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Roses to Vivian

Book By: Tessalyn

Chapter 1 of 21

Submitted:Sep 25, 2012    Reads: 6    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

First Rose:

"Why did you do it Marshall." The Voice called out.

" What? Where the hell a--" I tried to grab the words but a surge of energy went up my arm. I can't move anything, I feel so numb. I try to stretch my neck to see where I am but it's dark. I wiggle my arms but feel they are bound. What the hell is going on?

" Do not speak out of line Marshall. You know what you did. Your hands are stained with there blood." The Voice hissed " You started with him, you couldn't handle the jealousy."

A light flickered on. A pool of blood surrounding me, followed by plain white walls. My eyes followed the walls until they saw what lay in the middle of the room. It was horrible. The body was... was. No. That wasn't me. The body is shredded. Blood is everywhere, splattered on the walls and pools on the floor.

" Look at it Marshall. Your instincts took over. But that is not all you did." The Voice said, calmer now.

The light died out, but I never noticed. I didn't want to see what was next. I squeezed my eyes shut, refusing to open. ZAP. I hunched my back and screamed. The surge much more powerful. Now through-out my entire body. A speaker buzzed on. The Voices static cleared.

" DO NOT RESIST! You are a beast in human form and you must face what you have done. The fear in their faces as you ripped them apart. Animal."

Tears swelling from the pain, but the smell was even worse. Lights burst and the room was red again. Somehow, I was in a chair. Directly in front of the body. Same as before, mutilated. Soaked with blood, with most of it on me, on my mouth.

" Was she delicious Marshall? She obviously was. we watched how ravenously you devoured her. But you saved the best for last didn't you. Hehe, her face was so precious." The Voice almost chuckled.

Hunched over again, I vomitted. I couldn't take it anymore. I was so weak, so terrified on what I have done. i could still taste their blood. It'd all over my clothes, my hands, it tasted so horribaly sweet.My breath was slowing. I wanted to give up. No more. This isn't real. Oh but it is. A voice chimed in. Different than The Voice over the speaker. It wasn't that, it was me.

" Now look Marshall. This is my favorite part. Oh how she adored you. Her playful smile and those wonderfully big eyes. It was heartbreaking when you killed her. Wasn't it?"

No, I won't look. I turned my head and shut my eyes. The shock so much more powerful grabbed hold. I screamed but kept them close. They will have to kill me before they can make me open.

" How resistant you are. She loved that about you. *Sigh* I guess I will tend to this myself." A click and footsteps followed The Voice. Something opened, I wouldn't know, my eyes were glued shut.

A hand resting on shoulder suprised me. I nearly jumped. " Open your eyes Marshall. It is for the best." A scruffy voice said gently. Liked I was under a spell I began to sit up, feeling relaxed and hypnotized. It was sick. I fought as much as I could but my body wouldn't listen. Light peeked through and soon they were open. An old man with a deep scar down his cheek smiled. He was wearing a labcoat with a nametag. Steven Wauhnbeack. A name seared into my mind. Suddenly I was full of rage. I snapped at him, bearing my fangs. Desperatly wanting to rip out his throat but that is what he wanted. He chuckled and whispered in my ear. I fell limp. He didn't say that.

" Look Marshall. This is the best part. Your instincts took over." He repeated. " She was once beautiful, but as all vampires do. They suck the beauty out, leaving only a bloody mess."

He stepped slowly out of the way. Revealing her. I froze, screams clawing their way out of my mouth but I made no sound. She just stared. The light sucked out of her eyes. Not as much blood, but two puncture wounds sliding down her neck. " So pretty." was written on her arm in blood.

" You wrote that, that's how you mark your meals. She is dead Marshall. You killed her."

I regained my sanity little by little. The fear and hatred swept through me. Why did you do it, I mean you loved her. Right? Images of her, still pink cheeked, not blue toned. Her red lips, not cold and pale. Her eyes, not grey struck.

" Vivian..." I whimpered. That's all I could slip out before the screams found the air. The Voice told me she was gone. How would I know I fainted when they drug her out.


" VIVIAN IM SORR_" I yelled. I shot up and tried to grab her. I was home. Not bound to a chair being tortured. I felt sweat dripping down my neck and back. Just a dream, I didn't kill anyone. I thought. Someone else joined the conversation, the same voice in my dream, the other me. A wonderful nightmare Marshall.


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