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Broken Ice.

Book By: tika123love

This is a story about a young girl. Her parents have just died now she must face living in a foster home. And unlocking the true secrets of her life.

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I was only seven years old when I was first adopted. I know nothing about

my real parents but I want to find out, Everything. After I shovled away the

snow for Mrs.Marceline I got in my night gown and headed towards the

stairs when she stopped me "Jessica? Don't you need me to show you

to your room?" She asked. "Of course." I answered her and we went

straight up the stairs. After what felt like forever we got there. It was a br-

own wooden door that looked nothing like the others. "Here is where you

will stay along with a few other young women like yourself." She told me. I went

to the only bed empty. But I was glad where it was, next to the window.

I enjoyed the cold. I always have and I always will. I tucked myself underneath

the warm yet small blanket. I needed to get to sleep. I had a big day coming

ahead of me. I have to attend my adoptive parents funeral. They died the day

before yesterday in a car crash. It was raining so I know they weren't really

murdered. I needed to know the real thing though, The cold hard, Heart

breaking truth. All I knew was that I needed to find out everything about my

birth parents.

Chapter Two.

As I woke I heard a loud laughter coming from the other girls whom I shared

a room with. I got up and got dressed when I realized that my blanket and

pillow had been missing. There was a small piece of paper but as I tried to

grab it Mrs. Marceline walked in. "Jessica! Oh good you are here. I have some

exciting news for you. We have found a new family for you!" She said with a

strange twinkle in her dark blue eyes. She looked different. I couldn't quite

put my finger on it though. But it really didn't matter. "That's good I guess."

I answered. It was time for me to start setting up the funeral and for some

reason I was really tired although I had gotten a good amount of sleep.

I was getting the chairs ready when I tripped and pushed two chairs over.

But something caught me by the arm and pulled me to my feet. "Hello."

He said to me but I wasn't paying attention. Instead I was looking into his

eyes they were black but had an amazing sparkle to them that I couldn't

explain. "Hi. I'm Jessica." I stuttered looking like an idiot. He chuckled.

"I know. My dad knew your dad. He was an interesting man." He said. "So

is he here?, Your father I mean." I asked.

"Yes. He's inside washing up." He answered. He looked around

as if he would see him. I knew him from somewhere I just couldn't

remember where. "Have we met before?" I asked. For some reason after

I asked that he looked confused. "We were kids when we first met and I

haven't seen you since." He answered. "Oh. I knew you looked familiar."

I hadn't realized we were walking until I tripped over a big rock and landed

on my hands and knees in the cold wet snow. He helped me up as he laughed.

"It's not that funny. Imagine if that was you. It's freezing." I said kind of irritated for

some reason. "My apologies." He said. I was up to me feet when I remembered

the chairs I knocked over were still on the snow. "Great, Now everyone will be freezing

when they sit." They were covered in snow mainly because it was still snowing.

I wiped the snow off and put all the chairs in their places. "So when should you be

getting new parents?" He asked. The question sounded dumb but I answered anyway.

"Miss. Marcy says there's already a family to interview, Strange though because I only

just got here." We were walking again. We went inside and went to the sinks to wash

our hands for dinner. Our chairs were right next to each others. Someone was sitting

at the very end of the table. His dad? "There's my father." Yup his dad. "What's your name?"

He looked confused when I asked that. He raised an eyebrow. "I don't know your name.

What is it?" He chuckled. "My name is Demetri." He answered. "Okay. " I said.

Demetri, I like that name. Sounds Russian or Romanian. It's cool. The dinner arrived

at the table. There was so much. It was like a feast. If we ate all of this then there would

be more than one funeral. I giggled then realized it wasn't funny. Demerti laughed, and

it startled me. "No one said anything Demetri." I said. "No one said anything when you

'giggled'." He answered. He had a point. "Fair enough. Why did you laugh though?" I

asked him. "Why did you laugh?" He answered. I looked at him. "Because I made a joke

and thought it was funny Demetri." I answered him. He just smiled and said "Kinda the

same answer." He smiled again. I looked at him confused and realized we were the only

ones not eating. Half the tray was gone. I looked at the tray in shock. I quickly grabbed

a roll and some potatoes. "Tell me about yourself Jessica. You've obviously changed since we

last saw each other." He told me as he looked me over. I guess I have changed since I last

saw him. I didn't even remember his name for crying out loud! I just sat there as if I was

speechless. Which I'm not. "There really is nothing. My favorite color is green. I don't like

pink very much. I have almost no friends. I like music and the rain and the cold." I

answered. "Interesting." was all he said. "Your turn." I said. "My favorite color is blue.

I have a friend I call my brother. My real brother died two years ago. I like wolves and

eat like one." He said and smiled. "Your brother. How old was he?" I asked him. He looked

away and said "He was six years old. And murdered." I was looking down when he said this.

I looked straight up and at him but he wasn't looking at me. "I am so sorry." I said. "It wasn't

your fault. I couldn't even have helped him." He looked at me. "Your eyes." I said quickly.

They weren't black any more, but a soft blue. "Yours too." He answered and got up. "I am

finished father." He looked in his fathers direction. "You're dismissed." His father said.

But he sat back down. "Could I stay?" His father nodded and looked away to a few other men.

"Stay? Why?" I asked him. He didn't look towards me. "Various reasons. Maybe I could learn

something from you." He said. Me? I blushed a little and looked away. Why am I blushing?

"Maybe you will." I said and smiled. People started leaving the table and the funeral is soon

so I was about to get up when Demetri stopped me and pulled my chair out then helped me up.

"What was that for?" I asked him. "You're a lady. People should treat you like on should they not?"

He answered. I couldn't help but blushing. I turned away and picked up the dishes from the

table. "Shouldn't they?" Demetri asked again. I just kept picking up the dirty dishes. He grabbed

them from my hands. "They should." He said and walked to the kitchen sink. I sighed and followed

after him. I snatched some of the dishes from the counter he sat them on and started washing them.

"You like this or something?" He asked me. I looked up at him and set down a dish. "No. Not really."

I said. "Then why do it?" He asked me walking towards me. "Well I'm not going to ignore Mrs. Marcy."

I said and started scrubbing again. He ripped them from my hand and continued for me. I snatched

them back from him and accidently got soap all over his shirt. I forced back a laugh. "I am so sorry."

He laughed and wiped it off of his shirt with a dish towel. I realized we finished the dishes. Cool.

"We need to be outside." We both said. I dried of my hands and ran outside. Good. I'm not late.

Everyone was just starting to sit down. I ran to the stand and got my cards from my jacket.

I gulped and began to read.

Chapter Three.

"Me father..my..my father." I was stuttering. "My father and my mother meant a lot to me. Even

though I am adopted they still read to me every night and tucked me in. They loved me for sure.

My mother always said 'Don't be what your not and that's a horrible person.' " I could feel tears on my face.

Freezing. "They were really good people. And for those of you who knew them. Be glad you did."

I stepped off the stand and ran to my seat while Demetri's father gave his speech. I hadn't realized

I was sitting right across from Demetri. I didn't look at him but I could feel his eyes on my face.

I wiped away my tears with the sleeves of my jacket. I heard people laughing. Laughing? I looked up

and Demetri was giving a speech aperently he said something funny. Before I knew it we were

dropping the coffins into the deep hole in the ground. I never want to buried. What if I wake up?

We all had our heads down. We put them back up after a long moment of silence.

I dropped a flower on their pictures as we walked away. Demetri and his father did the same. How

did Demetri know my parents? Did he visit when I wasn't around? Oh well. Demetri and his father

walked up to me and his father told me he loved my speech and my parents. His father walked away

and Demetri and I just stood there. "Are you and your father staying tonight?" I asked. He looked

at me and answered. "No. My father has somewhere to be tomorrow and won't leave me alone."

I frowned. "Sucks 'cause I needed the company." He smiled. "I should get going my father would

be angry if I was late." He said. I told him goodbye and went into the warm house to get a shower

and go to sleep.

I was walking across the street...Why? I tried to stop but I couldn't. I turned to the side and saw

my birth parents spinning across the road in their car about to hit me. Then I woke up.

Thank goodness. It was a dream. A nightmare. I turned my head and noticed one of the girls

I shared a room with was staring at me. "Nightmare?" She asked me. I looked at her and answered.

"Yeah. Why?" I asked. "Because you shake in your sleep at night. As if you're having a nightmare.

I just never got the chance to ask you." She told me. "Thanks for asking. Yes. I have been

having nightmares." I told her. "You look scared." She said. "I am. I mean I was. What's your name?"

I asked her. I have been asking that a lot latley."Miranda." She said. She smiled. We had a long

conversation and finished the night with a heavy sleep. I woke up earlier than usual but I was glad

because then I can get my chores done sooner. I got up and hopped in the shower, rinsed my hair

and brushed it quickly. I got out and changed. I put on my boots and headed down stairs to get

the shovel and head outside to finish the driveway. When I got outside I saw Demetri sitting on a

boulder. He was looking down at his feet it looked like. I walked towards him. "You okay?" I asked him.

He didn't answer. He kept looking down at what I thought was his feet but it was a tombstone. On it

it said, Daniel Parker 1999-2005

Son and Brother.

Under the stone the king

sits clear in his throne.

I looked away from the stone and saw Demetri looking at me. "What happened to your brother?" I asked

him. His eyes were still fixed on mine. "He died. I couldn't help him. Couldn't save him. I should have been

there." He kept looking into my eyes."He was playing around in the park one day when a group of kids

came up to him. They asked him to play. He said yes and they went to a wishing well in the forest.

He 'fell' into the well...And died." I looked into his eyes this time. I could feel the tears welling up in

my eyes. I wanted to run. I can't believe I even asked him. "I am so sorry." I walked towards him

holding out my hand. I dropped it and he patted the rock beside him. I sat down. "It's not your fault.

It's mine." He said. "Why would you think that Demetri?" I asked him confused as ever. He looked

up at me. "I wasn't there when I was supposed to be, Jessica. The kids didn't try to help him.

They ran. Just like you want to." I couldn't believe how sad and truthful his words sounded.

"What?" I asked him. "They ran away from his cries." He said. I just nodded. How could he know I wanted

to run? I did. But how could he? "I'm sorry Demetri." I said. He looked away and into the sky. I got up

and started to finish shoveling. I was surprised I didn't cry. That story was heart-breaking. Almost

soul-wrenching when you think about it. But I don't want to think about it. Poor Daniel. I didn't even know

the kid. But I still feel like I should have been there to help as well as Demetri. I wonder if he ever cried

himself to sleep. Once I was done shovleing away the snow I went inside and took of my boots then

ran up the stairs. Miranda was sitting on the edge of my bed. "You recieved a phone call while you were

gone." She told me. I picked up the phone to see who it was. There was nothing on the caller ID. "You sure

it was for me Miranda?" I asked her. "Yes. Mrs.Marcy told me to tell you. She didn't say who it was though."

I walked out of the room to find Mrs. Marcy. I walked down the long hall until I saw her office door. I gave

it a light tap and she called for me to enter. "Did I recieve a call earlier?" I asked her. "Yes. It was from a

new family that is interested in adopting you. They would like to interview you. Unless it's a problem Ms.

Jessica." She said. I don't want a new family yet. If I get a new family then I will get attached to them

and I'm almost old enough for my own place. I couldn't do that to them. "It's fine." I told her. "Good.

Then they'll be here tomorrow." I nodded and left. I walked back to my room and saw Miranda hadn't moved.

"How did it go?" She asked me. "A family would like to interview me." I said and forced a smile. "You don't

want another family do you, Jessica?" It didn't seem to be a question. I came and sat next to her letting

my hands fall to my lap. "No. I've only got a little left before I can live alone. Until I'm eighteen. I can't

get attached to them. I'll be leaving right after. I don't want to do that." I told her looking down at my hands.

"I know how you feel. I've been through six different families, you know." She said. I looked up at her. Six?

"Really? What's your story?" I asked her. She looked at my hands and my eyes followed hers. I was squeezing

the life from my fingers. Though I hadn't noticed. "I was just a baby when I was first adopted. My parents didn't

tell me I was adopted until I was ten years old. I was so angry. I had been living a lie. Not soon after that

I made the disision of running away. So I did. My parents looked for me every where...I never showed up.

I led them to believe I was gone. But I reported myself to the police. I told them I needed a home. I lied

about my name so my parents couldn't find me. They got me a foster home and I was stubborn about having

new parents...they beat me. I just kept on bouncing family to family. I want to stay here forever, Jessica."

I felt so sorry for her. They beat her? That's horrible. I wish I could have done something. Just like with

Daniel. We eventually got to sleep late at night. When I woke up I noticed Miranda on my bed. Asleep.

I don't care. Just a bed. I got up, went down stairs, and put my boots on then went out the door.

I saw Demetri sitting on the rock again. I went straight to him. "Morning, Jessica." He said before he even

saw me. "Morning." I said and sat next to him looking at the foggy clouds. There's supposed to be a blizzard

today. "There's a blizzard today." I said just trying to make conversation. It was already snowing hard. And

I was freezing inside and out. "I am aware." He said and smiled. I wonder if he has to go with his father again

tonight. "Are you leaving with your father again tonight?" I asked him. He shook his head. "He's going to the

old pond with his 'buddies'." We were still looking at the sky. Then I could feel him looking at my face. I quickly

looked at his face and noticed something, his eyes are green. How do they do that? They change all the time.

Black, Blue, and Green. Always different. Amazing. I was squeezing my fingers again. He pushed my hands

away from each other. I looked up at him and raised an eyebrow. He looked back at me. "What? You could

hurt yourself." He said. I just laughed. I got up off the rock after a while. "It's snowing like crazy and getting

dark. I need to go." I said. He nodded and stayed at the rock. I walked back through the horrible snow. It

was hard. How could the wind even allow him to sit there? I finally got inside and slammed the door. I hung

up my coat and turned around to take off my boots when I saw Miranda standing right there. "Ah!" I yelled

and jumped back. She giggled. "Hi, Miranda." I sat on the stairs and ripped off my ice cold boots.

"The girls and I are camping down stairs tonight. Mrs.Marcy says the electricity might go out. Ninety percent

chance." She told me. I just nodded. I walked up stairs and took a quick warm shower. I got dressed into my

pajamas after brushing my hair and sat on my bed. I let out a long sigh and heard a tap on the door.

"Jessica." It was Miranda. She walked into the room. "Would you like to come down?" She asked me.

"No, thanks. I need to get to sleep. Have to be interviewed tomorrow." I answered. "Oh, well. There's someone

here for you." She said. Someone here for me? Who? Why? What? I got up and Demetri walked in the room.

Demetri? What's he doing here? I turned to ask Miranda but she was gone and out the door. Demetri went and

sat on Miranda's bed. "Yes, Demetri?" I asked him. He didn't answer. He just kept looking at my hands. "Demetri."

I said. He still didn't answer. "Demetri!" I half yelled. He looked up. "Yes?" He asked. "You visited me, not the other

way around. What do you want?" I asked. "Company." He answered. I looked at him. He wasn't looking at me any

more. "Okay...What's up?" I asked him. He looked back at my hands. I was squeezing them again, when I saw

him look I stopped. He still didn't answer. He got up and walked to Miranda's night stand. "I knew her." He said

touching the picture of her and a few other girls. He knew her? Was he talking about Miranda? What's going

on? How could he have known Miranda? I looked at him. "You knew her? Miranda?" I asked him. He moved his

hand away from the picture and looked up. "Yes. I knew her." He sat on her bed. Wow. Who would've thought?

"How did you know her?" I asked him. "Her and I met in first grade. She was living with a new family and had no

friends. No one liked her." He wasn't looking at me any more. Why wouldn't any one like her? She's just fine.

I feel sorry for her. I feel like I can just picture them as little kids together...with bruises on her face. The

thoughts saddened me. "No one liked her?" I asked. He looked up and nodded. "I don't know why. She wouldn't

tell me. All I know is, I'm the only one who ever even said Hi to her." He answered. That's so sad. I could feel

tears on my face but when I tried to touch them there was nothing. I feel so incredibly sorry for her.


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