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Sweet Caroline, chapter 12

Book By: Tomsgirl

decisions, decisions

Submitted:May 19, 2009    Reads: 129    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   


A week later, Mr. Robbins was handing back tests from the day before. Mine came back with a red 90 on it, but next to it in small letters was "See me after class." I hope he doesn't think I cheated. The rest of the class was spent going over the answers.
The bell rang, and as the others filed out, I went up to Mr. Robbins' desk. "You wanted to see me?" I asked.
"Yes. I would like to have a meeting with you and your guardians."
"You know I don't have any," I answered quietly.
"Oh. Um, right. Well, any adult will do. Are you free tomorrow?"
"I work until five."
"Ok. How about at six back here?"
"Can it be at my house?" I asked. "I just don't think I'll have time to walk home from work, change, then walk here."
"Whatever's best." I wrote down my address for him and left, wondering what the meeting could possibly be about.
You don't have anyone else to ask! I was debating whether or not I should ask Rick to be my "guardian" for the meeting. I didn't have any other choices, so it had to be him. I didn't want him in the house either; he'd just come in my room again. It'll be okay. Worst case scenario, he says no and you'll be alone at the meeting. If he does say yes, just don't let him in until tomorrow night.
I paced around nervously, trying to figure out how I should ask him because we weren't exactly on the best of terms. After the sun had set, I went next door and knocked. I can't believe I'm doing this. I'm just asking for trouble. Don't say anything stupid. Don't run your mouth. Just bite your tongue. Basically, just don't do anything to piss him off, no matter what he says. The door creaked open to show Rick standing there, wearing jeans and a plaid shirt with a white tee underneath.
"Yes?" he asked, cocking one eyebrow.
"Hi, Mr. Campbell," I said, putting my head down. I hated looking in his eyes; it gave me a weird feeling. "My math teacher wants to have a meeting with me and my guardian tomorrow night, and-"
"You don't have any guardians," he interrupted.
"I know. I was just wondering if you could stand in," I said, running a hand through my hair.
"Let me get this straight. You want me to do you a favor?"
I nodded.
"Of all the people to choose from, why did you pick me? There's got to be someone who will actually have something nice to say about you."
"Maybe," I said. "But nobody here has ever talked to me, you know?"
"You do realize you're playing with fire?"
I nodded again.
He sighed, sounding annoyed. "What time?"
"Six," I answered softly, "at my house."
"Is this an invitation?" he asked smoothly, almost bringing me to look up at him. I hated how he could do that.
"I'll let you in tomorrow, not tonight." He reluctantly agreed and went back to his business, closing the door in my face like I had done to him.
I slowly walked back to my house, ashamed with what I had just done. My pride had never taken that bad of a hit in my life.


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