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Shugoshin Tenshin (Guardian Angels)

Book By: SoraLover1994

'Have you ever felt as if you were never meant to exist?

Have you ever felt as if you never belonged in the realm where you live now?

What if you wanted nothing more than to find yourself?

Have you ever considered yourself to have the inability to live solemnly in the world after so long because of how you felt about yourself?

....I have.

My name is Mitsuki Uchida, and I'm currently fifteen years old. About six years ago, I somehow found myself in a place called Tokyo, Japan with no recollection whatsoever of my past.

When I couldn't find out where I had come from, I gave up on that thought and began to live a normal life with a new family and live in a new home alongside my two new best friends: Saya Koto and Raiden Koyomada, two children who found me in Japan the day that I arrived.

I had spent my first few years in Japan wisely wondering if someone was watching me from a distance; I was wondering if someone was trying to protect me for a reason. What that reason was, I had yet to uncover, and wouldn’t even consider wondering much about.

That was until... My first day in year ten. High school.

That was the very day that everything changed for me.

All from the glance of a single boy about my age.

He was a mysterious looking boy, and he had long silver hair and oddly gray eyes. He was skeptical. But... why does he keep watching me as if he knows who I am? Could he truly know more about my past than I thought that I knew for myself?

If this boy is someone that I truly would understand… Then, maybe I have finally discovered my guardian angel.
~*End Summary*~

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Prologue: "Who are you?" A young boy's voice called out, almost faintly as he stared down at a young girl lying unconscious on the ground. Her hazel eyes slowly opened and they met a worried pair of green eyes. He blinked twice and stared into her eyes clearly, causing her to stare back at him. He was about her age with short black hair, speaking with a thick-layered English accent, and he was accompanied by a young girl about his age with long blonde hair tied back into two ponytails and light blue eyes. "Are you alright?" The blonde asked, helping the young girl to her feet. "I-I think so." She replied nervously. "Hm… I've never seen you around here before." The boy suddenly said, almost in a darker tone than what he usually spoke in, causing the two girls to look at him. "Where did you even come from?" "I…" The blue-haired girl began. "Raiden, stop picking on her! That's very rude!" The blonde said sternly, only causing the boy to roll his eyes at her. "Oh please, Saya, spare me the details…" Raiden replied. "Raiden… And Saya." The blue-haired said softly. The two glanced over at her. "So, who're you then?" Saya asked, smiling a little bit. "I'm Mitsuki." The blue-haired girl replied. "And again I ask, where did you even come from?" Raiden asked. "I… For some reason, I just can't seem to remember…" Mitsuki said, staring at the ground, her hazel eyes saddening. "Oh, don't worry so much about it. Maybe it will come back to you over time. Please don't be upset." Saya said, patting Mitsuki on the shoulder. Now, Mitsuki could only hope that was Saya had said was true. Someday… She was going to find out who she really was, and someday she would try to find out where she had come from, because winding up mysteriously in Japan surely was not on her to-do list. "Now then… Come, Saya, we're late for our classes. Care to join us, Mitsuki?" Raiden asked. "Classes…?" Mitsuki began, raising an eyebrow. "You know, like… School? We're still in elementary school, but we manage. We're only in year 4, but-" Saya said. "STOP SAYING 'BUT' ALREADY! That is getting rather annoying, shall I state." Raiden said, crossing his arms. "Almost as annoying as your proper English can be, shall I state!" Saya said, looking at Raiden with an almost evil look on her face. Mitsuki only giggled. "What's so funny?!" Raiden exclaimed, not trying to be angry in his tone any longer, though he couldn't exactly help it. "I really think that I'm going to like being friends with the two of you." Meanwhile, in a world unknown to the human eye, a young boy sat on top of a castle rooftop, his long silver hair blowing in the crisp summer breeze. His grey eyes seemed determined and yet seemed completely unsatisfied as he stared up at the night sky. He seemed to be highly disheartened by something, of which was clearly blank in his mind at the moment just by the look on his face. All of this befuddled him, and yet he seemed to be no older than the age of ten. Then again, he was no ordinary type of child. "You are indeed foolish to show your face on our grounds once again, boy…" Came a man's voice from behind the child. The boy looked back, finding a man who seemed barely grown with short brown hair and a pair of now angered light brown eyes. "Might I ask why you choose now of all times to come to me with your 'words of wisdom'?" The boy said in an annoyed tone, now turning back around and letting the wind blow through his silver locks once more. "Do I really need a suitable reason to come to my former student once more?" The man said sarcastically. The boy only sighed. "If it is that you wish to call me a fool because of what has occurred, then go ahead and say whatever you want to… Say it is my fault, tell me that I am stupid, say that I do not deserve to be around here… Just go ahead and rub it in my face…" The boy replied, no emotion whatsoever in his voice tone now. "It is not what I want, truly… I have done my part already, and have trained you to learn more of your inner skills… Now your downfall is of your own accord, as the tragic hero of your own tale." The man said. "…And I wonder why I am still listening to you right now." The boy now said angrily, balling his fist a little. "Just tell me why you wanted to come and talk to me instead of just wasting time I could be using to think about more important things in my existence OTHER than living out here." "The master wishes to see you immediately regarding your past actions. I suggest that you end your moment of peace in this realm, and put on a serious face when approaching this master, young child. It is for the guarantee of your own safety… The master is not a very shrewd person…" The boy slowly stood up, looking at the man only once before turning to leave, his eyes now seeming soulless. "Thank you, oh, so kindly for your action of supportive information, Terra…" He muttered sarcastically under his breath as he slowly made his way towards some stairs. As soon as he had reached the bottom of the stairs, he came to a large metal door, slowly looking up at it before suddenly clapping his hands together and blasting an ominous wind source up at it, thus unlocking the door. "Hmph… You were not so wise to come back here yourself… You just put your own life on the line for even thinking to do so…" The man called Terra said with a sigh, looking out into the nighttime horizon. The boy sighed as he walked through a dark hallway, thinking about what could await him. He had been in this mansion his entire life, and not once had their 'master' ever called for him. The first time that he was called down to their leader, it was for him to possibly be put into a life threatening situation for something that he had done… How would he be able to cope with that type of guilt on his shoulders now?


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