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The Elamented

Book By: tika123love

the Elamented is a story about three heroic friends fighting for themselves.
In the story from a thirteen year old girl's point of view, her name is Flower and on her thirteenth birthday she was cast with magic-like powers. Because of her parents who are apart of a group called The Elamented.

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Chapter One

I woke with a start.
Like always, for the past few months I've been having these
horrible dreams. Extremely vivid dreams. Most of them start
with me walking down an endless hall with no turns or doors.
I usually end up falling as a search for a door in the dark.
And the non-stop dreams get more real every night. It's been
three months since I turned thirteen, and the dreams started
on the night of my birthday. You see, I've always been less
like the others and more like myself. It gets me nowhere.
I only have two friends that I actually ever see. Fire and Smoke.
No, not fire like light, or smoke and ashes. Like, my friends.
Fire's the youngest of us three. And he has serious anger
issues. Though he refuses to go to Anger Manegment courses.
He has a reddish-brown hair color with dark maroon eyes.
And Smoke, well, Smoke's Smoke. He's the quiet one. He keeps
to himself and rarely ever talks. He has jet black hair with
the most blue eyes I have ever seen. And me, Flower. The name means
nothing that I know of. Flower. Ugh. Flower's grow in the sunlight,
which everyone knows. But I hate the sunlight. Not like in a Vampire way.
I just can't stand the heat. My orange hair doesn't show that I hate the
sun very much. And my green eyes go perfect for my name.
Maybe it does mean something. But Fire, his name means everything.
He's bright and sometimes I can't stand him. Just like the sunlight. He's just
a roll-your-eyes matter though. Anyway, I'm Flower Fuccag. Daughter of
business woman, Katlyn Ivy Fuccag. Who is never home.
I got up and dressed. Ready for school, I thought. If only that was the truth.
I don't feel like going to school due to my old friend, Diamond's disapearence.
People are making such a big deal out of it. Having news crews to
the school, working the school publishers to the bone. I really do miss
her, and I'm honestly worried for her, but I don't like waking up to
cameras in my face and questions buzzing in my ears. It's so annoying. I don't
see how celebrities do it. I got up and ready for school. Smoke and Fire have
been at this really boring Summer thing their parents made them go to. Every Summer
we have to go somewhere. Luckily, I didn't have to go at all this year.
I got to stay home, swim, and worry about Diamond.
After putting on my shoes and getting my Umbrella, I ran down
the stairs to the door, opened it, and headed off. I couldn't
wait to see Fire and Smoke. I missed them so much. I got on
the bus and saw Samantha Meniheal. The meanest, more horrible
person ever. Her long brown hair would seem nice, but she's
cold-hearted. If I had to guess where Diamond went, I'd say
Samantha did something to her. I sat down and heard Samantha
say "Heard your parents left you this Summer, Flower." I looked at her.
"At least I didn't push Lizzy Conner down a flight of stairs this Summer, Sam." I said.
"I didn't-" She looked angry and I looked out the window right when the bus stopped.
I jumped out of the bus and ran to Smoke and Fire. They were waiting
for me at the steps. I ran and gave them each hugs. "Why didn't you
guys write me?" I asked them. "They wouldn't let us," Fire said.
"Said it was 'against the rules'." I looked at him, confused. "How?"
I asked. He just shrugged. "Did you guys hear about Diamond?" I asked
them. Smoke nodded. "Yeah," Fire said. "She's been missing for over
a month," I said "I hope she comes back." Fire shook his head "I don't,"
He said. "What? Why not?" I asked him, shocked. "She's a liar!" He said.
We were walking in the school now. "Yeah, but she's not that bad. And
she's a good friend, Fire." I told him. We walked into class and sat down.
"And she's annoying," Fire said. I just ignored him and did the assignment.
When we were finally out of school and walking home, a man in
a black suit walked up to us. "Flower Fuccag?" He asked. He had
a deep voice and brown hair that looked like he had spent multiple hours
working on it. I nodded. "Yes," I said. "Why?" I asked him, looking up
at him. He was fairly tall. "Your mother sent me to tell you she's left on
a bussiness trip and won't be back for quite a while." He told me.
"Did she leave a message?" I asked him. "She said 'Don't get into
trouble.'" He answer. I sighed. Of course. She always leaves, never tells
me where exactly, but she goes. And always says it's a bussiness trip.
So I'm alone at the house. Ever since my father died when I was
three months old, she's gotten more and more busy. Every single year.
She seems to care more about her job than her own pet dog.
Maximus. He's so sweet and a great help. But she doesn't care much
for him. Only got him so I'd have someone to hang out with while
she's gone. I have Fire and Smoke, but something always comes up.
It's sad, really. But I've grown to see it as a normal, okay thing.
I nodded to the tall man, as an 'Okay, then.' We continued walking
but he stopped me. "I'm Brink. I'll be close by if you need me. Your
mother wanted me to make sure you stay safe." He told me. Huh,
so she does care? I wondered. But then again it could just be a publicity
thing. Just trying to look good like always. "Thanks. I'll try... Brink." I
answered. I never thought about -in the moment I knew- how strange
his name was. Brink. But who am I to judge? I'm a girl named Flower!

I told Brink I'd try to stay out of trouble and then went home.
There hadn't been any homework latley, so Fire and Smoke came
back to the house with me. There wasn't much to do, but I was curious
about their Summer trip. Fire sat down on the couch along with Smoke
and me. Fire looked angered. Not that that's not normal. "How was the
Summer trip, guys?" I asked, knowing I probably wouldn't get an
answer. If I did, it'd be from Fire. Seeing as how Smoke never talks.
He's so shy. But smarter than Fire and me combined. Fire was looking
down at his hands. He looked up at me as if he hadn't hear a word I'd
said. "It was... interesting," He said."The food was alright, the rooms
was slightly bigger, and it was strangely cold there." He finished, looking
back down to his hands. "I had the strangest nightmares though," Fire said.
It surprised me how he just told me that. Things like that, he doesn't tell
anyone. "I did too." I told him. "What were yours about? If you don't mind
me asking." I asked. He stared at his hands and didn't answer for about ten
minutes. "I was walking down a long hall in the dark. I kept searching for
doors, but never found any. Eventually I fell into the blackness." He answered.
This shocked me. I've been having the exact same nightmares. Though
I never really saw the part that made it a nightmare. Something was
just telling me I couldn't say 'dream'. The thought made me wonder if
having the same nightmare multiple times was normal. Or if having
the same nightmare as your best friend was normal. It sure didn't seem
like it. I was also curious as to why Fire mentioned the nightmares.
"Me too." I said, finally breaking the silence. He looked up, confused.
"What?" He asked. "I've been having the same nightmares. Every night."
I answered. His face was suddenly covered in relief. "I wonder why." I said.
He nodded in agreement. I looked over to Smoke who was drawing .
He saw me and smiled, not looking away from the drawing. "What're you
drawing, Smoke?" I asked him. He drew for a moment more then looked
away from it holding it up. It was a long dark hall. The was no end. It just
kept getting darker and longer. I gasped and Fire looked up at the drawing.
"The endless halls, Smoke?" I asked him. He nodded. "From our nightmares?"
Fire asked him. He shook his head. "From my dreams." He said so quiet it
was like a silent whisper. Knowing he didn't talk, it surprised me. But no so
much because it was almost silent. What surprised me was how he said my
and dreams, when I clearly couldn't say that myself. Fire and I were obviously
wondering the same thing. How he could call them dreams, and why we were
all having the same nightmare. "Do you think it means something?" I asked.
"How our nightmares are linked together?" Fire shrugged. "Maybe we'll find
out, Flower." He said to me.
Chapter Two
Knowing The Truth

Fire and Smoke didn't leave until late that night. Smoke mainly drew in silence
while Fire and I talked about our nightmares. It was strange talking to him
about something we had both seen. We'd never talked about dreams or nightmares
before. But it was nice not being irritated with him with every word he said.
We didn't think much of the nightmares except that it was strange we were having
the same ones. He mentioned a possibility of the both of us being insane, which
or course I didn't believe. I thought it was stupid to even think that. I fell asleep
on the couch that night so when I woke up, I went straight up stairs to my bedroom.
When I got up from the couch I saw the time. 6:30. That means I have time to
go back to sleep. And it was Saturday anyway. As I was walking up the stairs to
my room, I saw into my mother's room and noticed her standing in front of
her mirror brushing her long dark blonde hair. At first I thought it was normal,
but then I realized she's not supposed to be here. "What are you doing home,
mom?" I asked her. She turned away from the mirror, setting the pink brush
on her cluttered desk. "Oh, Flower, I thought you were sleeping." She said.
I saw her bags packed behind her as if she hadn't even left. "Did you leave?"
I asked. She shook her head. "My flight was canceled, so I'm not leaving until
today." She said. "Then why weren't you here yesterday?" I asked. "Business
thing." She answered. The trip is a business thing, I thought. I got the feeling
she was lying to me. Right through her perfect teeth. "Okay..." I said and walked
off. When I walked into the room I heard a honk and saw a car through my
window. My mother was rushing to get in the car. How had she gotten down
there so fast? I wondered. I turned for a second but when I looked back the
car was gone with no sign that it had ever been there in the first place.
If only I'd remembered to ask her about Brink... I went back to sleep
only to have the same nightmare. Only something wasn't the same.
I just couldn't tell what. I walked down the endless dark hall, sliding my hands
across the wall to find doors. But there were none. It was just a hall, and I
couldn't turn back. I'd tried in every last one of the nightmares, but it never
seemed to work. The farther I went down the hall, the more painful it was.
It felt like I was walking on glass, and if I was I'd never know. It was too dark
to see anything. I began to run and pant, trying to find a way out. I was a
prisoner in the shadows. I fell through a giant hole and landed in water.
It was freezing, and in the breif second I was under there, I knew I wasn't alone.
Once I surfaced, I saw a few familiar faces sitting at a table. One face I recognized
too much. It was my mom. She was wearing the same outfit I'd seen her in this
morning. I looked at all of the faces and soon knew them all. One was Fire's mother,
Jillian Thumos. She was lighting a candle with what looked like her finger.
Next to her was Smoke's mom, Misty Enaisycho. She was repeatedly blowing
out the candle. But with her hands, and not her mouth. She just waved them and
the fire disapeared. Leaving nothing but smoke. But Jillian just scowled and
re-lit it. Again, using her fingers. The tip of her fingers were on fire and she touched
the candle, setting it on fire. But her hands remained lit. My mom saw the two
fighting- or whatever it was they were doing- and yelled, "Enough!" She got up
from her chair and said "My daughter has obtained her powers already. So has
Misty's son. It's only a day until Jillian's son has full control over fire, making
us more powerful." Jillian smiled and Misty put out the fire again making Jillian
scream. "Would you stop it?!" She yelled. Misty barely laughed as Jillian re-lit
her candle. "Our kids are in danger," My mom said. "If something bad happens to
them, we lose our powers. Do you want that?" I frowned as she said that. Because
I thought she was worried for us. But she only cared about her powers...
Wait! This is a dream! I thought in relief.


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