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An Unholy Sin

Book By: TaylorMicroWave

Aloisia Elegy wakes up to find herself trapped in a Victorian style mansion, unable to remember anything up until now. A strange man by the name of Lucife Anstaïr is the ruler of the house, but he possesses a dark secret and a terrifying past. The two share history together, but only Lucife remembers. Now, a terrible obstacle awaits them. Will Aloisia and Lucife be able to leave peacefully, without a worry or care in the world, or will their pasts clash and ruin it all? Find out in this mystery/supernatural/romance :D

Submitted:Mar 13, 2013    Reads: 25    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

A/N: First up: Hi :D This is my first time on Booksie, and I am currently writing this story on Wattpad along with Booksie. Anyway enjoy :3

Chapter 1 An Unholy Sin

It was pitch black. Aloisia squinted, trying to make out her surroundings. She was in a large room, strapped to a chair. She had chains around her wrists and ankles, and her neck was pinned by a thick, leather, collar. She tried calling for help, but her mouth was closed shut with duct tape. Who would do this to me? She thought. I never did anything.... That I can remember.

Suddenly, the doors opened, letting in a ray of shining light. Aloisia blinked, squinting her eyes again in irritation from the sudden brightness. A man in a black and red suit stood in the doorway, his dark brown hair positioned somewhat perfectly on his face. He had cold, golden eyes and a menacing glare. He walked towards the girl in a calm, cool composure. As he finally reached Aloisia, he grinned. "Look what the cat dragged in," he mocked. Aloisia growled. Even though she didn't know who he was, he was already ticking her off! He ripped the duct tape from her mouth, smiling. "Who are you? Why am I here?" She questioned as soon as the tape was removed from her mouth. He just chuckled in response, going over to the light switch and flicking it on. Aloisia blinked at the sudden light that filled her eyesight. She scanned around the room, examining all of it. It was a dark, elegant, Victorian style, scarlet with black lacing. The floors were a pitch black tile, and the man's shoes clicked as he walked back over towards her. Aloisia looked up at him. He had dark, golden eyes that were calm yet bore into your soul, not to add that his jet black hair made them stand out more. His coat had various badges on it. She squinted to see what one of them said, but all she could make out was 'a h va e', before he pushed her head back against the chair. He moved his face level with hers and stared into her eyes. "Who I am is none of your business. As for where you are," he let go of her forehead and walked over to stare out one of the windows, pushing the velvet red curtains out of the way. "You were brought here after you lost your memory." he said. Aloisia blinked. Lost my memory? How? But before she could ask, the door opened yet again, only this time it was a butler. He was young, and looked back and forth between Aloisia and the man. "Lord Lucife, Sir Matthius would like a word with you," the butler exclaimed. Lucife nodded, and dismissed the butler. He darted away back down the hall. Lucife turned around and walked back towards Aloisia's chair yet again. He stood in front of her and placed his hands on the sides of the chair, staring into her icy gaze yet again. She scowled and turned away, but the black haired man picked her chin up. He brought her face close to his, and Aloisia fought to hold back a blush. He smirked, running his free hand along her cheek, and examining every detail of her face. He once again locked their gazes.
"When am I getting out of here?" Aloisia muttered. Lucife smiled darkly. "Don't worry, you'll be out soon," he said, letting go of her chin and walking back towards the door. "But for now, just sit calmly. Alyxandër will be up to check on you in a bit," Aloisia guessed that was his butler. "Just stay put until I get back," Lucife exclaimed, walking into the hallway and shutting off the light as he went. "Not that you can go anywhere." And with that, the door was shut yet again, leaving Aloisia in the pitch black darkness, once again.

A/N: So? How was it? Chapter 2 coming soon :3


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