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Young Supernaturals

Novel By: Poemz Buckez

Zane tells the story of the future, and a love he may never meet.

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My name is FreZaniay EpiCoth, but you can call me Zane. I'm the son of two very powerful supernaturals. As a gift for my fifteenth birthday, they gave me the Stone Of Sight. With it, I can see the past, the present, and the future. I'm only supposed to use it when I'm in danger or something like that, but I'm a teenager... I get bored. That's where this story begins. It's not a story about me, but a story about her. A girl so beautiful that the sun dims in her presence. I love her and we have so many things in common. It's too bad she's not even born yet. Yeah, looking into the future really sucks sometimes.

The story begins at an old house in the middle of the woods. On the front patio, with the sun shining on them, was a women with her two-year-old twins. She was singing a beautiful song.

'In the dark of the night

Here comes my hero

Shining her beautiful light

She changes me inside

And she makes me strong

And one day

She'll make you strong too.'

As she sung, she swayed her children on her lap. The sweet sound and rocking motion slowly puts the twins to sleep. The front door opens and out walks a guy who looks no older than twenty. He bends down and picks up the twins and walks them back in the house. It's a scene of love and family. Just by looking at this small picture I saw a family that was gonna be hard to break apart. I soon found out that it would be easier than you think.

The stone changed it's image, and ,in seconds, I was looking at a less than happy picture. There was blood covering the same front patio. At the foot of the patio stood a four-year-old girl and a four-year-old boy: The twins. They stood there staring wide eyed at the blood, grasping each others hands tighly, and silently crying. Beside them was a gray and black wolf, who was gently proding them with her nose. In the woods there was a sound of distant howling. The scene changed again.

This time, it was an elegant looking sitting room, complete with all the finer features of old school royalty. It was filled with, what I am asuming, the entire werewolf pack. They, of course, were in their human forms. The twins were sleeping on the laps of a young woman with blonde hair and kind, brown eyes. She was stroking their hair in a soothing manner. Aside from her, no one was sitting. Everyone was distressed and tension was running high.

"What are we going to do?" a man with a gray beard says. "Eight of us are dead and five of us are wounded. Not to mention the two kids who no longer have parents. We can't go on like this!"

" Calm down Samuel. It's not like we're at war," a sickly thin man says. "We were simply trying to protect members of pack."

"What a good job that did Rick. They still died! Going there did nothing but cost the lives of eight people."

"If we didn't go, then these two innocent children would have been lost as well!" the woman with kind eyes whispers(Trying not to wake the twins) "We couldn't have left them there..."

"There is no point, in arguing the matter of wether or not it was wise to go Samuel and Jessica." Rick interrupts. "What was done is done. We need to think about where the children will go."

"I think they should stay in the pack house and we begin to train them." Samuel suggests.

"That is ludacris," a red-headed woman says."They are only four-years-old. Training doesn't start until the first turning."

"I see no problem with some early training. With all the dangers for young werewolf children, it would do them some good."

"No! There are no other children their age to train with them. They will stay with me. I will raise them." Jessica says. "If it is ok with the pack that is."

There was a vote and, much to Samuel's dissmay, the vote to send the twins with Jessica won out. Elated, Jessica gathered them up up and took them to her den. Now, I know it may sound prehistoric, but it was accually pretty common in werewolf society. The enterance to the den was a small opening that was hidden from view. Jessica had to wake the twins so they could crawl through the tunnel like stucture into the front of the den. The front of den looked like a regular living room. There was a large bookcase on the left wall that was filled with books. On the right wall was a fireplace and two love seats sat on the side of it. Pictures of Jessica and Samuel sat on top of the mantel as well as a vase of tropical flowers in bloom. There was no tv, and candles were used to give light to the room. Farther back in the den was a pile of furs, which was used to sleep on, and a couple of pillows.

"You guys," Jessica says to the twins,"can sleep with me tonight and tommorow I will make you your own area to sleep and to play. Can you guys tell me your names?"

"Mmhmm, I'm Madeleine and he's Marcel." Madeleine says with a soft voice with Marcel perched right at her side.

"Those are some pretty cool names. I'm Jessica and my mate's name is Samuel. He'll be here in a short while."

"Miss Jesse, is our mommy and daddy gone?" Marcel says with an equally soft voice as his sister.

"Y-yeah sweetheart. They're gone so you guys are gonna stay with me and Sam."

"Are mommy and daddy ok?"

"Th-they are, um...yeah. They're both ok."

"Then we can stay with you. You can be our second mommy until are mommy comes back, because you're nice." Madeleine says.

The scene changes.

As the years passed by, Madeleine and Marcel slowly forgot about their parents. By the time they turned ten, they believed Jessica and Samuel were their mom and dad. I watched a marage of scenes go by. The twins bonding with Jessica, their first time talking to Samuel, curling up under the firplace with him, and their first time calling Jessica mom. Jessica was extremely protective, and wouldn't let the twins out of the den. Whenever she and Samuel left, they gave strict orders to never leave. For all those years, the twins would always listen, but things have to change one day.

"Do you know what's out there?" Marcel asks his sister.

Looking up from her book she answers, "Of course, well, what I've read anyway."

"Hmm, interesting." Marcel had been sitting criss cross applesauce for a while, just looking at the den enterance.

"Hey Marce?" Madeleine closes her book. "You wanna go out and see what's out there."

"What? But, we're not supposed to. Besides, there are vampires out there."

"Me and you are kids. Vampire don't kill kids silly."

"Are you sure?"

"Positve. Now lets go."

With that, the twins put on some socks and began to crawl out of the den. When they reached the outside, they were met with a warm breeze. Madeleine and Marcel grasped each other by the hand, and began to walk cauiously through the forest. After walking a good distance, they felt more comfortable and began to play. They ran around the trees, chased loose leaves that flowed through the wind, and had the upmost fun when they found a pound. The fish swam off when they jumped in, but the ducks seemed to gather around them, knipping a little at their fingers.

The twins had played for hours before they heard the sound of laughter. Letting their curiousity get the better of them, they went to see who it was. Peaking out from behind a tree, they saw four teenagers walking and talking through the forest.

"Maddy, are those v-v-vampires?" Marcel whispered.

"N-no, they can't be.That boy just tripped on a stick. Vampires have excellent agility. Besides, vampires don't hurt kids so me and you would be safe either way." Madeleine whispered back.

"Then what are they?"

"Umm, humans? I read about them once. They're not very bright, which would explain the tripping."

"Do you want to go say hi?"

"Uh, sure Marce. They don't seem dangerous."

At that very moment, one of the girls from the group saw the twins hiding behind the tree. "Hey, you guys? Do you see those kids over there?"

To be continued...


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