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Sweet Caroline, chapter 6 AND 7

Book By: Tomsgirl

Carrie goes to a football game and sees Rick again.

PS~ sorry it took so long to update. I was busy with finals, had to move out of my dorm, and then didn't have interweb access for a while.

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I walked to the school on Friday for the football game, and to do that, I had to go by Rick Campbell's place. I didn't know if looking at his house "violated the terms of our agreement", so I kept my head down until I was a few houses past his.

Sarah and I sat together at the football game while the other girls were cheering. We spent most of the game checking out boys from the other school. I never saw any harm in some friendly flirting. After the game, Sarah and I went to the parking lot to meet the girls. Apparently there was a party that Brooke, Sarah, and Lindsey were going to, but Mandy and I took a rain check. She offered to walk home with me, since she lived one street over. That's so nice of her, I thought. Mandy was a sophomore, not a junior or senior like I thought. Other than talking about little things, the walk home was pretty quiet. We went by Rick's house just as he was lighting up a cigarette in his driveway. Mandy smiled, waved and said hello; I kept my eyes ahead.

"Ladies," he said with a nod. I glanced at him, but instantly regretted it.
He can't get mad at me for that, I thought. He acknowledged me first, so he broke the rules, not me.

"Wow, he's cute," Mandy breathed. "You're so lucky to have him as your neighbor."

"Hehe. Yeah," I said, trying not to give anything away. "This is my house. Thanks for walking me back." We said our good-byes and I walked inside, praying he wouldn't follow me in.
I ate a quick snack with my aunt and uncle, then went to bed. As I lay there, I felt guilty for not walking Mandy home. She's prettier and younger and probably more appealing to Rick. I just hope he doesn't follow her.
I opened my eyes to darkness. I blinked and rubbed my eyes a few times and opened them again. Something moved. Squinting, I could see a shadow-y figure in my doorway. I didn't even start to scream when the figure pounced, hand over my mouth, pinning me to my bed. It was Rick.
"WHAT DID I TELL YOU?" he hissed.

How the hell does he expect me to answer when he's got his hand covering my mouth?

"Don't you dare get snippy with me, missy. You have no idea of the things I can do to you."
Did he just-
"Yes. I did," he said, interrupting my thoughts. "I thought we had an agreement."

I was getting immensely terrified now. The only thing left to do was beg. I didn't mean any harm. I tried to pretend you weren't there, honest! But then Mandy said hello and you greeted back and I was always taught that it's rude to ignore a greeting. And-

"Enough!" he growled. "This Mandy girl, does she know me by name?"
"You didn't tell her anything?"
Why would I? I thought back. What are you doing here anyway? She's the one that said hello.
"Well, didn't you say you wanted me to take it out on you?" I actually thought it, but I may as well have said it to him. "I mean, if you want me to leave you so I can have a little talk with her-"

No! Don't! It's my fault, not hers.

"That's what I thought. Can I take my hand away without you screaming?" I nodded. "Okay."
He took it away, and like I promised, I stayed silent, but my lips were quivering. We stared at each other; he had an "obey me" look in his cold, dark eyes…and something else. He reached out and snapped my crucifix off my neck. My eyes grew wide with fear as his turned deep red. He opened his mouth, revealing two long, razor-sharp fangs, as he slowly lowered his head to my neck. I instantly tensed up, bracing myself for the horrid pain that was about to come.
But it didn't.

Then, I felt his cold lips press gently against my soft skin and again on my cheek.

"Kisses are much better than bites, aren't they?" he whispered in my ear.
"Please, let me go," I begged with tears coming to my eyes, fearing he was going to "touch" me. "Let me go." He began shaking me roughly.
"Shut up! I swear, I'll kill you if you make a sound!"
Please, no! I won't say any more!

"Carrie! Carrie, wake up!" said my aunt, shaking me. "Carrie are you alright? It looked like you were having a bad dream."

"Yeah, it was about, um," I began. My crucifix was still intact around my neck. A dream? But it felt so real! "It was about wicked big spiders and ear wigs."
"I see," she said, sighing. "Why on earth is your window open? No wonder you're having nightmares!"
My heart dropped when she said that. He came in through the window. It wasn't a dream. "Oh, I must have gotten too hot last night," I said, scratching my head.

"Well be careful. I don't want you getting a cold. Get dressed; we have some errands to run today." She left and began making breakfast.

I'm going crazy. I know something went down last night, though! I thought. I laid back down and replayed my "dream". He came in. He threatened me-again. Then he acted like he was going to bite me, but instead kissed me with those cute, pouty lips. I felt a smile come across my face at that thought. What's wrong with you, Carrie? He's not cute; he's a bad man who will kill you in an instant! I just hoped and prayed that I wouldn't see him again, but part of me wanted another encounter.


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