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A vampire fairytale

Book By: queen twilight 1307


Submitted:Mar 1, 2013    Reads: 13    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Chapter 1. A terrible suprise

one day there was a new boy at school his name is Alec he hung around with his cousin and all his mates. He didn't notice a girl called Maddy looking at him all through out the day. A few weeks later maddy's mother had passed away everyone knew but maddy they kept it a secret until she was in lesson with her best friend Laura. As laura told her she was silent while she thought it over and over again in her head. All of a sudden she stood up from her seat and ran out of the classroom. She ran out to the school yard and looked behind her in case someone was following her.As the bell went for dinner she heared everyone talking and ran into the forest that surrounded the school.Everyone had heared about maddy and rushed on to the school yard looking in to the forest hoping find her nearby. No-one went in after her all too scared but never admitted it to anyone the teachers then tried to get everyone inside but before anyone could stop him Alec ran in the forest in search for Maddy.

Maddy stopped running and sat down on a nearby, fallen tree trunk she had tears running down her face as she remembered he mothers face and voice from when she used to sing maddy to sleep every night when she was little. All of a sudden she heard footsteps coming from behind her she turned to face the trees but couldn't see anything so she thought it was her mind playing tricks on her she soon forgot about it. She heard it again but it sounded much closer this time "who's there?" she called out her voice full of fear.A shadown came out from the trees and started walking towards her "i'm a friend from your class my names Alec" Alec told her his voice clear and worrid. She looked at him in confusion "what are you doing here?" she asked him as he looked at her " i saw you running into the forest and i was wondering if you were alright" he replied. Maddy looked around and wiped her face quickly "i'm fine" she told him as he sat down besides her. They were both silent neaither knew what to say until Alec sighed " we must be getting back" Alec told her. she looked at him "Why?" She asked.

"because if we dont the teachers will come looking for us" Alec explained as she agreed to go back. As they were walking back to the school yard Alec was thinking of a question he could ask Maddy "Where do you live?" he asked her breaking the silence. she looked at him and sighed "i dont live anywere now my step father has the house and hes evil to me" Maddy told him. Alec turned to look at her " you could stay with me for a while im sure my aunt wouldn't mind" He told her. She looked at him and smiled "really" she asked her voice full of confusion "of course we wouldn't want you to stay with your step dad if her hurts you" he replied "thanks alec thats really nice of you" she thanked him. As they were walking back through the entrance of the trees alec's phone rang so he got it out and answered it.Maddy could tell he was arguing with someone so she walked off leaving him with a bit of privicy. When he had finished he walked over to maddy and took her hand as he guided her to the school. When they arived they ran down the path what lead to the end of the school gates both tempted to get away from everyone before the classes ended and they come to find them both.

Chapter 2. A warm place to stay

As they were walking down royal street maddy saw house's on both sides of the road when Alec suddenly stopped at the entrance of the house. They walked down to the front door as it opened to reviel a dark-haired woman standing in the door way "Alec your home early and who is this" she said looking first at alec then looked at maddy. "This is maddy and their was a problem at school she needs somwhere to stay for a few weeks i hope thats not a problem with you" he asked her and smiled. Carol let them both past and whispered something to Alec too low for maddy to hear. Alec then lead maddy up the stairs to the first room and opened the door for her. she sat down on the bed and looked around "this is my room you will be staying here her" he told her.Alec looked at her every reaction until she caught his gaze and smiled her eyes closed and she lay on the bed" Maddy yo need to sleep" Alec told her. she nodded and fell into a dark sleep Alec sat down in the chair and watched her he suddenly began to realise that he loved her more than anything else in the world. The darkness then closed in on them.


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