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The Prophecy of the Districts

Book By: sugarcookkie

A spell that was cast to keep the evil contained is wearing off. Now four brave teenagers from the four different districts, Water, Fire, Earth, and Cloud shall go on an adventure to seal the evil for good, but can they do it before all hell breaks lose?

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The four districts Water, Fire, Earth, and Cloud are being threatened by the evil that lies in the Unknown. Beyond the four districts lies a place that no one has dared to enter. It is said to be the land of foul, unspeakable creatures. Demons, monsters, and more. It is a cursed land for the dark, evil and the twisted. Not even the bravest of men dare to cross the gates that separate them from it.
Long ago, about 4000 years ago, when the world was young, the first humans were formed from the soil. All was peaceful until some of the humans developed into something horrible. Gruesome creatures with both twisted bodies and twisted minds. They were disgusting and repulsive Their faces were so contorted, they were barely even faces anymore. Their bodies were mangled and they had multiple limbs. The humans called them the Sapita. They terrorised the defenseless humans who fled from their homes to find a safe place to. It was all in vain, though, for the Sapita always managed to find them.
The Sapita grew in numbers, many of them changed into different species, until there were multiple varieties of monsters. These creatures even created terrible incurable viruses. Some of those viruses caused humans to turn into creatures twisted their souls. Some humans lost their minds and turned into demons. It was a time of chaos and disaster

For hundreds of years, the humans lived hiding from these horrible things, until one day a clever man by the name of Alexander Merfagus learned about magic. He discovered it while fleeing from a creature. He ran into dead end and had nowhere to go, but at the last moment fire shot right out of his hands. . The fire had scared away the creature before he could burn it to a crisp, but that didn't matter to him because now he know that he could. He soon found out that a few others he knew could use magic. Some water, some earth, some fire, and some air. Though there were others who could use it was only a total of 7 out of the 70 people he knew. That was definitely not enough to defeat the hundreds of creatures out there.

Alexander decided he would find others of his kind to finally have what he has never known, peace. 63 years later, Alexander had finally found enough mages to defeat the evil. Alexander, though, 80 years old, weak, and frail, could not fight, but he trained the young well to fight for him. The fight went on for 6 years. Many monsters were killed, but they couldn't win, there were just too many. The monsters were pushed back to to the east. The people who were not mages thought they could help and built a giant wall with a gate around that area while the mages fought bravely. It took 9 years, but the gate was finally finished. During that time a spirit of an old man contacted Alexander. This spirit had discovered magic before the creatures were born. He told Alexander how he didn't share the his discovery, for he wanted to be the only mage, and because he was so selfish, it took hundreds of years before humans could learn to protect themselves. The old man told Alexander about the hidden spells, but to use it, one must give their life for this one spell. This is exactly how the old man lost his life. He told Alexander about a possible sealing spell. He wasn't sure if it will work but if it would seal the gate when it was finished, then it was worth a try. Alexander knew he would lose his life if it worked, but it would be worth it.

When the gate was finished he attempted the spell, but it didn't work, he tried 3 more times. The last time it worked. Alexander was about to jump with joy when he felt something inside him. His vision started to fade, and he could no longer hear. He felt himself fall, but was gone before he hit the ground,

2984 years later, year 4000, the spell Alexander cast was wearing off and a prophecy was made.

"Four of each shall travel far.

across the land to seek knowledge

and seal the evil seeping through

and find the truth to who they are."


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