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On Swords Edge Chapter 3

Book By: swords edge

same as the others

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Chapter 3
Sandra heaved herself over the last steep hill that was in the way of her and her fort. Sandra stopped at the top of the small hill at the bottom of her fort. She looked at her work over the past 3 years. There was a wall she had built just last summer that circled the entire fort and its yard, the wall was mostly built from huge logs she had found around the area. She had deep holes around the fort so she could stick the logs in them, she had borrowed the kind old mans shovel next door and yes, she had asked. It toke her 2 months of her summer but it was worth it. in the end the wall looked cool and more like an old wall to keep out Indians. Sandra walked around the wall thinking about how hard it toke her to make it, it toke her only a couple of seconds to find the front door, a hole in the wall, when it would take others that didn't know how well hidden it was hours or days or not at all. She had put the forts door behind a thorn bush forest. The thorns grow on both sides so no matter what way you went you would hit a thorn bush forest, Even though it was just 2 feet away from the beginning of the thorns.
Sandra smirked as she ducked under the thrones. that's all they had to do, they just had to duck.
Sandra lifted herself up and out of the thorns. There was a small clearing that she made to get in. Sandra slowly walked into the fort grounds. There was a nice big space around the small building that had a ladder rope that went up to the tree house. Sandra had built the small building that was at the bottom of the tree house. It was kind of like her supply room or shed. She had built it the same way she had built the wall but for a ceiling she had found large branches in the area and had stacked them up on top of the shed leavening a space at the top for a rope ladder.
From there it went to the tree house. The tree house looked like a small house.
Sandra put her hand unto the rope ladder and started to clime.
Sandra reached the top of the rope in a few minutes, she was still trying to catch her breath when she picked up a piece of paper, she had found last year it was a note that kind of scared her but she toke it as a sign and fun mystery. She read it for what seemed the hundredth time.
Who ever has found this and my fort please take care of it! it is hard for me to let it go after all I've done to it and the time I have spent here… I hope that you're a kind person and will take this fort as a gift. But before you decide to stay you should know something. there is a cave around here, it is very hard to find and the only way I found it was from almost braking a bone falling across it. beware if you go in, its long and confusing tunnels will ether get you to the other side or will kill you. I'm not even sure how I got out, if it wasn't for that kind boy that was in the cave for some strange reason… it is still a mystery to me of how he got there and who he really is. He had scared me at first, he had gray wings! They were huge too! they were the length of my body and I'm 5 foot 7! I don't know but it was strange… so well I'm 17 and have black hair just to let you know I've never had a boyfriend so I know I'm silly and a weird teen, hanging out in this old tree house. for who ever you are out there and I'm going back to the caves today to see if I can find the boy and hopefully where he lives because he told me wonderful stories about where he lived. Where here all I can do is sit here and hope my parents won't find me… they have been more high then usual and are getting aggressive… so if you don't find another note then I found the boy and he let me go with him home. I know what your thinking I'm crazy! You find a boy with wings in the middle of a dark and dangers cave and you want to go with him? Ya I know but he had this good feel like he would never dream of hurting anyone and anything is better then going home… well I should go now, hope you keep this tree house in shape! It meant a lot to me,
Your friend May
Sandra put down the note and waked to the corner of the room where she kept a couple of books about plants, trees, and animals in the area inside a zip lock bag. Since she had found this note she had searched for this cave hoping that she could find it. she would love to find it and explore it hopefully finding the other side May had talked about. Sandra had looked for it for a year and some how today seemed different to her, it felt like to day she was going to find the cave. Sandra picked up the note again and carefully folded it and put it in her pocket. She then picked up the books toke them out of there bags and put them in hers. She then toke one last look at the tree house felling a ping of strange sadness like she wouldn't see it for a long time. But she would wouldn't she? She would be back in 2 hours like always, so why was she sad and felt like she wouldn't see it for a while?
Sandra shrugged the feeling of and climbed down the rope ladder. Jumping onto the floor of the shed and then running out of the fort grounds and ducking under the thorns just wanting to get away from the fort and shrug of the strong feeling of going back and staying there.
Sandra ran so fast she didn't see the figure that was standing in the trees just a few feet away.
The tall, dark figure watched Sandra run deep into the forest before he moved he smirked a smile that would have given children nightmares of him, his smirk resembled something like a monster before it devoured its prey.
Oh how his master would be very pleased to hear about her heading his way. such a stupid girl! Letting her guard down, even though she didn't know it, form magic.
His master would not be very happy with him for how long it toke him to cast a spell on her, he didn't expect it to be so hard, she didn't even know her true powers!
What a foolish girl indeed! She still thought last night was a dream! oh yes, his master would be pleased to know that she was running right into his trap.
Yes, she was running right into the cave


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