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Spiritual Revenge -part 3

Book By: stoleninkheart

Finally heres part three, this one took a lot of think to tell what would happen but letting it still make sence. Oh and theirs a new character involved... well shall we continue the story?

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(Recap- Alexandra's death was unpredictable, well maybe but it was to Dylan. Although shes dead why doesnt dylan see what happened? A strange girl showed up at his house and lead him back to the old church.) Back at the church- The girl doesn't respond and disappears, after a few seconds Dlyan hits the ground, "ugh where am I now?" he looks around, it appears to be a room with a door and in front of the room is a long dark blocked off tunnel, he looks at the door and slowly walks over to it and opens it. All you see in the room are a few creates and on one of the them there was a pickaxe covered in blood. He picks up the axe and starts chopping down the wood blocking the tunnel. "Now lets see what's at the end here," he starts walking through the tunnel cautiously. There is a door that appears to have blood on it at the end of the tunnel, he reaches for the handle slowly and opens the door. In the room there is only a book on a table in the middle of the room. "Hmm it appears to be some type of spellbook" he looks at the spell that was already open, (the one he didn't believe is the one he will see.) "The one he didn't believe is the one he will see? W-what the hell does this even mean! The spellbook glows and a spirit comes out of the book (the spirit of the faceless girl appears) "please! Help me! I-I don't like this anymore... please bring me to life!" She disappears as soon as she appeared "Wait come back and tell me how! I'll bring you back somehow!" screams the boy. Spikes form on the wall and the boy grabs the spellbook and runs to the door, the spikes smash together quickly crushing the table to dust. BOOM!

Dlyan look back at the door panting for breath, "jeez no need to try to kill me, I didn't want to come here anyway" he looks sadly at the floor. Two spirits appear infront of him, they were the spirits of Alexandra and another death spirit. "please i'll do anything for Alexandra, please give her back!" The spirit looks at him head to toe "why should I? Your a worthless human being. You don't deserve to live either." Dylan slowly looks at Alexandra "okay then kill me instead, please she has a life ahead of her." Alexandra looks at him in shock, " no don't do this please u-uh i'll keep working for him, until I get my life back." The shadow looks at her then grins and closes his eyes "silly girl you will never leave me, you belong to me now, you will never leave my side." Dylan drops the spell book and tries to punch the spirit but it grabs his neck tightly. "Agh let me go you worthless mon-" He stops talking and remains silent, a slight cracking noice is very faint but hearable. "No! Don't! alexandra yells, the spirit breaks Dylans neck and drops him to the floor. A bunch of dark faires come out of the spell book and circle his body, they enchant a spell over and over again (he was bad, he was bad, now our master is not glad, let him suffer in his hands!) A dark aura circles around his body, Alexandra runs over to Dylan but the fairies prevent her from getting completely near him. His body rises into the air and starts to turn black as darkness. The spirit claps and his body falls back down onto the floor. Alexandra looks at him worried.... To be continued


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