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the outers

Book By: swords edge

a book i wrote a year ago, just to say that i was a horrible writer a year ago

Submitted:Oct 4, 2010    Reads: 62    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

The hair on the back of alexia's neck tingling with warning. It always happened before she got into trouble.
Some one pounded another into the school lockers. "come on you cowered! Fight back!" oh dear… the ops are fighting again… the ops where the two completely different groups. The jocks. foot ball, boxing, ext… and then the we have the quit outers… they call them outers because they wore dark clothes and long black cloaks kept to themselves never fit in. Alexia thought they were the most interesting people in school. Who wouldn't! they never talk to anyone if they were not talked to first and they were the quickest and trickiest people in school!
"fight! Enough with your tricks and fight like the worm you are!"
alexia turned around. The top boxer and the leader of the outers were fighting. Well more like one was fighting and the other was making him confused.
"I'd rather not," the leader said calmly. he docked another punch then he ran down the hall past the crowd of students. His black blue hair flew like the wind. He looked behind him not watching where he was going and soon flew right into alexia knocking the wind out of both of them. She lay on the floor for a second until to strong hands pulled her up. she opened her eyes and looked into the light green eyes of the leader of the outers. He in turn stared at her own light brown eyes. They stayed like that for a scent until the jock yelled after the strange boy. He looked behind him then at alexia. He looked her up and down face unreadable still holding onto her shoulders. He gave a faint smirk then ran of to escape the bully at hand. The ops and the jocks always got into fights, mainly because the ops corrected them on something making them look dumb, not saying they won't.
alexia sighed, only a week of school she told herself before Halloween. Then she went to 8th period.
Alexia walked home counting all the Halloween ghost she saw. It was the middle of fall and Halloween would be coming soon. Alexia looked at a orange abandon flier roll past he. Alexia gasped remembering what her friend had given her at lunch alexia toke of her backpack still walking she sorted through her pack looking for a orange flier. "got ya!" she whispered as she toke out an orange paper that had Halloween written in big droopy letters, under it was the location and time of the Halloween party her best friend was having. In the back ground of the paper was a grave yard with mist slowly rolling in. Jamie was a wonderful artist, she made it look so real!
Alexia was so caught up in the drawing that she almost missed her house. She folded the invite and put it into her pocket. The door, marked 911, creaked as alexia opened it, from old age.
"mom! I'm home!" she walked into the kitchen where her mother sat working a fabric in the sewing machine. She looked up from her work and smiled.
"hi honey! How was your day?" alexia looked at her mother, gave her the only a 17 year old could do shrug then went to the frig to eat an apple.
Her mother cocked an eyebrow trod her. "just because your seventeen now doesn't mean you can't talk to your mother," alexia looked at her mother with a grin. "it was fine mom. Now if you excuse me I am going to study for my test tomorrow," she said as she slowly went up the stairs to her room.
She heard her mother gasp in the kitchen, "a teenager studying?"
"oh be quit!" she yelled down with laughter fallowing close behind. alexia opened the door to her room then closed it lightly behind her. she looked around her small room, it was a nice dark purple covered mostly by photos of alexia and her mother. No father, no sister or brother. Alexia was an only child born to a monster of a father, so her mother said.
alexia never know her father, soon as she was born her mother moved away and never said one word about her father accept he was a monster
alexia sighed and retired to her desk. It was black with splashes of purple and blue here and there. alexia pulled out her history books and began to read until she feel asleep hours later.


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