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On Swords Edge

Book By: swords edge

Sandra has been a lonely orphan since her parents died 3 years ago, but soon after a strange dream she finds herself tossed into a different world where she is the only chance of saving it from a curse that has crushed the royal family since the dawn of time.

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Chapter 1
Sandra walked slowly through the abandoned camp ground, hugging her arms tightly around herself trying to fight off the cold. She looked around. the night was dark, darker then possible.
The dream was frightening and realistic enough to scare even the toughest person. but Sandra wasn't afraid, she has had this dream before, many times really. The first time she had it she nearly peed her PJ's. it was a couple of years ago. But the scariest thing about it was that this dream had a voice that spoke to her. it happened by the lake on the pitch black camp ground. it told her about a car crash, A car crash that her parents would die in. she did not believe it,
that was a big mistake.
Two weeks later her parents never came back from the movies. She was thirteen then and was home alone. When the cops came they had to explain to her what had happen. She had cried, mostly because none of her relatives would take her and if they did want her they where moved out of the country. So she had moved in to a foster care house for girls. No one really liked her there, most girls didn't even know their parents. others were taken away from them. She was one of the very few that had a good life before moving in. The next time she had the dream she listened, and she has listened ever since.
Sandra walked normally to the lake, she could hear creaks and moans every once and a while but she shrugged it off. she had this dream way to may times to be afraid of it anymore. Sandra turned the corner and stepped onto the clod white beach on the lakes shore. The lake looked the same as always dark and tar like. But as she looked closer she realized that it wasn't like normal.
"it's moving!" breathed Sandra, the lake was in fact moving. In the middle of the tar lake was a whirlpool that swirled its way to the bottom of the lake. Sandra was about to turn around and leave when she heard the voice.
"your fate lays close, go inside." It said calmly. Sandra wondered what it meant by go inside, buther thought was soon answered. From the center of the whirlpool a narrow path formed, pushing all the water aside, leading to the center of the lake. Sandra looked at it.
These stairs were leading down to the bottom of the lake like they where waiting under the water all those years. Even though they where just under the lake the path was dry and the lake water was held up like walls, unmoving.
Sandra hesitated but only for a moment before she toke a careful step, then another, and another down the strange stairs. after all it was just a dream, so she thought.
"so far, so good," she mumbled under her breath. She walked down a couple more steps. Sandra looked behind her, every thing was the same. So with the cost clear Sandra slowly made her descent down the narrow stairs. She finely worked her way to the end of the path and the middle of the lake. She looked behind her, she was startled to see that the stairs were gone. Now the black tar water was surrounding her on all sides. She grunted in frustration, this could only happen to her…
"little one look around you," said the little voice in her head, Sandra obeyed. She looked around, all she saw was still water. "In the sky, look in the sky". Sandra looked and soon retargeted it. as if this dream couldn't get any worse! Now I have huge birds fighting over head! Sandra sighed, she never did get a brake in these dreams. Wondering when the dream would end Sandra sat down and watched the two big birds fight, as she watched she noticed one bird was jet black and the other snow white. She looked closer when the fight got a little closer, trying to determine the species of the birds. But she soon she saw they were not birds but people!
"wow!" Sandra whispered not trying to be heard, it didn't work both bird people looked down at her. she stared hard at them she could tell that they were both boys and were probably a year older then her about 17ish. She looked a little harder and realized that they weren't really white and black, but were wearing black and white clothing and had white and black wings. She also realized that they were holding swords, the white winged boy held a long silver sword with a ruby holder. But the black winged boy held a sword that had golden swirls looping down the silver blade and had a black holder.
"well brother we have a witness for your defeat," the white boy said, his voice was quit smooth and soothed Sandra. his voice is like magic Sandra thought wanting nothing more but to hear more of his voice.
the other one just stared at her with piercing eyes. She tried to look away but couldn't, she was stuck in his gaze. The boy that had just spoken looked at both of them and realized that this was a good chance to attack his brother. With a powerful beat of his snow like wings he leaped forward and battered his brother. The sword that he had just held, fell out of his hands and into the small water prison that Sandra was held in. Sandra looked at the sword, it shimmered in its own light that it gave off. she tore her eyes away from the sword and to the black winged boy, he was looking at her and then to his brother. he was still in shock.
But his brother wasn't, he was beating his wings hard towards her and the sword.
Grab the sword before it is to late! Yelled the voice, she had thought had abandoned her. with out hesitation she ran forward and grabbed the sword. As she did so a strong gust of wind blow her long brown hair around her face. the white winged boy stopped dead in his tracks, or flight, and the black winged boy just stared in disbelieve. Sandra didn't see this she only saw the sword, the sword that was slowly melting into her hand, and into her. it looked like light that she was soaking into her skin more then It did like melting metal.
She tried to scream but she couldn't, hard as she tried the scream wouldn't come out. So she watched in silent terror as the sword melted into her hand and moved throughout her body. It didn't hurt, she could barley feel it. but it still scared her. finely the last of the sword disappeared into her body, she screamed then loud and hard. When she was done she feel to her knees and looked at her hands. they were tingly but looked the same, kind of tan but just a little so they weren't pale. Sandra stood shakily, lags shacking she looked around. The boys where still there the white winged one had this foul smile on his face the other completely unable to read.
"what's happening?!" Sandra yelled at them, shaken to the bone.
"Sleep……" the voice said. Sandra wondered why it said sleep if she was asleep but only had a moments thought before collapsing on the ground and was fast asleep.


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