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Weeping Wings Chapter 7

Book By: phoebe thomas

When Hiedi's close friend and secret admirer hangs himself on school property, Hiedi and best friend Shibon begin to experience fatal paranormal events.
Meanwhile, Hiedi begins to notice a change in herself and twin brother Luke which later causes her to question whether the 'suicide' was all what it seemed to be or whether it wasn't a suicide at all.
Friendship is the only thread left for Hiedi and Shibon to hold onto but when mysterious new comer Tristen enters their life, the girls lose grip and the last thread tears revealing the truth of the lie they lived in.

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Part 7: Shibon
I lay in bed next my bucket of vomit as the morning rain fogged up my window, holding in my hand the 12cm problem that had ruined my life as i recalled the night in my head. The night when we were raped and the night we were saved.
Hiedi was elated to have been saved by Luke and Tristen, I on the other hand was not. The difference was, Hiedi was too weak and fainted just before her rape, she didn't remember what had happened during the time she was unconscious, she was in a better place, her own safe dreamland with Jacey, the strawberry blonde little girl. I didn't faint.
I was awake and aware during it all, i felt him inside me. I felt his every dirty, filthy, slimy touch. I heard his moans of satisfaction and my moans of pain. I watched him laugh through my soaked lashes as he recorded me on my own phone and then forcefully watched myself cry.
As the tears spilled from my eyes and i cried desperate pleas for help, he only continued faster, deeper and harder.
I was soaked in my own shame and embarrassment as he was with pride and joy. I was tied naked to a tree in reality with nothing to more i could do except listen, watch and feel everything that was being done.
That was the difference. I didn't want to be saved. I wanted them to kill me so i couldn't live with the memory, with the scars and with his baby.
I lifted my hand and the pregnancy stick above my face and squinted my eyes to read the tiny plus for the 12th time, still in denial. I picked up the second stick and the third and again read the same result. I threw them into the bucked and closed my eyes, resting my hand on my stomach and cried...and cried and cried.
I cried for the rest of the hour until again i cried myself to sleep. I dreamed of that night, like i had every other night since it happened. I dreamed of Tristen and Luke bursting into the scene and then how i blanked out from then on. I dreamed of how when i woke in the car i was in Tristen's arms as was Jacey. I dreamed of the devastated, crippled expressions on our mothers faces as we told them of the rape and the fury and outrage on our father's, of the plates they threw and smashed and the tears that trickled from their eyes which was worse than anything that had happened. I then dreamed of 5 years from now, Hiedi with a job and a car and a house and life and me, an only mother living on benefits with a child who's father was a rapist.
I shot out of bed again, one hand on my stomach, the other on my mouth and bent over to throw up in the bucket, except it wasn't there, just my carpet, now stained and gross.
My mother rushed into the room with the bucket, now clean and dry. "Ooh Shibon, honey, I'm sorry i just cleaned it for you, i didn't think you were going to wake up." She handed the bucket to me and stroked down my hair, kissing the top of my head. Her face was red and had dark bags under her grey eyes, blood shot and tired. "I'm sorry mom." I whimpered. I sat up straighter and wiped my mouth, placing the bucket on the end of my bed. "Don't be baby, it's not your fault."
She continued to comfort me and hush my sobs until a pain struck my stomach but it was different. It was from a bad realization. She cleaned the bucked. The pregnancy sticks were in the bucket. I hadn't showed her them.
My body stiffened and i shot my eyes to her, my hand just covering them. "Yes, honey, I've seen them." She started. Her voice was soft and calm and understanding but there was disappointment in there too. My mother could always read me, she always knew what i was going to say, what was on my mind, what i had done. We were very close.
I buried my head in my hands and wept. She hushed me again and touched my chin, lifting it from my hands. I was struggling to breath, i was choking on my tears.
She wiped them away and kissed both my shut eyes. "Hey!" She started, chirping her voice for comfort. I looked up through my eyelashes at her, still bowing my head. "Don't worry. This can be sorted. I've already called Hiedi, i thought you might be more comfortable with her here to call the clinic." She tapped the bed twice and lifted the corners of her mouth up before standing and walking toward my door. "I'll get the number for that now." I shot my head up and widened my eyes in confusion.
"Wait...The Clinic?" I didn't realize that i was almost shouting this at her. She stopped in her path and spun around. She opened her mouth as if to say something then closed it. She put her hand out and then put it on her temple. There was a silence for a few more seconds. "Well...I mean yeah, that's what you want isn't it? I mean your not going to keep it surely Shibon." I wasn't sure if that was a question or a command. "Well no...I mean, i don't know. I...um...I want to get rid of it don't get me wrong, i mean I'm not ready for a kid, you know that, but...But I don't think i can, you know?" I was resting my elbow on my knee and covering my mouth with my hand, muffling my hesitant voice.
Mum stepped a little closer to me and then squatted down next to the bed avoiding my vomit, taking my hands in hers. "Shibon," she started, "honey, when i was just a year younger than you, i got pregnant too. I know how hard it is to decide what to do at such a young age regarding whether your going to keep it or not but i decided against it, i wanted to keep it so i did." She took a breath and bit down on her lip before continuing slowly. Her eyes were shut as if reminiscing on a distant memory. "Shi, i was a lot like you, i wasn't ready for a child, and i was, well, for lack of a better word stupid. I wanted to go out every night, i wanted to drink and get drunk, you know, i was just a kid like you are. I went out a lot, i drank a lot and it didn't work. The baby came early and it died at birth, she was still born." Her voice choked up and i saw her eyes slowly get shinier with tears that she tried to hold back. She cleared her throught. "It killed me Shibon, i was devastated. I stopped eating, i tried committing suicide, i had completely lost it." She put the back of her hand against her mouth.
"Mom..." I realized i was sobbing with her. I put my hand of her cheek and she took it back into her hands.
"Honey i don't want that to happen to you. It would've been so much easier for me if i just got rid of it in early days. Knowing that i hurt it as it grew bigger inside me and eventually killed it because of my own problems was not like any pain or guilt I'd ever felt. Everyone looked down on me, i was the messed up slut." She half giggled but didn't see the humor. "But, everything happens for a reason right." When she said that, my mind instantly flashed back to before we fell to sleep the night of the attack. Everything happens for a reason right? It spun circles in my head, who knew the answer? She continued. "I got back to school, did my A levels, got a job and then 8 years later i had you, and you were the best thing that ever happened to me. I was ready for you....But even though it had a happy ending, i don't want you to go through what i went through before you. The world can be nasty and it can fuck you up." She was looking straight at me while saying all this but my eyes were away, re watching everything that had happened lately. "Don't i know it." I whispered, to myself more than to anyone else. "Don't we all." My mum answered, just as distant as i.
"Hello? Shibon?" Hiedi had come quicker that i thought she would've or maybe i just lost track of time, either way she snapped my mother and I out of our silent reminiscing on the memories of the tragic events that taken place in our lives. I was ecstatic to hear her voice.
I heard her take a few slow steps up and then called for me again, she was still weary of my house as was i due to our attack. "I'm up here Hiedi, it's okay." She waited for a few seconds before slowly advancing up my stairs and into my room.
She took one look at me and burst into hysteric tears. She spread her arms open and held me tight on the bed.
We sobbed together for a while exchanging several 'It's going to be okay's which we both knew was a lie.
When eventually we were both out of tears, she giggled. "This stinks." She said while wiping her eyes. I half laughed.
"It's just our luck to be stuck in this situation." I answered. She looked confused and then chuckled pointing at the floor where i had been sick. "Yes, but i meant the smell!" We both laughed again and it was great to finally hear it, even if it wasn't that true, the sound of our cry was getting boring.
Hiedi smiled. "So, what do you want to do with it?" Our smiles dropped and i ducked my head. She scooted closer to me, wrapping her arm over my shoulder. "Your going to get rid of it right?" She asked? I brushed her off and sat up straighter.
"I don't know Hiedi!" I sounded a little too angry for Hiedi and it shocked her. She gradually got up. "Oh," She started. "Well, that's okay, you should sleep on it anyway." Her voice was timid and quiet. I put my hand to my forehead and took a deep sigh.
"Look, I'm sorry Hiedi...I just, I'm just overwhelmed with....everything." Hiedi knew what i meant by 'everything', she didn't need to say any words of wisdom to me, we both knew it would be useless. "Sleep on it. You must be exhausted, do you want anything, do you want me to stay tonight?" She narrowed her eyes and scanned my room. Her voice was weary. If she really wanted to stay the night, she would stay without asking. She still feared my room and didn't want to stay. I understood. "No. I'll be okay, i would be gross listening to me throwing up all the time. You just go home and I'll text you if i change my mind, i want to be left alone now anyway to think. Okay?" I did sound confident in saying this, in control, but i didn't mean a word of it. I wasn't going to be okay, i did want her here with me but i wasn't going to change my mind, i wasn't going to put her through pain from the memory of my room.
"Are you sure?" She asked. Her eyes were glistening and she was glowing as the sun rays beamed on her through my window. She was beautiful. I envied her.
"Yes, I'm sure. Thank you Hiedi. I don't know what I'd do without you."
She leaned forward and kissed my forehead. Her lips sent a flush of heat through my body. She was everything i needed. I wrapped my arms around her and we held each other for a few seconds longer before she pulled away and headed out of the room, shutting the door behind her.
I was left alone to dream. Strangely, i no longer felt sick or tied. I felt healthy and confident. I brushed my finger tips over the spot where she had kissed me, it was still sticky from her lipgloss. Hiedi was everything to me. The sight of her gave me happiness, the touch of her gave me strength.
For the rest of the day, i lay silently on my bed, tossing and turning under my blanket. My mother came in from time to time to check up on me in which time i closed my eyes and pretended to sleep as she placed trays of food or a magazine down on the end of my bed.
I didn't speak a word all day, i just focused of my breathing as the room got darker and darker casting longer shadows as the day went by that seemed to reach closer to me, clawing up my bed and to my shameful, pregnant body although little did i notice it.
The sun had gone down around 9:00 and so did my eyelids. I fell into a heavy sleep.
We were 7 years old again, that age where everything was innocent. No racism and no hatred, regrets. The only fear we shared was the monsters in the closet.
My hair was long and fair, swaying gently as i skipped ahead of Hiedi who's hair was in a long dark ponytail tied with a bright purple bow. She was wearing a matching purple dress with white daisies printed on it and white dolly shoes. I was wearing a simple light blue vest and a white pleated skirt, my feet were bare.
Hiedi was also skipping but bending down now and then to scoop up some daisies from the long fresh spring grass that danced in the light breeze and tickled our ankles.
The spring always fascinated me, how everything had changed since I'd last saw it. I loved seeing the lambs and hearing the birds and feeling the warmth, but most of all, i admired the trees, no, not just any trees, i admired this one tree sitting alone next to a gentle river surrounded by dragonflies and bees and baby frogs. It was an Oak tree that Hiedi and I had played with since we were 5 years old. It had infinite branches and fresh crisp leaves that hid it's secrets that only Hiedi and I had discovered; the squirrel family. (Yes, a family of squirrels was our biggest secret back then.)
What i loved about this tree was how it had suddenly sprung back to life, all fresh and new after we had watched it shed and become lifeless in it's most deadly days of Winter.
"It's happened again Hiedi!" I said with a high chirpy voice full of excitement as i picked up speed toward the Oak Tree.
"What's happened again?" Hiedi asked. Her voice was quiet and peaceful as she played with tangled daisies in her fingers.
Hiedi had never changed. She was still the same child. She was always calm and gentle, in her own perfect world. She was always so innocently detracted by pretty things that would always soften her face and sooth her voice.
"The tree, Hiedi, the tree! Look, it's alive again!" I called back. I stood underneath it, my eyes of wonder exploring the new leaves.
"It always changes,Shi. Every spring." She was staring at the tree now, just as fascinated as I. She lifted herself up onto one of the lower branches, resting her back on the vast trunk and she continued to play with her flowers.
"But HOW? How does it change? We watched it die at Christmas in the blizzard, remember?"
The memory of the blizzard pained me. It was horrible.
It started in the early days of December. It snowed almost everyday through December, January and February. Flights were canceled, roads were blocked and we were all snowed in. At first it was fun for us, it was a new experience but then it just got worse..
One day when my father was out trying to get to the store to buy us our supplies, my mother had an epileptic fit and needed medical attention soon and i was the only one to help her. But of course, i didn't know what was going on. I was petrified and couldn't stop screaming as she shook on the ground, gasping for breath.
I ran outside into the bitter gusts of wind in my dressing gown, waist deep in snow and trudged out of our drive and through a field that lead to My Auntie Helens' house.
By the time i got to just a few meters away from her drive, i had collapsed. I could no longer move. Winds of 35 MPH were blowing ice that felt like needles against my skin. My feet and hands were numb and tingly and were completely useless for help. I couldn't scream and i could barely breathe, all i could do was peak at her house through my lashes, and notice the Living room light turn on. My life depended on her just glancing out of the window and noticing a tiny familiar head and desperate eyes in the distance of the white out. She didn't. I closed my eyes. I couldn't think. I couldn't hope.
In my head i pictured the Oak tree the last time i saw it in the mid days of December. I always imagined it being freezing cold and i felt so sorry for it because it had no leaves that acted as clothes to warm it. It was all alone being bullied by the blistering wind and snow under the grey sky, paralyzed to the spot, helpless and dying.
I felt like that tree as i lay quaking in the snow, meters from my Aunties house.
Time had passed, i wasn't sure how long, but i knew i didn't have long left. If it wasn't for the utter pain i was feeling, i would of thought i was already dead lying the midst of a white cloudy heaven. But then, my eyes fluttered open as i heard the bark of Auntie Helens' dog Charlie. I glanced at the window and the dog was going crazy, looking straight at me and barking for my help. Next thing i knew, I was being scooped up in a blanket in her arms that felt like fire against my skin. She kissed my forehead and at that moment, everything else blurred away.
My mum was fine when i saw her next, except she wouldn't stop saying sorry to me. I cried when she said that as did she. My dad never left to go to the store after that either, he sent my Uncle Jo to get them for us which he did usually, with only the rare complaint.
I hated the winter after that.
"But you must know!" I said, now perching myself on the grass next to Hiedi's swaying legs.
"I don't know why it changes Shibon, it just does. It's a good thing though, my mom told me that. She said that every tree that blossoms over the spring represents a strong brilliant person."
"What does she mean by that?" I asked, confused.
"Well, I don't really know." She started. "We were talking about my Gran, how she got through Cancer and my mum described her as a blossomed tree in the spring. When i asked her what she meant, she told me about how trees go from nice and healthy in the summer, to a little sick in the Autumn to really sick in the winter, to the point where everything seems to fall apart as they get closer and and closer to death. Then she said that even through the darkest and coldest days of the winter, the trees always hang in there and build themselves back up in the Spring, ready for a beautiful summer. She said that's what my Gran was like. She fought through her darkest days and beat her sickness and then she was strong and healthy again like this tree." Her voice was flawless as it drifted through my ears and the words planted in my mind. They were the most inspirational words I'd ever heard at such a young age. It gave me a strong boost of confidence for the future, that everything was going to be okay, all i had to do to be reminded of that was to look at the tree, strong and beautiful.
I played innocently for a while climbing in and out of the tree, traveling further and further up the tree until i got to one of the top branches. I peaked out of the leaves and was left breathless, gazing out at the spectacular view. I felt like an angel looking down at the beauties of the world. The crystal clear river rippling in the breeze, the animals and their pretty babies trailing them behind and the clear sky and fresh grass surrounding an elegant little girl, innocently playing with daisies in her tiny fingers. I felt completely safe and immaculate, right there in that moment.
I fumbled my way back down the tree and settled down next to Hiedi. I looked up at her face. It was completely at ease. She was humming a sweet tune that a bird would sing just as gracefully. I placed my hand ontop of hers and she turned her attention to me, smiling, taking my hand in hers.
"You're my best friend, Hiedi." I told her, clearly and easily. I know children as young as 7 years old don't mean many things they say because they are too young to know any different, but i meant this. I truly and utterly meant it with all my heart. I loved her, i always had, even from such a young age.
She picked up my hand and put it on her lap as she brushed her fingers through the grass trying to find something lost in it. She picked up a delicate little bracelet made from daisies. "Here." She said, tying it around my little wrist.
"What is it?" I asked, admiring the pretty piece of jewelry.
"It's a friendship bracelet i made from the daisies. You've got one," She started, finishing the final tie around my wrist, then handing me another one with one hand, the other hand held out infront of me for me to fix the bracelet on her wrist. "And I've got one." She said, watching my fumbling fingers tie her bracelet.
"They're really pretty." I answered, finishing the tie. "Thank you, Hiedi."
"That's okay." She whispered. "My Gran taught me how to make them. She told me to only give one to someone I really trust and love. She said that as long as daisies grow in the place the bracelet was made, the trust and love will grow forever too."
"Wow." I said, scanning the field and the thousands of daisies dancing with the grass. I leaned forward and hugged her tightly.
"Hiedi, Shibon!" A distant, sweet voice called. My mother. We glanced in her direction, she was standing by the gate to the field.
"Coming!" I called back. We both got up, checking our bracelets incase they were damaged, and then, hand in hand, skipped back through the grass.
I opened my eyes. I was 17 again. It was only 10 years ago when i was that little girl. I didn't believe it.
The room was very dark now with only a little moonlight giving the room a faint blue tint. I sat up, my hand pressed against my forehead. I yawned and slid my legs over to the side of my bed, gripping the floor and then stood up. I swayed a little on my feet before traipsing over to my dressing table. I slouched down on the seat and switched on the lamp. The table was messy, make-up and hair brushes scattered around. I pulled open one of the draws which held my socks and i rummaged my hand right to the back of the draw before pulling out a little box.
Once i finally managed to squeeze it out, i placed it on the table and examined it. It had got a lot dustier since i last saw it. It was just a simple brown box with an old photo of my young self stuck onto it and the edges of the photo had curled up on the sides. I had completely forgotten about this box and the little things i had hid inside it as a child. I lifted the lid.
As soon as i opened it, the smell of old dust filled my nostrils, like from a really old book. I loved that smell. Inside i pulled out 4 photographs. A whole new reality of which i once lived in flashed back to memory as i flicked through them photos. The one was of me and my dad when i was around 2 years old. I was on his hip, tugging at his hair, a wide toothy smile across my face, a smile that was mostly in my eyes. My dad's eyes were closed and he was laughing. In the background was a small Christmas tree and under the tree was an old dog that i don't remember having, who was tearing up some wrapping paper.
I turned to the next one. I was a little older now, maybe 4 or 5 years old. I was sleeping on the sofa next to my father. We were both stretched out, arms behind our head and our mouths wide open, drooling to the right. It was pretty funny.
The next photo was one of me around the same age, posing by my front gate in my school uniform. My eyes were scrunched up and i was grinning.
And finally, the last photo was of my mother, lying in a hospital bed, with my father next to her, his arm wrapped around her shoulder, and she was cradling in her arms a little baby, sleeping peacefully in a pink blanket. My mum was crying, but it was a happy cry, she was smiling as was my father. And you were the best thing that ever happened to me. Them words that my mother had said early on after finding out about my pregnancy came back to mind. I was the best thing that happened to them. They were ready for me. They wanted me.
I looked down at my stomach and tried to imagine me that happy holding a baby in my arms on a hospital bed in 9 months time. I couldn't. I wouldn't be happy. I didn't want it, i wasn't ready for it and it would be the worst thing to happen to me. I imagined another teenager in the future, my child, looking back at the photo of me holding her on that hospital bed. What would she see? Not a happy mother, but a disappointed one on her own. I didn't want that.
I put the photos down and took a deep breath before continuing. Next i pulled out a sports day medal i won in 6th grade and then pushed aside some other bits and pieces, until i found that little piece of jewelry made from daisies. Of course it didn't look the same, it was dead and almost all of the metals had fallen off but it still made my stomach flip and my heart flutter. I felt my eyes wheal up and i closed my hand around it.
I made my way to my window and looked out. It was pouring with rain but I only focused on the one spot in the drive where i once stood smiling in my school uniform for the first time and where i ran frightened through the snow and few years later.
I then thought about everything else that had happened the last few weeks. I threw my scrunched up hands at my face as i wept.
At that moment, i didn't believe that anything could get any better after everything that had happened, no matter how much i thought of that tree. I needed to see it to believe it.
I slipped on my dressing gown and put the bracelet into my pocket. I creaked open my bedroom door and advanced down the stairs. I opened my front door and my heart jumped as a little girl with long fair hair in a white dressing gown raced passed me, turning back to look at me with tears streaming down her face, pale as death. The rain had turned to snow and she struggled to get her petite legs through the fought of snow that would later become almost fatal. She screamed for help and her body trembled, getting smaller and smaller the further she ran into the distance. I lunged forward after her but stopped myself as my mother stepped infront of me from nowhere, camera in her hands as the snow melted away. She was giggling with the excited girl before her, posing in all different shapes in a fancy looking uniform.
"Mom?" I choked out. The flash of the camera hurt my eyes and then 2 little girls, one in a purple dress and the other in a pleated white skirt and blue vest top chuckled as they skipped out of the house from behind me, up the drive arm in arm, and in through a gate and into a field.
I followed after them 2 girls, but when i got to the gate they had disappeared. I scanned the field but they were no longer there. "Hiedi, Shibon!" I called, my voice distant and sweet. Like my mothers.
"Coming!" A little graceful voice called back, a voice i recognized, my own.
I threw myself onto the gate, it was soaking. I looked up and the sky was spewing water and it was pitch black. I climbed over the gate and jumped down into the overgrown grass. The mud was soggy under my bare feet. A roar of thunder filled my ears as i slipped in the mud, landing face down. I struggled to get back up but managed.
I continued to stumble forward, fighting against the wind and the thunder that growled at every step i took. I ignored it. The rain stung my face as it poured down and it reminded me of how the snow stung my face just the same all those years ago. I closed my eyes as i fought my way through, tripping every now and then into the sloshy mud.
A few minutes later, i saw the tree, but it wasn't the tree i was expecting to see. Instead, i saw the tree in the school grounds. The tree Callum hung himself on.
I stopped in my path and my stomach churned. I closed my eyes, petrified of it, but only re-lived the moment in my memory. I shot my eyes back open. The tree was still there. Without knowing why, i advanced forward, closer to it, holding my breath as if it was going to jump out on me.
I finally reached it. I gawked at it's vast dark trunk and its huge thick branches. To me, it always resembled a body builder of some sort. I stood under it's leaves and i was vaguely sheltered from the rain. My heart was attacking my chest and the acid in my stomach felt as if it was burning up my throught. I glanced up at the branch that i once saw Callum's corpse hanging on. I closed my eyes. "It's not real." I whispered to myself. "None of this is real." I scrunched my eyes tighter, forcing myself to believe the lie that was slipping through my lips so easily and confidently. I had always been a good liar.
I took in a deep breath and peaked open my eyes once again. My heart had dropped into my stomach and i fell back, screaming as loud as i could. "NO!" I screamed into the air.
His body was even more dead than before. His skin was no longer a tanned peach. It was drained and grey and stuck to his nobly bones that now looked tiny and fragile. His collar bones were desperately trying to stick out of his skin as were his cheek bones. But he wasn't dead. His eyes were not empty like they were last time. No, they were alive. They were dark and cold yes, but alive and staring at me.
I collapsed onto the floor and tried to scramble myself back onto my feet. I did, but as soon as i was on my feet again, there he was, just like before. He grabbed my arms and i shrieked, but not loud enough for any attention and not long enough for even a passing glance. He threw my neck back, cutting off my howl for help. He clasped one hand around my neck and gawged his nails into it, desperately trying to rip my throught out. I threw my body into defense mode but i knew it was worthless even against his rotting corpse. He lifted me off my feet by my neck. I was choking, all the while he was laughing but his eyes were filled with hatred.
"Please." I managed to force out.
He grinned and tilted his head to one side, glaring at me before launching me down onto the ground. My head smacked the earth and my brain rattled against my skull. My vision blurred but i could make out his hand coming down on me again. I cringed but he didn't hit me. Instead he rolled my body onto my stomach and i fell into the river.
Panic washed over me and i squirmed under his hand but it was useless. I tried screaming again but he only put his second hand around my neck and squeezed it tighter. I was drowning. The worst possible death. I gulped down a load of water and only choked on more. I gave up. I closed my eyes and tried to let my mind take me somewhere else. It did, but nowhere i wanted to be. It took me back again to when i was dying in the snow as a child. It was a similar feeling to drowning. I felt just as useless and just as doomed.
I took one last desperate glimpse of Callum above the water. I could no longer see his features, his face was darker than the night around him.
I started to close my eyelids once again, accepting my death, but then i saw light, a ray of strong, bright, glowing light against the face above me. I expected to see Callum's face again, but instead, i saw someone else's, my Aunties. I saw her soft, shiny, silver hair falling around her face and her bright blue eyes and pink lips.
The hands around my neck moved to the back of my neck and instead of holding me down, they pulled me up, the water turning into snow and then the snow turned into grass as her face turned again to the face of a different beauty, Tristen's face.
I think i must of fainted at the sight of him or maybe just from lack of oxygen, but when i opened my eyes next, i was spurting water from my mouth and i was freezing.
I squeezed my eyes shut, they were stinging. I shot up and he tapped my back as i choked out more water. My head was pounding and my whole body was quivering briskly. It reminded me of how my mother looked when she had her fit so many years ago.
"No! C-c-c-callum. He-he-he's..." I couldn't continue to talk, it was like my little voice box had suddenly frozen.
"What? It's me. It's okay, your okay, Shibon." He whispered into my ear. I felt him perch himself next to me and he ripped off his jacket and threw it over my back before snuggling his arms inside my dressing gown and holding me against him. His skin was hot against mine and it sent a different, more appealing shot of shakes through my body. I hugged him back, tight. I snuggled my head under his neck and took comfort in his warm breath on my head. Gradually, i felt myself warming up. His presence somehow, like before, made me forget everything that just happened.
"What are you doing out here?" His voice was beatific and was like music to my ears despite the rough trembling. I tried to speak, to warn him not to help me because Callum was there. I couldn't, i was too shaken. I snapped back to reality and I panicked, pushing myself off him and scanning the area.
He swiftly grabbed my waist and pulled me back into his arms, pushing my head back down under his neck, hiding my eyes. "Hush now. It's okay, your safe. Just a few more minutes and you'll be warm enough to walk back home. You shouldn't be out her in this weather so late at night. What were you thinking?" His voice was stern but still shivering. I wanted so bad to give him back his jacket.
"Th...Th...Then why are y-y-you out here?" I managed to force out through my chattering teeth. I felt his body suddenly stiffen and it was several seconds before he answered. I lifted my chin slightly and looked up at his face. His eyes were narrowed and his triangle brows were pointing down on the inside and his lips were a tight straight line.
"I, uh...I was going to the cafe down the road because, uh, i was on my way home from a night out with the boys and i saw you stumbling up here so i followed." He was hesitant and at first i had a hard time believing him, but then he shot his eyes down at me and both mine and his locked together. I couldn't help but know he was telling the truth by his eyes, those gorgeous, deep, brown eyes, shimmering behind the veil of rain that separated us. Them eyes were not lying.
God, he looked so, damn, sexy!
His hair was dripping with rain and it spread across his face when he flicked his head to get it out of his eyes. His skin seemed to be glowing against the grey world surrounding us and his shirt was drenched, sticking tightly to his figure which was...Well, for lack of a better word HOT! His muscles were clear and huge and he looked just like a beach surfer model from a famous magazine or a famous Number 1 Mens Fashion catalog.
I was holding my breath again i could not break the trance i was in if it was killing me. Several seconds past before he broke it. He looked down at the ground, squinting his eyes and he chuckled one, half grinning, showing off his perfect model-like teeth. I felt as if i was melting.
He flicked his hair and faced me again, still grinning and it made me want to throw myself ontop of him. "Im getting a bit tired of saving you now." His voice was low and husky and i had to literally force myself back from locking lips with him. He was staring at me from under his thick, wet lashes and was still grinning. Usually i would've wondered if he was serious or not but right then, i didn't care at all. I laughed, maybe a little too dramatically, but i was so nervous around him. I was still shaking but not from the temperature anymore, it was because the butterflies in my stomach were fluttering so much that they were quaking my whole body.
I couldn't answer, he had stolen my breath once again.
"Come on." He said, winking, his grin still wide and cheeky. He put his hand on the bottom of my back. I wanted him so bad and he knew it, oh he definitely knew it all right! "What?" No sound came out of my mouth and i felt myself go red with embarrassment, but he knew what i was meant to say. "Well, since if it wasn't for me having to come and save you for the third time, i would be nice and warm in a cafe lounge, sipping some hot coffee, watching the scores on the TV..So, come on. Coffee's on you." He chuckled again and i joined him, taking his large but gentle hand as he pulled me to my feet.
We walked together in silence through the shield of rain that tried to block us. My feet were heavy in the soggy, thick muck that was up to my ankles. When we reached the gate, Tristen bent down to adjust a his loose lace and i peered back at the field. It was fresh and green again with a white blanket of daisies swaying in the grass as two little girls came skipping toward us hand in hand. They smiled at me as they got closer and then they stopped next to me. For a few seconds, she simply studied me in fascination before taking my open hand in hers and placing in a tiny, delicate, fresh daisy bracelet. She closed my hand and held it for just a second longer before letting go and skipping back. I watched them disappear and fade into the distance and once they were gone, i opened up my hand and saw the little dead daisy bracelet that i took from my box at home, tangled in my palm. It was beautiful. I slipped it back into my pocket as the sky darkened again and the rain gushed down. "What?" Tristen asked curiously. I was unaware he had been looking at me. Did he see the girls too or was it just my imagination? "Nothing," I said, smiling to myself, "Let's go."
"I'm telling you, Tristen, Callum WAS there! Why don't you believe me?" The cafe was called 'A whole latte love'. It was a fairly decent cafe in all fairness although i had seen better. I had never been in there before, it was pretty neglected by the town and hidden by the many fields. I was surprised how close it was to my house and for the whole 17 and a half years of my life i had no knowledge of it, yet a boy who had just turned up out of nowhere was one of it's best customers.
Inside it was like any traditional, quiet cafe but a little more unhygienic. It had beige leather circular seats surrounding a little red coffee table and there was around 6 or 7 of them and they all had several brown coffee stains patterned on the seats and childish graffiti on the tables. There was also a fairly large counter with 3 or 4 beige leather stools to the front and a pretty waitress with a red pixie style haircut to the back. Soft elevator type music was playing quietly from a hidden speaker and Tristen, Myself and one rather drunk old man were the only customers. It was a dreary place all together with plain white walls with a large picture of a red coffee mug hanging on the wall behind me, but i preferred being there than back at home.
Tristen took a sip from his Double Caramel Coffee with cream and wiped his mouth before answering. His face was completely expressionless. "Shibon, Callum is dead." His voice was blank and with no tone or emotion.
"NO! No, no, no. He is not dead." I hissed at him, slamming my palm on the table causing our drinks to tip a little. Tristen took a deep sigh, shaking his head and then put his hand to his temple, resting his elbow on the table. "Just tell me why you don't believe me Tristen, i mean, i SAW him, he was killing me, i wasn't imagining it!" My voice was sharper than i intended it to be. Tristen looked up at me and put his free hand on his coffee mug. "You also say you saw other things, like you and Hiedi as children. Obviously you imagined that, so why not Callum?" His eyes were narrowed, searching mine which were extremely confused but determined. I considered that for a moment, taking my turn in sipping my Coffee which had now gone quite cold. "Well, how do you explain me almost drowning?" My voice was shaky when i said that. He moaned quickly and sat up straighter.
"I told you, when you saw me and then violently attacked me before running off, you tripped and hit your head knocking yourself out and landing in the water." Was i crazy? Did i really just imagine it? I thought about this. I crossed my arms on the table and buried my head in my arms. "What's happening to me, Tristen, why am i seeing all of this? It was so real." My voice was hardly audible but he leaned forward and stroked my hair before lifting my chin. "Shibon, it's just shock from everything that has happened. It's all happened so quickly that your head hasn't had time to accept it all."
"Is that just you calling me crazy in a nice way?" Tristen chuckled.
"No, it's completely normal, it's just a stage, you'll get over it." He smiled and sat back in his seat, gulping down his drink.
"How?" I asked.
"How what?"
"How do i get over it? I don't know what to do." There was a small tear in my eye and i wiped it away quickly, clearing my thought.
"Just distract yourself. Get busy." His eyes were wise and he sounded like he had said this so many times before.
"Like how?" I asked again, sitting up.
"I don't know. What do you like to do? Swimming?"
"Not after today, that's not going to happen." I almost shouted. His eyes widened and then he chuckled.
"Oh yeah. Well what about art?" He started. He suddenly sat up straighter and widened his eyes even more. " Yes, art would be really good! You'd be focused on seeing what you want to see, it would be the best solution i think." He sounded so proud. I was good at art and i did enjoy it. "You could join an art class somewhere, like at the Community Center or something." He continued.
"I guess." I smiled, i understood where he was coming from.
"Also, your probably too tired, you've had hardly any sleep. Seeing things is a common symptom of exhaustion." He was serious but for some reason i laughed. "Yeah, your probably right." We smiled at each other and finished our coffee's silently.
"Come on then. It's nearly 3AM, you better get home." He sat up and placed some money on the table before tapping my shoulder.
"Yeah okay." I agreed and stood up.
The walk home was silent but it wasn't bad. I actually felt quite positive. What was it about him that made me so giddy.
When we arrived at my door step i turned around and faced him. "Thanks." I said, smiling. "For everything. I don't thing I've properly thanked you for anything." I felt really guilty when i realized that i really hadn't apologized for his saving me either of the 3 times.
"Don't mention it kiddo." He smiled and leaned forward kissing my cheek.
Heat flushed through me like jumping into lava. I flinched back and felt myself blush. I was shocked. Tristen, widened his eyes and then stepped back. "Sorry." He mumbled.
"It's really fine." I said, a little too chirpy and quick. He chuckled and twitched his hand as if he was going to move it but stopped. He took several breaths before he finally said goodbye. I waved him off and even though i expected a totally cheesy make-out session, i was still over the moon with the night.
"See you around." He called back from the top of the drive. "Maybe when your hanging off a cliff or getting eaten my bear." He joked. I smiled, opened my door and stepped inside, watching him leave my vision before i closed it and went back to bed picturing all sorts of mushy love scenes about us in my head.


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