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The Apprentice

By: RunningWithFlyingCats

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I was sitting on the beach of karma watching the glistening tides rolling up to the shore nearly reaching my paws. The bright sunset was reflecting on the tides making them look golden.The sand underneath my paws was as soft as the fur of a rabbit.The bright,golden,warm sun warmed up the yellow sand to make it seem inviting and giving it a luxurious feel. I let the smell of the sea go through my nostrils the salty scent running through me.Behind me was a thick forest filled with wonder.The forest was called Sashi.The forest of Sashi.The Sashi forest was filled with beauty and exitement.I lived in the ForestTribe,with my best friend Kara and a creepy leader called Dasuke.
I spent quite a while on the beach until i remembered i was on a hunting task.Annoyed I groaned and padded into the thick,beautiful,green forest Sashi and began hunting for my first victim.I could scent a lot of huge elk and quickly transformed into a broad shouldered,magnificent,graceful elk.I trotted up to the small herd and showed them I was no threat to them.I kept circling them my mouth watering hoping soon I could get close enough to capture them.The sun gleamed on the silky fur of the elks giving the brown coats a very golden look.When I thought I had finally been accepted  I switched back quick as a flash into a large she wolf.With a huge amount of strength in my back legs I pounced onto a stray,frightened elk who thought it was safe to wandered off from the herd. I bit down as hard as my jaws would let me.Mouth watering blood leaked into my mouth,the delicious,savoury taste of elk flesh joined with the scarlet red blood delivering a great amount of taste.As I gave it the final  blow to the throat I took its life.I grinned to myself triumphantly and started dragging the elk back to camp.
When I entered camp and presented the prey  I found myself walking in the sashi Forest.The leaves of the huge oak trees that were towering above me were shining from the recent rain.The sun shone down on the lush,green,soft grass that made it sparkle underneath my paws.I  sensed something was wrong. I heard paws following me and twigs snapping.Whoever was following me sure was noisy.I found myself speeding up.A large russet wolf leapt out of the bushes and snarled.I leapt into the air and twisted giving the attacker a warning scratch in mid air.I gracefully fell onto my paws and saw my best friend kara!
"oh gosh dont jump on me like that"I said recovering from the 'attack'
"maybe you should start watching who is about to attack you instead of getting physical straight away"
"yeah sure ill give the attacker a chance to rip my head off before protecting mysel, anyways are you gonna come with me  and see Eclipse? The cut on my paw has become painful.
"yeah sure kamira you have given me quite a mark to"Kara replied as she turned around to reveal the scratch she gave was bleeding.(readers note: Eclipse is the tribes healer)We stood infront of a large hole where inside there was a light coming from it.We entered the large hole and followed the light.Finally we came to an opening where a white wolf with blue markings on his cheeks sat arranging his herbs into neat piles.There were torches small lit inside to keep it light.
"Hey Eclipse,if your not to busy the cut still hast healed and it getting painful"
He nodded and walked away grabbing a couple of herb and a white mixture of something.He put a white paw into the bowl and rubbed the mixture in with a large white paw
"Thanks Eclipse"I said as i felt relief in my shoulder as the pain slowly went away.
"it was nothing"he said as he winked and went back to what he was doing.We both walked out the den and emerged out into the open.The sun had disappeared and the moon was up yet sadly it werent full moon.We padded into our dens and cuddled up for a small rest.
Chapter Two
I woke up to the gentle sound of the other shifters snoring quietly.Kara was cuddled up next to me her warm breath touching my muzzle.I stood up and tried not to disturb the others while i walked out of the den.The early morning air hit my face sharply.The sun was not properly up yet.I yawned wishing i could be back inside the warm den.Stretching i saw the Tribe leader,Dasuke,his cold,icey stare fixed on me.Dasuke was a large shifter.His most commonly used form is a black Bear.In fights he would be anything stronger than the opponent.I shuddered trying to forget the leaders stare.In a flash of Ginger and white i saw myself end up on the ground and that a russet and white figure was on top of me.
"well,did i scare ya now?"said the familiar voice of kara
"you did more than scaring"i mutterd and pushed her off.
"did you see the way Dasuke was looking at you Kamira?it looked as if he was about to kill you!"kara exclaimed
"aw come on its just his scary,creepy nature."I assured her
"anyway i need to train Kathi,wanna take Nari and we will train them together?"
"yeah course"Kara replied bouncing to her apprentice with me following her close behind .My apprentice was small but very lively and fast,she never let her height get in the way of being a strong fighter.I was due another pup,Hasi,for training to be a hunter,because i am a fighter and a hunter.I woke up young Kathi and started leading her to the middle of forest Sashi to the practice crater.Kara and nari were right behind us.
Chapter three:
All four of us clambered down into the large crater where at the bottom lush grass had grown over the years.
"all right we are going to start with prefecting our moves,remember you need to make sure your light,fast and make sure the opponent is hit by surprise.So Kathi,Nari attack kara and me"I explained to the two eager apprentices.The two apprentices nodded at us and then at each other having a sly look on their faces.Kathi leapt at me her eyes filled with delight of being able to attack her mentor.I quickly dodged to the side making Kathi fly into nothing and land on the soft grass with a bump.Nari leapt onto my back and pushed her small paws off my back and onto Kara's back dangerously close to kara's neck.kara started backing up trying to get herself free fom the young attacker.Kathi leapt from kara's back and did the same making Kara and i crash into each other.The apparentices patted onto out necks as if to show a sign that they were triumphant.I fell to the ground pretending to be dead.kathi padded up to me and started sniffing me.I howled and chased after her playfully making her squeal with delight.Kara and Nari joined in and a fighting practice turned into a game of tag.
Suddenly we heard a rustling in the bushes and both i and Kara looked at the apprentices as if to signal them to put their practice to the test.Kathi and Nari looked at each other and clambered back out of the crater and crouched watching the bushes.Tama the lead hunter emerged out of the bushes and the two apprentices pounced onto her knocking Tama over.
"Hey!what on earth are you two up to?"Tama growled as Kathi and Nari started pawing her playfully.Kara and i both climbed out of the large crater and saw Tama on the ground,we chuckled.
"what do you think of our training Tama?"Kara asked slightly teasing.Tama looked at us
"oh yeah your doing great"Tama repled with a slight bit of sarcasm in her voice
"Anyway Kamira your gonna have another apprentice,hasi hashi's daughter was told to become a hunter and your the only one who hasnt had a hunting apprentice"Explained Tama"hasi is becoming an apprentice in a couple of days"She added

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