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The Princess Dorm.

Book By: stargirl2

Vanessa is tyring to fit in at her new boarding school where everyone is a princess of some variety. Her whole dorm happens to be the dorm where all the Disney Princesses live. Turns out they are so much more fun in real life. Follow Vanessa through her amazing adventures at the Princess School for Royal Young Ladies, or PSRYL, for short and the lolz.

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My name is Vanessa and I have just been transferred to the Princess School for Royal Young Ladies. That is the longest my school name has ever been. Most of the girls there are either just plain mean or the preppiest people I have ever met. I suppose I should explain some more before I go on. My mother Trisha recently married King Something-or-Other, thus making me a princess. The king told my mother that I had to go to this dumb school to become a 'proper young lady.' As if he cared about me. He said that I would meet my twin stepsisters here but I'm trying so hard to stay away from anyone with the last name Kane, because they would probably end up being my stepsisters. I do not want to meet them, as you could have guessed. My whole first day, a girl named Snow White from the Disney Princess dorm that seemed completely out of it to me, showed me around the school. It's massive, because it's a castle. Then, when it was studying time right before dinner, she showed me to our dorm. Yup, I was going to be living in a dorm full of Disney Princesses. Only the royal ones though, not the ones who masquerade as princesses, who are inappropriately put in the princess category.

"So it appears as though you would be rooming with Merida and Rapunzel, through that door on your left. I'm with Ariel and Belle. Ariel likes to sing with me, but…" I went through the door before she could torture me with any more of her stories.

Once I was in the room, I could immediately tell that my roommates were weird. There was a target shot through with a bunch of arrows, a bow sitting nearby, and a bunch of blonde stringy stuff draped all over the room. Someone was in the shower, singing with a Scottish accent. Someone else was digging through the closet, throwing things carelessly behind her shoulder. Good, so they weren't neat freaks.

"Um, hello?" I called out with my British accent.

A girl with long blonde hair in a purple dress leapt backwards, wielding a frying pan like a sword. That's when I realized that the blonde stringy stuff all over the place was this girl's hair. It was crazy long.

"Oh, you must be Vanessa! I hope you didn't want to take a shower because she is going to be in there for a while. She's a hot water hog."

"I heard that!" exclaimed the Scottish girl from the bathroom, water running in the background.

"So, are you Rapunzel or Merida?"

"Rapunzel. So the girl in there is obviously Merida. How was your first day?"

"Oh, it was fine, I guess, although, between you and me and maybe Merida, Snow drove me crazy with her constant jabbering."

All three of them burst out laughing so hard that a girl with dark skin in a yellow dress poked her head in.

"Are y'all okay? Y'all been laughing harder than I've heard in a while," she said with her Louisiana twang.

"We're okay Tia. Oh, right, you haven't met Vanessa yet! She just got here three minutes ago," I waved.

Tia seemed to be taking in my outfit, a pale blue, puffy but not ball gown skirt, and slight amounts of silver rhinestones at the top, where it was so obviously strapless. She nodded as if in approval.

"That dress is fine quality. Very nice."

"Oh, well, thank you."

Merida chose that precise moment to come out of the bathroom in a green plaid towel, hair wrapped up in one as well.

"Tia, what are you adoin' here? I thought it was just Rapunzel an' the new girl!"

"Oh, Meri! I just stepped in for a minute to check on these two. They were laughing really loud, so I was a little nervous."

"Acause they were alaughin'?"

"Well, yeah. That and I need my frying pan back. Quick question. Why is it in your hand?" her eyes widened. "And you dented this one too! What do you do to these things when I lend them to you?"

Rapunzel put her hand to her mouth and snickered. That was the universal sign for 'I'll never tell.' I didn't even want to know anymore. It might be something awkward. Probably not.

"Well, you owe me six now. Naveen wanted me to bring him some bacon for his birthday present and I can't make him any until Friday now."

Merida came back into the room from the bathroom wearing a simple green dress, her wild mane of curly red hair let loose. She smiled then looked at the clock.

"Oh no! We'll be late to dinner! Round up the troops Tia!"

Tia went out into the lobby and stood right in front of the main door. She stuffed her fingers in her mouth and whistled the loudest whistle I had ever heard. Every girl in the whole dorm ran down all of the five flights of stairs until there was a neat line up in front of Tiana. Rapunzel pulled me in line behind her.

"Alright, who's ready for some jambalaya? Helped make it myself."

She made some good jambalaya, as I would learn later. We made our way down through the main lobby and into the dining room. Once inside, we were allowed to start mingling with the princes from neighboring academy. All of the Disney girls appeared to have boyfriends except Merida and I.

"Well, I suppose we should sit together and eat our grub," said Merida.

"Right you are."

To be continued.


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