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Mother of Darkness, Father of SIlence

Book By: TheOrangeType

Its a post apocalyptic Britain where a new dictator has come to power and taken over much of North America. Our protagonist, Derrick, wants nothing to do with the new dictatorship, but will his dark allies change this?

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"And what do you say brothers and sisters? Do you wish to live in poverty, suffering and pain? Or would you rather join together, in one brotherhood, and strive for a better world? Safer world? United world? I promise you that together, and only together, we can strive to make this world a better place to live, a stronger place. A place with no war, no sadness and no pain! Together, we can make a brighter and more united earth. Only today is this possible with the Greater United Kingdom of Britain!"

The crowd roar furiously. Screams of delight thickly fill the air and penetrate the ears sharply. Men shake their fists in the air chanting "Together! Together!" and women swoon at the sight of this triumphant man standing on stage, fist clenched in the air. I'm not having any of it. This man is a tyrant and needs to step down, or be stepped down. "The Greater United Kingdom of Great Britain?" What absolute bollocks! This will never stand in the new "colonies." Why would they drink in this new order crap when they are basically slaves in their own countries? I know I wouldn't.

The speech ends abruptly. The dark haired man steps down from the podium and slinks behind the vast flags draped from the roof of the newly constructed parliament building that towers over the newly announced capital city of Greyich. The people do not disperse, however. They stay for an hour or so after the speech screaming and jeering at the now empty stage. I cannot fathom it, I really can't. He has gone, go home!

No matter, this isn't my problem. They want to waste their hours standing about listening to propaganda, let them. It makes no odds to me; it actually makes my line of work easier. I slowly turn around and flick my collar up around my neck, shrink my head into my coat and disappear into the dark.

The night is growing old and my odds are decreasing. I slink into a dark ally way and slink behind a skip. I quickly throw my coat off and stuff it beneath the skip to reveal my gear. Only a simple leather set of armour like clothing which sticks to my body to reduce noise and allows me to run a little faster, which is essential. I turn sharply and grasp the gutter tightly and shimmy up as fast as I could. I ascend five floors in less that ten seconds and am now running on the roof. The gap comes closer and I leap the fall with ease and land in a roll. I keep going for an hour or so as I scout out different locations. This is now the richest city in the union and everyone who is anyone lives in Greyich, making this a prime location for anyone looking for a quick haul, making my line of work more competitive.

I soon find a good place to case in the middle class suburb of Edward Place. It's a big house painted white with red shutters and, oh look, an open window. I sat across the road on top of a housing complex for a few minutes to check if anyone is home, there isn't. All at the rally I assume; I never said there wasn't a use from it, its just not what they were preaching. I decide to move in and jump to the nearest tree and skulk across the road to their garden. Common suburbia, gnomes on the grass, sprinklers and such, we have become very Americanised since the union.

The door is locked; ah well, there's always that window. I walk below the window and look up, eyeing up the jump. The window on the first floor is closed but very low down, no chance of scaling this wall. What to do? I don't often do this, but im sure once wont harm, right? I slowly bend my knees and touch the ground and concentrate, hard. My eyes start to glow and I see the red mist descend. I close my eyes to cover the light and unlock my knees. I shoot into the air and rise at least 10ft. I jump so high that I have to catch the windowsill on the way back down. My arms felt like they were gong to rip off with my weight falling down that fast. With this I drag myself into the room and collapse to the ground in a huff and give my self a moment… never again.

As I regain my breath I take a look around. Jack pot. Jewellery, money, wallets, DIAMONDS all scattered around the room like it was nothing but dust. This is the best haul I have had in almost a year and I am not complaining about my arms anymore. I grab my little sack from my belt and start filling it. Everything I can get my hand on goes into the bag and its bulging to the brim, I can barely close the sack. I run to the other rooms to see what I can find. Money is what I find, lots of it. I can't believe my luck! I have made at LEAST 50 thousand pound tonight alone, depending if my appraisal on these diamonds and other precious stones are accurate.

I am just about to leave, giddy with excitement at my haul, when I hear a door slam in the drive. Shit! Their home! I look out the window to see a family of four getting out of a mini van with great grins on their faces. The father is muttering something about unity and clenching his fist in the air, the wife looks dazzled at what she must have seen at the rally and the kids have flags with "Together" scrawled on them. I slink quickly back into the room. The question isn't how to leave, but when. How long will I have between them walking in and noticing the theft? I didn't break and enter but I sure cleared the place. The window is also on the side of the front door so I cant just slink out of the window because there are four of them. What if they turn around to see me running down the street? I may as well scrape "Swag" on my bag of loot because that's all they are going to see. What do I do? Well… I always could… No, I cant. Last time I almost lost my arm in a wall… But I can't sneak past them… I have to, I must. I sit down in the darkest corner of the room and chant; "Mother of dark and father of silence hear my prayer. Give me the strength to escape my enemies and sink my dagger. Mother of dark and father of silence hear my plea." As I chant I hear a set of keys clash with the ground with a scream of terror from the wife. My heart starts to race. "Mother and Father hear my call. Give your child another night." Its working. I can feel my self-disappearing into thin air. It's the most painful thing I have ever experienced. Heavy steps are coming up the stairs. I become more frantic "Mother of Dark Father of Silence give me the chance at redemption. Give me the chance of another night so I can prove unto you my worth!" As I utter this my vision darkens and the pain stops.


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