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Flight of the Princess 2

Book By: stargirl2

The news of travelling to Neverland put pressure on Jack and Vanessa's relationship. What will Vanessa do when she goes too far? Includes a story inside a story!

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I sat on my bed that night with my head in my hands. How were we supposed to save the world? Jack had only saved the children of the world from fear. I couldn't think about me saving the world, or even going to Neverland. It wasn't even the same world as ours! Why did we need their help? I was way over thinking this. I dug under my bed for my bag and dug through that. While I was looking for my nightgown, I found the book I had gotten. I saw it and screamed. I dropped it on the floor. Why? Because the title wasn't 'Don't read this yet!' anymore. Now it was 'The Girl who Flew Away'. Jack came running into my room. He was poised for attacking.

"What happened?! What's wrong?!" he asked.

"The…the…the…" was all I managed to get out.

"The what? Just spit it out!"

"The book!" I exclaimed, pointing.

Jack picked it up and inspected it. He flipped through the pages. He didn't appear to get it. He wrapped his arm around me and handed it to me. Then he noticed the title was different. His eyebrows knit together. Did I ever tell you how much I love it when he does that? He's cute when he's confused.

"Wasn't this called 'Don't read this yet!' earlier?" he asked.

"Yes. And it was blank. Which is actually weird. Why would North not want me to read this if it was blank?"

"I don't know. You should get some rest though." said Jack, making a move to open the door.

"Jack wait!" I shouted. He turned around, hand still on the doorknob. I smiled and held up the book. "Will you read it to me?"

"What? Why?"asked Jack.

"Why not? It's just a story." I made puppy dog eyes. He never could say no to my puppy dog eyes. He looked down and groaned. Then he walked over and took the book from me.

"Go get changed." he said in defeat. I kissed his cheek and grabbed a nightgown. When I was changed, I came back in. He was sitting on a chair beside the bed.

I climbed into the bed and snuggled down. I gestured for him to begin.

Once, there was a little girl. She lived very happily with her mother. One day, a king came along and married this girl's mother. The girl thought she was going to be very happy in the castle. She was shocked when she discovered that she wasn't. Her mother stopped spending time with her. She was always spending all of her time with the king. He didn't like the girl and decided that if he didn't put her in school soon, she was going to grow up to become some sort of criminal. So the girl sadly packed her bag, waved good bye to her mother one last time, and rode away on a train. She was also surprised to find that she actually liked the school. She had made a lot of friends there. It was only going to get better. The next day she found a boy that she liked. And the day after that, she found another boy that she liked even more. But she didn't know his name yet. She turned to her friend Alice.

"What's his name, if you know it." she asked.

"The frosty one is none other than Jack Frost." said Alice.

I didn't realized that this book was about me. That was my life. I didn't know it, but Jack must have known. I know now because of the knit of his eyebrows and the change of tone in his voice. But he kept reading. He said nothing.

That day, she and Jack both had the same Magic class. Jack led her outside instead and they had a little fun in the snow. Then Jack told her about some things he had learned over his three hundred years. What he said made the girl cry. She was so moved inside that she kissed him. She'd loved him since he had kissed her cheek, but she was still denying it. Granted it wasn't really her choice to make. The man in the moon had to bring them together. They were meant for each other, he knew. But the girl ran away crying. She found the other boy that she liked, Derek, and he tried to ask her if she would go to a dance the next day with him. She refused to even let him finish his question.

She ran to her room, confused about what her heart wanted to do. She cried alone for a few minutes before Merida came to talk to her. The man in the moon wanted to help her, but he couldn't so long as she was crying. So he entered her mind and made her stop. She chose to face her troubles instead of hiding from them, which got the man in the moon interested in her as a potential Guardian. Even he himself had refused to face his troubles before, but she never had. She found out the other boy she had liked was now dead, killed by a hobogoblin. The man in the moon knew that the destiny he had planned for her would never come true if she didn't take this time to get to like Jack, so he filled her mind with good thoughts to keep the realization of that death from her mind. Everything worked out, until he let his focus drop for a moment. That's when it hit the girl, the reality of the fact that Derek was gone.

She ran outside to see Derek one last time, following the light of Rapunzel's hair. But it wasn't Rapunzel. It was a hobogoblin. She was attacked. The man and the moon told Jack and he ran to her rescue. Rapunzel healed her.

The following day, Jack and the girl played around in the snow again. Jack showed her how he became Jack Frost, something he'd never told anyone about before. That developed trust. When the girl cried after the story, something else the man in the moon had a hand in, Jack kissed her. Rapunzel saw and felt betrayed. Rapunzel ran back to her room and wondered what she should do. The man in the moon whispered in her ear the idea of leaving. She wrote a note to Merida and decided to go back to her tower. The girl read it and felt awful inside, but the man in the moon wouldn't let her feel it. She put on a smile and went to the dance with Jack. When she got back, she shredded the note so Merida's feelings wouldn't be hurt, another sign that she was meant to be a Guardian, and continued on with her life. Shortly after, they arrived at camp. Jack froze the lake, and it was actually very sturdy, none of it was thin. But the man in the moon knew that today was the day that the girl would become a Guardian. He thinned the ice in the middle because he knew they'd go there. Jack wouldn't have left his staff on the shore if the man in the moon hadn't forced him to. That way, he was guaranteed to be stuck. When they realized it, the girl proved her bravery by going to Jack despite how scared she really was.

She made her way slowly back to the camp to get help and hit a thin part. She fell in. A piece of ice hit Jack's staff and would have broken it if the man in the moon hadn't moved it and made it seem as though the ice had hit it at an angle that made it go flying. When the man in the moon raised her from the ice, she wasn't believed in by anyone but Jack. But shortly they started to see her.

They fought a war with the hobogoblins, and Jack and the girl won it. Many of their friends did not live to see the end. They made their way to Mickey's castle. He agreed to shelter them and told them that they were going to have to go to Neverland and save the world. When she went to her room and searched for a nightgown. She found instead the book that she had received for Christmas. The title had changed because the man in the moon knew it was time to tell her the truth, and give her a peek into her future. Jack read it to her as she slowly fell asleep. Before she did, Jack read; "Merry Christmas, Vanessa Frost."

That was where the story became my dream. I was standing on the edge of a cliff, a look of anger on my face. I was shocked to find that I was yelling at Jack.

"What does it matter to you if I have some fun for once?!" I yelled.

"You know that's not our problem here Vanessa! We only have four days left to prepare! Did you forget about all of our friends who are being held captive?! We don't have time for detours!" I had never seen Jack like this, so I myself was a little bit scared. Me in the dream just gave it right back to him.

"You know what I think?! I think you're just jealous! You are so jealous, it's unbelievable! If I was going out and having fun with you, you wouldn't care!"

"Vanessa, just believe me! We have no time for this!"

"You're asking me to believe in you?! After what you did?! Never again!"

"What are you saying?!"

"We're DONE Jack! We are done! I will NEVER believe in you again! As a matter of fact, you're not even real to me anymore!"

As soon as the words left my mouth, Jack disappeared. I looked around, still angry. When I didn't see him, I grunted in disgust and flew away into the night. I became Vanessa Frost, the girl who flew away.


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