recent incident with me finding a dead school friend, they didn't do more than disappointingly shake their head. We managed to hide our injuries. Even though they hurt really bad they were not anything serious and could easily be hidden with bandages, long clothing and make up.
I stayed the rest of the night with Hiedi at her house, but it wasn't our usual sleep over. We simply got to her house, each had a shower and went to sleep, no movie, no food, no drink and not a word about what happened. Luke had suspected something was up but he couldn't get it out of us, we simply ignored him.
That night was quiet, peaceful. It was dark outside with only faint blue moonlight sieving through the tree blocking the view from Hiedi's window. As she slept amicably through the night i couldn't get a wink of rest. It's not that i was afraid anymore, for some reason i was at ease, i just couldn't take my mind off Tristen. It was 5:45am and i was fatigued, but i couldn't get to sleep no matter how much i tried. The thought of him danced in my mind and the feeling i had over him tickled my heart. I had only just met him but i knew instantly that i loved him.
I played role plays in my head about me and Tristen as i lay there, of how i planned to take him out for picnic on the beach to thank him for saving me, then as the sun set over the sea, our skin glistening, he would brush his finger down the side of my face, rest his hand on the back of my neck and then gently pull me in, my lips reaching his, moving perfectly with each other, then pulling apart just enough so that his lips touched my ear, for his voice to whisper them three words i've never heard with such passion and truth..."I love you." And then lustfully kissing and embracing true love in the soft warm sand, our fingers intertwining with each others, my chest against his, the sparks and heat between us putting the sun to shame.
It sent shivers down my spine, and i wrapped my arms around myself, beaming as i played that scene over and over again in my head as the moon and stars shone down, peaking through the branches of the tree, envious of the angel i had stole from them.
I woke the next morning empty. The smell of crispy bacon seeped through the space below the closed door into my nose. My stomach rumbled audibly in response to the wake up call. I didn't realize how hungry i was. When was the last time i ate?
I rolled onto my left side to face Hiedi, but she was already up.
I sat up, stretching my arms above my head and i heard my shoulders pop and knuckles click. I relaxed back into a slouch and closed my eyes, lolling my head. I was still tired, not drained like i remembered but my eyes were still heavy and muscles were still aching and weak. I peaked through my lashes and scanned the room. Hiedi wasn't there. I lifted my legs over the edge of the bed, i could hear Hiedi's family already awake. There was a low murmur down stairs, the TV i assumed, somebody was skipping down the stairs and there was a lot of clatter in the kitchen. I felt embarrassed for staying in a bed that wasn't mine for so long.
I opened the door and it scraped across the carpet, harshly. I trudged onto the landing and down the stairs. The house was clean and i could vaguely smell bleach from the bathroom.
When i got to the kitchen the mouthwatering smell of bacon was overpowering. My stomach was barking at the smell, at Hiedi's mum dishing out the bacon onto thick white bread soaked it butter. "Just in time." she started, "I was about to wonder if your were still alive up there, up for some brunch?" She didn't turn toward me or make any greeting movement, she carried on dishing out the food. My stomach grumbled again, answering before my lips could. She chuckled. "I take that as a yes, here." She handed me a butty. I took the plate and thanked her. I stood there for a moment, staring at her, her thick hair bouncing on her shoulders as she moved from the grill to the bread, a gentle smile on her flawless face.
She looked like Hiedi, she had the same eyes and pretty smile with flawless skin and a perfect figure. "I've spoken to your mum, she said it was fine that you stayed the night, although i think your in for it when you get home." She chuckled again and made her first glance toward me. Her smile dropped when she saw the panic on my face In for what? "Don't worry Shi." She smiled again and winked. "I'll talk to her, she'll understand." I smiled back but it wasn't real, my mum could read me like a book, she'd know if i was lying, but she wouldn't believe the truth. Nothing could make her understand.
I took a glass from the draw above the cooker and poured some orange juice. Hiedi came skipping into the room. "Morning." She half smiled toward me but i saw the pain in her eyes as much as she saw mine. She made herself a glass of water and jumped up on the kitchen work top sipping her drink. "Here." Hiedi's mum offered her a bacon sandwich. Hiedi stared at it for a moment then at her mum. "I said i didn't want one." She said, sounding annoyingly shocked.
"Well, i thought you might once you saw them, Shibon's got one," she glanced at me again and i stood wide eyed, staring back at her. "Nice right Shibon?" She asked, serious in the face. I looked at Hiedi who was frowning toward me.
"Uhh...Yeah, they're nice. Thank you." I took a bite and nodded in approval. Half smiling.
There was silence in the room as Hiedi and her mum exchanged glances. "I'm not hungry." Hiedi finally said bluntly. She jumped off the work top and walked out the room, leaving a silence between her mum and I.
Her mum, her name being Sarah, sighed and rested against the work top, closing her eyes and putting the plate back down. I stood there silently, clueless on what to say or do next.
There was heart ache on her face and i felt the need to comfort but i refused.
A few awkward seconds had passed and i turned around to leave. "Why does she do this to herself?" Sarah moaned, eyes still closed, delaying my exit. I turned back around, i wasn't sure if she was asking me the question or herself. I took a breath to say something in response but stayed quiet. "I mean...She's beautiful, gorgeous, so why does she do it?" She mumbled. Her voice was shaky. I took a step toward her and stopped. "Um, I'll give her half of mine." I whispered. She didn't beam at my offer or agree, instead she flung her hand in the air and let it fall back down, widening her eyes but keeping them shut. "She wont take it Shibon you know that." She laughed painfully. She opened her eyes, wet and glistening. "Did she eat with you yesterday?" She asked. I wasn't sure how to answer. If i said no, truthfully, it would make her more upset and make Hiedi more annoyed. If i lied and said yes, it would be hurting Hiedi's health, but Sarah would settle and not force much on Hiedi and not give her what she needed, and i worried about Hiedi too. I didn't want to lie about something so serious. "I don't know." I mumbled huskily. "There was lots of people, I'm not sure." I forced out. It hurt me to lie to Sarah like this, she was petrified for her daughter and had every right to be.
She frowned and closed her eyes tight again, shaking her head. "I'm a bad mother." She squeaked out. I stepped closer toward her and rested my hand on her head, stroking her hair. I was bad at comforting people, especially my best friend's mum, it was extremely awkward. I quickly pulled my hand back. "No, your not a bad mum, your a good mum for worrying." I started, hesitating at every word, i didn't want to say anything wrong to upset her more. I felt stupid, i wished i had walked out earlier and avoided all this.
She didn't say anything, as if waiting for me to say more. "Umm...She's just grieving from the loss of Callum, She will soon be okay, I'll take her out for something later." I murmured, again hesitant.
"I Just..." She trailed off as Luke walked in. I Shot up straight, blushing, but Sarah didn't budge. "What's taking so long with those-" He cut off at the sight of his mum. He scowled at me. "What's going on." He growled hushly. I scanned the room and coughed. I scratched my nose and moved my head toward the living room where Hiedi was.
Sarah stood up straight and handed Luke Hiedi's sandwich. "Here." She croaked. Luke took it while not taking his eyes off me. The awkward pressure in the room was weighing on me like the presence i remembered from last night. I cringed at the thought. I ducked my head and left the room.
"Hiedi you've got to stop worrying your mum!" I told her back in her room."She's worried sick about you!" Hiedi wasn't bothered. She was flicking through some CDs to put into her music player. "Are you even listening?" She sighed and put the CDs on the bed, turning toward me, her lips a straight line, legs crossed. Her eyes locked with mine for a few seconds then she sighed again. "She worries herself." She grumbled, unconvincingly. I widened my eyes at her and dropped my mouth. " Oh...is that so?" I started. I took the CDs from her hands and she shot me a glare. "So, tell me," i tilted my head to one side and placed my index finger on the edge of my mouth, squinting my eyes, "when is the last time you ate a proper meal?" I crossed my arms and waited.
She didn't answer right away, she stood up and picked a CD to put in the radio, then leaned against the window, staring through the tree and out at the street. "Well?" I was irritating her now.
"What are you getting at Shi?" She faced me, frowning, arms behind her on the window still. I stood up and advanced toward her.
"Your ill, Hiedi," I started, she made a disapproving noise and turned to face the street again. "maybe, maybe you should see a doctor?" That was risky, i was expecting an outrage. Instead she sighed, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear.
I didn't think she was listening to me, she was staring out at the street, well, i thought she was, but there was wonder and curiosity in her eyes, she was looking at much more, gazing at birds in the sky, gliding above all trouble, innocent. She wasn't looking at airplanes, she was day dreaming about the people inside them, families, excited children flying away, leaving their troubles locked away in an empty house and going to paradise, a place were the only trouble was picking what flavor ice cream to have.
I admired her for this, everything was going so wrong, her illness, Callum, the attack, yet she could still find happiness in things around her, innocent in the air she breathed.


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