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Weeping Wings Chapter 6

Book By: phoebe thomas

When Hiedi's close friend and secret admirer hangs himself on school property, Hiedi and best friend Shibon begin to experience fatal paranormal events.
Meanwhile, Hiedi begins to notice a change in herself and twin brother Luke which later causes her to question whether the 'suicide' was all what it seemed to be or whether it wasn't a suicide at all.
Friendship is the only thread left for Hiedi and Shibon to hold onto but when mysterious new comer Tristen enters their life, the girls lose grip and the last thread tears revealing the truth of the lie they lived in.

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Part 6: Hiedi.
Shibon still wouldn't go home and i couldn't really blame her, but we could only spend so much more time stuck in my house with my Mum, so we decided to go out, let lose, forget everything.
Shibon borrowed some of my bigger clothes to wear to the Saturday nightclub 'Pulse'. She wore a small, tight, black, sleeveless dress with a bright red waist belt with a black rose attached and bright red stilettoes. She wore dark eye makeup and bright lipstick and her hair was straightened. She never looked better!
I on the other hand wore black skinny jeans, a black sleeveless crop top and high black boots. Like Shibon i wore heavy black eye makeup and bright red lipstick except my hair was loosely curled, left as a black rippling ocean down my back and over my shoulders.
Yes, we looked like sluts but we didn't care, we wanted to have fun, we wanted to pull boys, we wanted to get drunk, we wanted all our troubles to be forgotten for the night.
"Where are you going?" Luke hissed through his teeth, frowning at us both as he passed us walking down the stairs. I glared at him as he scanned us up and down in disgust. "We're going out." I answered, blankly. Yes i was embarrassed being caught dressed how i was by Luke, It wasn't like me at all but i didn't want to be like me tonight, i wanted to be wild and flirty, crazy and spontaneous.
"Where?" Luke asked.
"Umm...Pulse." I ducked my head and stared at my toes as i answered.
His eyes widened in shock as the words i said had formed a picture in his mind. I knew what he was thinking. I knew he could see both Shibon and I in a dark, manic nightclub, meeting guys desperate to get us heavily drunk, buying us drinks and secretly spiking them, then grinding up against us on the dance floor, surrounded by other sex craving pervs visualizing and fantasying Shibon and i alone with them in a cheap run down motel room.
Luke shivered at the thought, the sickening, foul thought that stung his sweet, protective heart. I felt myself go red. Luke was staring at me, his familiar jade colored eyes piercing me, clawing at me. Shibon laughed out loud and grasped my shoulder, tugging me closer to her. She smiled smugly at Luke who was gawking at her harsh movement. "Don't worry Luke, she'll only be with me, i won't get her into any trouble at all." She winked and put her arm around my shoulders, waiting for Luke's hysteric outrage to commence. Instead he carried on up the stairs, emotionless, a perfect poker face. We both watched him until he was out of sight, surprised by the reaction we never had. After several seconds, Shibon shrugged and we stepped down the stairs, grabbed our bags and headed for the taxi.
When we got to Pulse, it was exactly how i expected it. Bouncers where throwing out aggressive drunks, there was the clearly underage girls standing in groups, pissed out of their minds and the odd couple here and there making out. There was a heavy smell of alcohol and vomit that made me heave.
When we stepped inside the club, music was booming. Well, i wouldn't call it music really, it was just noise, loud overpowering noise with a beat. The dance floor was swarming and the disco lights were blinding. The bar was packed with people waving their hands in the air, clenching bills and downing drinks. It all seemed too much for me to handle but also gave me a strong shot of adrenaline. I looked and Shibon, she was grinning widely and pointed to two empty seats at the bar.
We sat down and Shibon was leaning over the bar trying to catch the eye of the bar tender. Being only 17, we couldn't buy our own alcohol yet, we were relying on guys we would meet for that.
"Coke for now? " Shibon called to me.
"Shibon this is crazy!" I laughed, she turned toward me, half smiling.
"I know but no doubt some guy will buy us something more later anyway, coke okay for now?" She was screaming but still i could hardly make out what she was saying over the noise.
"No i mean this is crazy! I've never been to anything like this before, its mad!" I laughed again.
"Good mad though right?" She called back, not turning to me this time. I chuckled.
"I guess. Yeah Coke is fine for now." She finally caught the eye of the bar tender and she ordered our drinks.
"A glass of coke?...You girls are really going all out there tonight." A sarcastic low voice bellowed in our ears, then chuckled. Shibon and I both turned. A guy around 19 was standing before us. He was very good looking. He had long hazel hair down to just below the ear with lots of layers and a side fringe that he flicked every now and then. His skin was a light golden brown, a natural tan, and he had a small goatee. He was an average build but still fit. His eyes were red from the disco lights, it was impossible to see the real color. He had plump lips and perfect teeth, white and straight and his smile was to kill for! He was wearing dark denim baggy jeans, and a pale pink shirt with two naked girls on a motorcycle vaguely printed on it. There was two other guys next to him, one blonde and another brunette, both also very good looking.
Shibon was the first to talk. "Well why don't you change that?" She grinned. The guy winked at her and waved a hand to the bar tender.
"Five vodka shots please Kieron." The bar tender, Kieron, was hesitant before taking the order, looking Shibon and I up and down with weary eyes. I ducked my head and looked at the guy who ordered them. He was glaring at Kieron. I glanced at Shibon, she was leaning over the bar resting her chin on her hand, gazing up at him through her lashes grinning. She winked and lifted herself slightly, brushing her finger across his chest. "Come on Kieron, there's nothing to worry about here, we're old enough to drink...We're old enough for a lot of things." Her finger was now stroking his arm, then traced down his side to his waste. She winked. Kieron was blushing and pushed her hand away from his body. He glanced at me first and i looked down, my weary eyes would give us away, then he looked at the guy. They were both scowling at each other. "Whatever." Kieron finally huffed and then turned to get us the drinks.
Shibon downed her shot in under a second, as did the other three boys. I found the drink disgusting and only took little sips every now and then so when Shibon and the others ordered more, i stuck to my Cherry Brandy and Coke that lasted me for about an hour each glass.
We gathered their names eventually, the brunette was Miles, he was 17, the Blonde was Dre, he was 21 and the one who called the shots was Mason, he was 19.
Shibon continued to flirt with the three clearly interested guys, and they played along. I was shoved aside due to my dry personality but this didn't bother me, i was happy sitting at the bar texting on my phone as long as i had a clear eye on her.
Someone else took over Kieron's job while he was on break, i didn't see him for about 5 minutes before he showed up on the stool next to me.
I focused on him for a few seconds, taking in his features i could see clearer now he was closer and in a brighter light. He had hair like Masons but a little longer and messier. He had light freckles on both his face and his skin. His eyes were a dark blue and he had thick dark eye lashes. He looked similar to Mason in shape and size too, although he looked a little younger.
He was concentrating on reading a poster on the back wall of the bar and i looked back down at my phone, feeling conscious on staring at him too long that he might get the wrong idea or think i was a creep. "He's such an embarrassment when he's drunk. I mean look at him...I don't know why i keep feeding him all this drink." He was glaring at Mason who was loudly rapping along to a song. He had Shibon pinned to his waste, his arm around her back and his hand was grasping on her ass. She was joking with Dre, her one hand on Masons shoulder and the other clenching a drink. I'd lost count on how many she had ordered.
I looked back at Kieron. "He's a regular piss-head customer I'm assuming?" i asked.
"Close." He said. "He's my brother." He scoffed the last part out disapprovingly. He rolled his eyes and took a sip of his drink. I stared at him shocked. I knew Mason and Kieron looked sort of alike but i would never have guessed that they were brothers. Especially because personality wise, Kieron was so different. I laughed once and looked down at my own drink. I flicked my head toward Shibon. "I know the feeling." He narrowed his eyes toward me, then to Shibon and back at me.
"Your sisters?" His voice was slightly higher than before, with shock i assumed.
"Not genetically but we may as well be, we're close friends." He nodded and half smiled. "This is so like her. It doesn't even bother me anymore." I mumbled, laughing once again.
He looked at her for a few seconds, his mouth smiling slightly but his eyes frowning. "That's too bad," he started, "she's a beautiful girl, she can do better than this...than Mason." He glanced back down at his half empty glass. He had murmured something else to himself but i couldn't make out what it was.
A few hours had past, although i wasn't sure how many. It was as hard keeping track of time as much as it was hard keeping track on the amount of drinks I'd had. I was well aware that i was past being tipsy, and was now rather drunk and not myself.
Kieron was back on bar and i had been offered to dance with Shibon and her new 'buddies' as my personality was now much more fun and chirpy than it had been two hours before.
I remember being close to Dre on the dance floor. I remember him touching me a lot, more than i would've allowed, but everything was such a fuzzy blur in my eyes that i was helpless to what could be controlled. I continued on the dance floor for a while, showing off more flirty dance moves and inappropriate contact with Dre, and i was constantly being given stronger drinks.
Shamefully i had lost all pride and found myself dancing on a table, then falling off, laughing hysterically. Dre was beaming at me, grinning wildly. He took my hand, pulled me to my feet and took me off the dance floor, sitting me down on a chair close to the bar. My stomach was fluttering and everything that had happened didn't seem real, it was distant like a dream i had as a youngster.
Dre discussed something with Mason and Miles for several minutes, often glancing back at me or Shibon on another seat, chatting to a short, strawberry blonde girl with a tight mini skirt and a blue tank top who only looked about thirteen. I recognized her from earlier that night, she was dancing with Miles and some other girl who now wasn't in sight.
My head was spinning as well as the club around me, so when Dre then took my hand and pulled me away with him, into the fresh air outside and into a vehicle, i was completely unaware, to the point where everything went black and silent.
When i awoke my head was throbbing, pounding against my skull. There was a distant ringing in my ears and my mouth was dry. It was dark around me. I waited for my eyes to adjust to my surroundings, and when they didn't, i had to relay on my other senses.
I wasn't comfy, in fact i was in a little pain. Something hard and sharp was sticking into the ball of my back and the ground was rough and uneven. I put my hands either side of me and felt the ground with my bare skin. I could feel grass, damp grass and slightly soggy mud under my hands. I scrunched them up and scooped some twigs and bits of gravel. I put them back on ground and lifted myself up a little from the sharp solid object i was laying on. A rock i assumed.
I had already gathered i was outside by the bitter wind that shook and trembled my body as well as it shook and trembled the trees.
All i could smell was alcohol, pure alcohol. I felt soaked in it. I started to panic as i couldn't see anything; where i was or who i was with. I desperately tried to make my eyes adjust to the dark but they wouldn't. I knew i was outside so why wasn't i seeing moonlight or starlight? Surely there was a street light somewhere. I noticed my breathing had sped up and it was extremely heavy and husky. I floundered my hands up my neck, across my lips, up my cheeks and to my eyes. I couldn't feel them. There was something covering them. Cloth. Panic washed over me as i realized i must of been taken and kidnapped. I ripped it from my face down to my chin. Relief hit me as moonlight spilled into sight, my eyes instantly adjusting, recognizing trees, tall mocking trees with their branches intertwining with the others, trapping me in this little opening i found myself lying in.
I scanned it. I noticed two dark figures carrying something closer to me, stopping and placing it down a few feet away. Then i noticed another figure also carrying something and placing it a few feet away again. The three figures then all started toward a large dark vehicle i vaguely recognized.
I focused on the two objects that had been carried and placed near enough to me. The one stirred and then my brain sparked and shock flushed through me as i realized they were humans. Girls, young girls. Shibon! The name exploded in my head. Shibon was one of them young girls! She was the pretty figure that stirred. The shorter one that was lying close to Shibon was the strawberry blonde that Shibon was talking too back at the club. I could see them both clearly, in sight and in my head. They too had cloth covering their eyes.
"Shibon." I whispered, my voice shaky from both terror and from being cold. She didn't answer me. I scurried toward her silently on my hands and knees. I put my hands around her head and shook it gently, pulling the cloth from her eyes. "Shibon!" I whispered again. Her eyes fluttered open. She smiled at me before glancing around her and then frowning. She pressed her hand against her head and sat up grunting. "What..? Where are we?" She huffed out, her voice croaky. I flung my hand to her mouth making her flinch away. "Shh! I don't know, i think we are-" I was cut off by a hand clamping down on my shoulder. I jumped but couldn't make sound slip through my lips. I shot my head around and saw the two figures standing by me, one gripping Shibon's shoulders and the other standing arms crossed just behind him. The voice next came from a figure that i couldn't see standing behind me, holding me to the spot i was in. "Well lookey hear boys. Didn't think they'd wake just yet." The voice was strong and low. Dre. I gasped. This was exactly what i knew would happen, but i let myself slip away. That was it, there was no going back. Shibon and i exchanged looks, both petrified.
Mason, the one holding down Shibon, laughed over dramatically in her ear. She cringed away. "You see ladies, us guys are the type of men that have all had... boring and some what depressing lives. So when we meet beautiful young, willing girls such as yourself, we like to satisfy our needs with you, if you know what i mean. Now, we know how some girls don't like it when this happens and try to fight against us, but we don't like that, and in the past that has lead to very bad consequences for them fighsty young ladies." He stopped for a breath and moved his hands down Shibon's shoulder, down to her neck, then chest and down her top. He moaned approvingly. Shibon cringed and closed her eyes tight. He put his lips against Shibon's ear. "Now, we like you girls, very much. Your not like them other silly girls, and we wouldn't want to hurt you, but, if you don't do as we say, we will have no choice. That's why we put you to sleep, we hoped we could do our duties without you three beauties knowing any different. But now that your awake, your just going to have to let us do what we have to do if you don't want any trouble. Is that understood?" His voice was soft and gentle as if explaining right and wrong to a child.
Dre brushed his fingers across my cheek, then ran his fingers through my hair. He was kneeling down now, i could feel his breath against my hair, his lips resting on the back of my head. My stomach was chewing its way further up to my throught. My head was woozy and my whole body was quaking. I was horrified at what the night had come to, and horrified with myself for letting it happen.
I glanced at the other young girl who only looked the innocent age of 13. She was still sleeping, peacefully, unaware of what was going to happen to her.
I hoped she stayed asleep. I hoped she wouldn't feel the fetid things they were going to do with her body, her helpless young, pretty, un touched body. She was the daughter of a petrified father, clueless of where she was, calling everyone he knew, a photo of her perfect face in his hand, tears streaming down his cheeks, sick to the stomach of the things he dreaded would happen to his baby girl. But them things he feared were going to happen. While he worried for her, as his frightful heart that loved her un condition ably cried for her, these three disturbed monsters would use her as a toy, play with her, do horrendous, repulsive things to her with a pleased, satisfied grin spread wide across their face, their filthy hands touching her soft skin, doing things that would put the Devil to shame.
It sent tears down my face and i couldn't look at her any longer, only Mason. "Please," i choked out. "please, not her, she's only a child, you can't, you wouldn't." I sobbed. He laughed and it made me want to throw up. How could he laugh at such thing.
I wanted to kill him, no, i didn't want him dead yet, i wanted to torture him first. I wanted him to suffer. I wanted to tie a rope around his neck, choking him. I wanted to drown him in acid and spit on his face that frothed away. I wanted to tear him limb from limb and make him eat that part of his body he looked at with such pride and played with at the sight of girls, that part he used against them same poor innocent girls. He was sick! Sick, sick, sick, sick, sick!
I gagged. I couldn't think of it anymore. I was choking on that common ball forming in my throught as tears spilled from my eyes.
"Enough talk." Dre said half laughing, now resting his chin on my shoulder, his mouth moving up and down my neck and his hands grasping my breasts. I felt ill! I couldn't believe what was happening. It was something you saw in newspapers, on documentaries. It wasn't something you could actually imagine happening to you.
I noticed Miles get up toward the little girl. I swiftly yanked my body away from Dre, falling to Miles's feet, pleading, my hands clasped together. I was screaming at him. "No! No! No, no, no, no, no. Please, please, please don't do this to her. Please! She's just a child!" I grasped his feet, sobbing at his high tops. "Please don't." He kicked me off his leg, looking down his nose at me, disgusted, as if i was the monster out of us all.
Before i had time to react back, Dre leaped on top of me, gripping my wrists on the ground above my head. I struggled and fought under his weight but he was strong. Not as strong as the presence i had experienced before, but just as petrifying.
My eyes shot toward Shibon who was now up and pinned against a tree, half naked from the waist up. Mason was nuzzling at her neck, his filthy hands exploring her trembling body. Her eyes were wide open, gaping back at me, wet with tears, as were mine.
I could just manage to glance at the girl. She hadn't moved, she was still asleep, unaware of what was going on. Of that i was thankful although at the same time terrified that she might wake up to Miles in the process of stripping her and exposing her young body that would be weak and helpless to fight back. I didn't want her to be scarred by this, i didn't want her to feel the pain Shibon and i were about to feel as Dre and Mason toyed with us. I couldn't stand the thought.
I found myself more distraught and frightened for the sleeping girl of whom i had never met nor spoken to than i did for Shibon and myself.
But, as much as i wanted to help, i knew i couldn't. Instead, i let my body loosen and gave up the fight. I shut my eyes and let the darkness engulf me and hide my humiliation. I let my mind take me to a better place, like this young girl was doing, avoiding reality and dreaming of the places we wished we were in instead.
Minutes had passed, or was it hours? I didn't know, but finally it all came to a stop. I hadn't known when it had stopped, it could've been ages ago. I hadn't felt it stop and i hadn't heard it stop. It was like in the night when you go to sleep and in the morning when you wake up, you don't see the light change from dark to light, it just changes secretly while you were unaware and unconscious.
I wasn't cold. In fact, i was strangely warm and comfortable. I stirred a little and felt around with my hands before daring to open my eyes. I didn't feel grass or mud or twigs, instead i felt a familiar leather around me. Then i realized i wasn't lying down like i remembered, i was sitting up, resting my neck awkwardly against something hard and cold.
A car. I was in a car. I could feel a faint vibration around me and i could hear the engine purring and very faint music drifting in my ears. Oh god! I thought, where were they taking us now? Surly they were done with us, or did someone, maybe Shibon or the other girl try to get away or fight back? Was this the consequences Mason, Miles and Dre was talking about, the consequences they had made to the other girls who suffered this before us?
But where would they take us? A motel? A creepy basement in their house? We were already in a deserted forest where nobody could find us. Or was this worse? Were they taking us to a place where it would be easy to kill us and hide our bodies, perhaps throw us off a cliff into the ocean, or to a desert?
I felt my heart start to race under my skin, like it no longer wanted to stay in my body anymore, it wanted to escape and never come back.
Great, i thought, my own heart was betraying me. Now what was going to keep me under control, i had already lost my mind and my body was aching and too weak to support me.
This was it, i thought to myself. If i opened my eyes now, i knew I'd have no hope left because I'd know for certain of my fate. I'd already had too much luck with surviving lately, surely i couldn't survive this too. No, it was over for me, i didn't want to survive what was going to happen, i wanted to vanish. I wanted my heart to escape and not come back, maybe it would find a new body to live on in, someone close to Luke would be best like his child in the future of whom he would love and protect as much as he did with me.
Gosh i hoped Luke was okay. I hoped he wasn't looking for me. I knew he would be worried, i wondered how many panicked texts he'd sent or how many missed calls I'd received from him.
What would he do? He couldn't live with it if anything else happened to me. He would feel so unspeakably guilty for not stopping me coming down them stairs before i left.
What would he be like if they never found my body? There would be no closure for him, he'd go insane for sure. And what if they did find my body? He couldn't live down the guilt, the sight of my corpse would kill him before he could kill himself.
I couldn't do that to him, i just couldn't, we were a package deal. If i got hurt, he'd get hurt, if i died, he would die.
I loved Luke too much to do that to him. I wouldn't do it, i wasn't going to let fate take me away. I was going to fight for my life, i had to survive.
I tried to keep my breath steady and easy so not to make my awakening obvious. I wondered how i would manage to get myself, Shibon and the 13 year old out of the car without getting hurt or killed by the three kidnappers. I braced myself for the fight as i tried forcing my eyelids open.
I managed to just peak through my lashes. I glanced around the vehicle, it was so familiar but i couldn't put my finger on it. My head was still fuzzy from what had happened.
It was very dark outside the windows with only faint moonlight appearing through the trees of the lanes we were driving through, which i also recognized vaguely.
I peered at the side view mirror to see if Shibon was there. She was. She was tucked up under a blanket, sleeping peacefully, resting on a dark figure. I couldn't see the other seat next to the figure but i hoped that the strawberry blonde was there, sleeping as peacefully as Shibon.
I turned to look at the driver expecting the sickening sight of Mason, Miles or Dre. But instead he was a boy of my age, with un brushed, shaggy hair damp with sweat. He had gawking green eyes that focused on the boundless road in front of us. Them eyes were furious.
Shock washed through me as well as relief, love and most of all, guilt. The boy was Luke! He was covered in dirt from head to toe and was dripping in sweat, but i was elated to see him next to me.
Despite the fact that he was driving in the dark and in a narrow forest lane, i leaped on top of him, throwing my arms around his neck.
"Luke!" I cried out, half sobbing. I had definitely caught him off guard and he lost control of the car. It swerved from left to right and i was flung back into my seat. There was a scream from the back of the car, too high to be Shibon's and it certainly wasn't the dark figures.
When the car finally came to a stop after swerving off road and almost into a tree, i threw myself back onto Luke, wrapping myself around him so tight that even i had difficulty breathing. He shoved me off only for me to spring back to him, oblivious of his high temper. "Hiedi!" He hissed through his teeth, his voice harder and stronger than usual and usually i would of backed off, but his voice was like song to my ears as a pose to hearing the voices of Mason and his gang.
Luke's body wasn't soft and comfortable like usual either, it was stiff and cold. I squeezed him tighter anyway, if it was even possible, burying my head deeper into his neck.
"Hiedi. Please just get off me, I'm really ..." His voice trailed off, turning from stern and angry to exhausted and he loosened his arms that were trying to push me away. I felt his eyes really looking at me. I wondered what he saw; His slutty sister craving comfort that she didn't deserve, or his other half pained and broken, trying to fill the gap of the two halves creating the whole that was so safe and full of love that even Romeo and Juliet or Adam and Eve didn't possess, a different love, a much better love.
He must of felt my pain and love for him as he wouldn't hurt me anymore by rejecting the comfort i craved. He relaxed, holding me tight against him and cradled me. "I'm so sorry." He whispered in my ear. His voice was different again, but i would of preferred the strong, hard and angry voice that he used rejecting me, than i did this voice, the voice that was pained and trembling.
I couldn't bring myself to answer him, to tell him that it wasn't his fault and it was all me, Instead i held him tighter, kissing his cheek and cuddled back down in his neck. I felt a sudden drip of warmth on the back of my neck and it tickled as it trailed down my back. I glanced up at Luke, his lids covered his eyes, his lashes were damp and similar drips of warmth were trailing from them.


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