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Drimwood Inn

Book By: RazzleColaYing

I just wrote this to see if people liked it. I'm thinking of making this into a novel.

Submitted:Sep 29, 2008    Reads: 141    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   

Drimwood inn lies somewhere between the Grey Forest and the Kirinn Mountains.

Only lost travellers will see this inn, and they will stop by for a drink. Some of them come out. Some of them don't. But there is a reason. A myth behind this frightening mirage-like builiding, something that not everyone knows...

The year was 1508.

James McJesop was the boy everyone wanted. Everyone. All the people who owned shops wanted him to be employed in their shops. The bakers, carpenters, artists and chefs all wanted him as their apprentices. The teachers all wanted him in their schools. Every girl wanted to be his true love. Every parent wanted him as their son (or in law). James McJesop was almost like a celebrity in the small town of Fort, in which he lived.

But the boy soon became a young man, eligible, and looking for a job. The citizens of Fort all expected James to marry Victoria Annett, a beautiful young lady whose jet black hair flowed from her head in curls, and be elected the mayor, and accept.

And James did neither.

James McJesop took the job of being the local school teacher. He later fell for another well-learned young woman named Constance. Now, simple and humble Constance wasn't dazzlingly beautiful, nor very involved with the communtiy, but she was clever, witty and had a big ambition to become a scholar from a university.

One day, while James (with the public gawking stupidly at his every move) was walking Constance home, they discussed something.

The folk of Fort are very good storytellers, and one of their fairytales for children, went as follows:

There was a cunning faerie named Glyadora who flew to the top of the highest of the Kirinn Mountains and plucked from the sky, the North Star. She few back down to Earth in hope to sell the North Star for a good price of 19 gold bars. But the star, as suspicious as all stars are, came up with a plan to stop Glyadora. The Star, whose name was Syrre, tricked the faerie into jumping off the cliff and landing on a bed of thistles (therefore leaving her almost dead).

James was telling Constance about how much he would do for her, when Constance had an idea.

"To prove you REALLY love me, will you travel to the peak of the highest of the Kirrinn Mountains, and bring my back Syrre, the North Star?" she asked.

"For you my love, I would travel to the moon and bring you back a moon-rock!" James exclaimed.

So, not long after this conversation, James McJesop; Fort's most popular boy genius set out on a quest, a quest of the impossible.

Want more? I think I'll pop another couple of volumes of this... But here's a little poll.
Would you like my story to end after the end of the myth, or should I make it a mystery sort of thing? Please pop your 'vote' in the comments box, and we'll see later!


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